• Groups expressly for whinging? How novel.

    2 Jun 2007, 18:03

    I really should have written the original post here instead of over at my blog, but I didn't. Here's a link to the body of this post.
  • Thoughts on 新居昭乃 - Rêve

    17 May 2007, 5:49

    One of my recent favorite songs is AKINO ARAI's Rêve. This presents a problem to my scruples, since the ideas expressed by the lyrics are diametrically opposed to my own. Repeated throughout the song, for example:
    Moi je vis sans foi
    Je suis sans loi

    which, being translated, is
    I live without faith
    I am without law

    Being a Christian, I have views very different from these, but
    • the tune is rather good
    • it's French, sung by a Japanese (I'm a French [double] major, and I'm studying Japanese)
    • AKINO ARAI has perhaps the best singing voice I've heard
    So I create for myself a little moral quandary that most would find silly and many easily-resolved. I end up rationalizing it as an Ecclesiastes-like view of life: an unenlightened one, but one that must be understood to be an effective human being. Still, I occasionally have trouble convincing myself.