• Fenix_7

    Really liked reading this, made me wish I had a similar experience. Unfortunately, my parents never exposed me to music so my journey into music started really late. I seem to have had "phases" like what you describe too, a couple of years back alt. rock was most of what I listened to with stuff like Muse and The Killers being some of my most listened bands, but now I just listen to a bit of everything I like and rarely stop listening to some band altogether. I find your experience with post-rock amusing, because I got into it in the exact opposite personal situation as you. It was in a rare period of mental clarity and where I "found" myself (as opposed to your "lost years" haha) that I started listening to Explosions in the Sky. From there, the other big names in post-rock followed and before I knew it I was a huge fan. Good luck in your music career.

    16 Mar 2012, 3:16
  • opusinfinity

    I'd have to clarify that, while I did come to Post-Rock during the lost years, it was the wave I rode to clarity. Sigur Ros and the like really helped me find myself again.

    25 Mar 2012, 14:58
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