• Nikunthas, König der Miami - JS ediert klassischen Indianerroman von Franz Treller

    10 Sep 2010, 4:39

    Franz Trellers beliebte „klassische“ Abenteuererzählung, von der zahllose Auflagen von 1895 bis 1970 erschienen, ist seit Jahrzehnten nur noch antiquarisch erhältlich. Mit Georg J. Feurig-Sorgenfreis vollständig revidierter, neu bearbeiteter und mit einem Nachwort von Joerg Sommermeyer versehenen Ausgabe, wird sie 2010 wieder der Allgemeinheit zugänglich gemacht.
    Vom Ausbruch der Kampfhandlungen um das Ohiotal überrascht, kämpfen im Nordamerika der Kolonialzeit, Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts, in den Wirren des englisch-französischen Krieges zwei Siedler, Master Burns und sein Sohn John, ein herkulischer Bootsmann, ein Lord, ein geheimnisumwitterter, verrückter, weißer Indianer und Nikunthas („Falkenschwinge“), der junge, edle Häuptling der Piankeshaw, um ihr nacktes Überleben und Gerechtigkeit. Nikunthas, dessen Vater, das Oberhaupt der Miamivölker, schändlich ermordet wurde, wird vom Bootsmann und den Farmern, die mit ihrer Sloop über den Ontario Fracht in die Heimat am Genesee bringen wollen, im Orkan aus den tobenden Fluten gerettet. Er revanchiert sich, sobald die Gesellschaft durch widrige Umstände auf den Landweg gezwungen wird, mit treuer und kundiger Führung in der Wildnis; ein ungemein gewitzter und tapferer Gefährte, der sich selbst und die Gemeinschaft, fast ohne Atempause gegen alle Unbillen des Krieges, Piraten, Panther, blutrünstige Wilde streitend, aus schwierigsten Notlagen und extremen Gefahren immer wieder zu erlösen vermag. Nicht nur der von Piraten ins Gebiet der tausend Inseln entführte Lord, sondern auch die von feindlichen Indianern geraubte Schwester Johns können glücklich befreit werden. Nikunthas triumphiert über all seine Feinde, rächt den Vater, unterstützt die Engländer in der Entscheidungsschlacht gegen die Franzosen und wird schließlich König der Miami.

    Im Anhang:
    Indianer-Gedanken (Oskar Panizza)
    Die blaue Schlange (Fritz von Ostini)

    JS (Joerg Sommermeyer)

    Franz Treller, Georg J. Feurig-Sorgenfrei, Joerg Sommermeyer - Nikunthas, König der Miami

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    Orlando Syrg
  • This'll get you through the autumn and the winter too

    31 Mar 2008, 15:24

    "Berlin Autumn" with a nice relaxed groove and a soothing jazzy guitar - this'll get you through the autumn and the winter too. The perfect music for cold, cloud-shrouded days when the weather can't decide to drizzle or snow. "Berlin Autumn** was #1 on the All Genres Global Chart for a number of weeks!
  • Total Overdrive, Rocks & Lieders - Some reviews

    30 Mar 2008, 14:04

    “Here I was tonight looking for something to save me from the depths of gloom, compliments of the winter storm currently slamming us with almost two feet of snow since this time last night. It's the worst snowstorm we've had in these parts in years. Old Rascal and I had just come back into the cabin looking for sure like the abominable snowman and pal snowdog. I jump-started the fireplace with a couple of handfuls of dry cedar kindling, stretched out in my Lazy-boy rocker and uncorked my laptop, scanning the screen as it loaded up the IAC page. Rascal had already curled up on his old Navajo blanket in front of the hearth and was dozing dreamily as he is most apt to do. My immediate mission was to explore and sample the music of Joerg Sommermeyer, aka JS. You know the drill - click click double click click click, and then you listen, waiting for the song to begin. As the funky bluesy "Twin Peaksy" intro to JS's cover of "Saint James Infirmary - Gambler's Blues" poured into my ears, my eyes lit up, honing my senses and perking me to attention. My thoughts of the winter storm blustering outside my window instantly evaporated. Saved by a song I said to myself. No sh*t Sherlock! No sooner had my musical mind computed and bought into the perfect enchantment of this haunting melodic intro when JS brought down the hammer so to speak - actually the "axe"(guitar) in this case, closing the sale for me with his equally, and perhaps even more so, amazingly bang on and uniquely distant sounding vocals giving this familiar old song a wonderful and refreshing new life. No question about it - I was hooked. From beginning to end, JS brings this traditional lyrical masterpiece to story-book life, telling it in a spellbinding anecdotal fashion accented by an endless supply of awesome and riveting riffs. Your years of performing shine brilliantly throughout this tune JS. You now have a new fan - perhaps two if we can count Rascal. I'm truly honoured to welcome you to Legendary Music. added to station 3/9/2008 3:56:49 AM”
    (Neil w Young, Legendary Music, KIAC Internet Radio)

    “I have a few thousand CD's. This one ("Total Overdrive") is beyond my expectations, so many different styles and much experimentation and it rules, it rocks and it flows perfectly in tune with the CD as a whole. Very Stylish! I'll be playing this one for a long time to come ... Phenomenal!”
    (Jeanne Coilly,, February 2004)

    “The opinion of a woman: mellow, brilliant bang of wisdom and funk and downtown eros
    The opinion of a woman: Place blank CD on floor. Have superb bonk on top. This is how fantastic sound of Total Overdrive must have transferred itself to masterdisk. Speaking as an American girl often dragged by eager men into London and German spots spewing eclectic jazz blues funk of the frankly horrid woman-repelling sort, Total Overdrive was a brilliant surprise. An eclectic mix yes, but an intelligent finely hewn one that will attract a woman with fine lingerie, not send her screaming to nearest taxi. Nice on a rainy Berlin autumn day? Coffee will get you through that! Ah, but tired of being alone in technically superior monk's den with your Sartre and bad memories? Then smarten up, blokes: this CD with its warm intelligent sound is a very attractively powerful, then mellowing, bang of wisdom, funk, and innately clever interpretation. Has a subtle but unmistakable smack of true Chicago blues club do-me downtown eros to do the trick for you if you let it. (Or if not, then you're really not trying.)”
    (Andrea Etienne Harley,, January 2004)

    “JS is a sardonic, reflective, wistful, poignant, literate and witty singer/songwriter with intense musical skills and experiences. He comes and goes from the confessional to the winding and his songs are always intelligent, musically informed arranged and brilliantly performed.”
    (Ramon José Ortega,

    “This ("Total Overdrive") is a great CD. I recommend it deep from my heart. Berlin Autumn is just a jewel and the other pieces demonstrate the diversity and capability of JS.”
    (Ahmed,, December 2003)

    JS is a truly gifted artist/composer whose work tends to stay with you long after the stop button has been pressed. His outstanding bluesy vocal is carried along an intelligent and informed musical arrangement that oozes intense musical skill and experience. It’s an absolute pleasure to review, and an even greater pleasure to own!”
    (Colin Lynch, Besonic)