• Best. Show. Ever.

    26 Ene 2008, 2:36

    Thu 24 Jan – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    This show was so perfect.

    We waited in 8 and a half hours of rain [and hail] to make sure we were up front - and it was well worth it. I'm not even sure what to write other than it was utterly amazing... I didn't like the crowd too much, especially not when people kept talking during Robert's solo songs - but no real complaints about the band or the venue. I got some amazing photos... and I just wish I could have gone to both this show and Safari Sam's... but hopefully they'll give us an equally amazing opportunity to see them in a setting like this again- this is the way to see them.

    And "Visions of Johanna" was unbelievable. Robert went to the edge of the stage where we were [I had to move my stuff, in fact] and it was the most amazing thing ever. I got a setlist and one of Nick's drumsticks, too. I don't know when I'll get to see them again, but I hope it's soon.

    Grind My Bones
    Complicated Situation
    Love Burns
    All You Do Is Talk
    666 Conducer
    Six Barrel Shotgun
    Red Eyes and Tears
    Ain't No Easy Way
    Sympathetic Noose
    Visions of Johanna
    As Sure As The Sun
    American X

    Took Out A Loan
    Killing The Light
    Spread Your Love
    Punk Song
  • Patrick Wolf almost kicked me in the face!

    17 Oct 2007, 20:00

    Tue 16 Oct – Patrick Wolf, bishi

    Last night was the best... ever.

    As always, we were front/center for the concert. Bishi came on with her sitar and I completely expected to be bored. I'd heard two songs of hers before but I really didn't expect her to be so entertaining. She reminded me sooooo much of Rasputina. She and Melora Creager should totally hang out. lol Or she should tour with Rasputina... which would make my head explode.

    Patrick Wolf came on almost 20 minutes late... but the second he came on stage we completely forgot. He came on with some crazy getup and a blue wig, and glitter everywhere. He played a really great and long set... and came on stage for a two-song encore [The Magic Position and A Boy Like Me]. The whole show was really great... I don't think I've ever been more attracted to a person in my life =) He's incredibly sincere on stage, and very likeable. I left wondering which concert had been the best of the year - this was the 10th show for me. I think it's between this show and Mando Diao's show in May.

    Oh yeah, Patrick Wolf almost kicked me in the face a few times when he was dancing. I wouldn't have minded. Yeah, that... and his performance of "Tristan" was the single most amazing experience of my life. I can't wait till he comes back to the States.
  • Now THAT was a good show.

    27 Sep 2007, 20:22

    Wed 26 Sep – Klaxons, Mystery Jets

    So the day after the Arctic Monkeys "Let's all smash the people in the front into the barricades and feel the girls up" bullshit, Jen and I headed, once again, to Hollywood for another concert. We weren't aware of the Blue Palms deal for those lucky ones over 21, so we got there at noon. Around 6 a security told us if we were 21 and bought a drink we could go hang out in the Blue Palms bar/lounge and when doors open, we'd be the first let it [good to know for next time!]. So we got a drink, hung out, and didn't have to listen to that goddamned irritating group of girls behind us [seriously, young Klaxons fans are effing INSIPID]. We also did not get searched =)

    So Mystery Jets came on... and they were really great live. We got a ton of pics of them... which I'll be getting developed in the next couple of days [it hurts to move. I've got bruises everywhere]. They were really freaking cute and talkative... and talked about how they had a pool party because in England you can't HAVe pool parties because the weather is shite. I love them. They played some new stuff, I think three new songs, and really, now I'm really excited for their new album. I think this was the best opener for a band we've ever seen - really, they were great. Well, Pop Levi at Mando Diao was really good, but this time we actually knew their songs.

    The show was running a little late, so Klaxons went on something like 20 minutes late... but that's not their fault. As we expected, they opened with "The Bouncer" and the crowd went nuts. I don't know what it was with that crowd 'cause when we saw them at the El Rey we had a little bit of the "we're dancing so you're inadvertently getting felt up" thing going on, but people were actually pushing us into the barricade this time. It wasn't too bad a lot of the time... but some times I could barely breathe.

    Klaxons were really great again... and right out of the gate, Simon started with his "look at me, take my picture" antics. lol Right away he jumped into the gap between the barricades and the stage and was... inches away from Jen and I... I got a few pictures of this... it was fucking amazing. I loved that he did that... and he kept putting the microphone in his mouth and posing for people with cameras. It was fucking great. Last time he did all the crazy stuff at the end of the show so we thought he'd gotten drunk by the end... nope... that's just Simon. lol. He kept knocking over Steffan's shit and I was wondering if it was on purpose. lol Well, at least this time he didn't keep hitting his head on the microphones.

    Steffan looked more like an 80s drag queen than he did last time... I love him and everything, but dude needs to stop wearing eyeliner. But I have to give him credit, he looked way more into the show than he did last time. He seemed sort of 'over it' at the El Rey. James and Jamie did their thing. I just love how serious James is when he's dancing all goofy and putting his arm up in the air... it's hilarious that he can keep that expression on his face like that... I love it.

    I think the highlight for me was when I yelled out in between songs, "I can't breathe but it's totally worth it!" and Jamie laughed really freaking hard and acknowledged me. I was proud. Then again, I think I'm really funny so I'm not surprised. lol kidding, Jen, so kidding.

    Overall, yeah... really fucking good show. Like I said, I've got bruises all over... but at least I left the show happy, and not angry like I was after the Arctic Monkeys show. That was some bullshit.

    I heart Klaxons.
  • What the fuck was that?

    26 Sep 2007, 16:15

    Tue 25 Sep – Arctic Monkeys, Voxtrot

    That was the worst experience ever.

    The band was good... but how the fuck did anyone enjoy it when we were all getting smashed into the barricades, kicked in the head by crowd-surfers, and groped by retarded guys who thought it was okay to put their hands on the nearest girl?

    That was bullshit. BULLSHIT.

    Voxtrot was surprisingly good, and Arctic Monkeys are... well... Arctic Monkeys. It's a fucking shame that stupid people could take that and make it a shitty experience.

    And in case you were wondering, the Palladium is the shittiest venue on earth. Unorganized, unprofessional, and all around shite. Unfuckingbelieveable.

    Thanks a lot, guys.
  • I Believe in Wolf Parade...

    16 Sep 2007, 18:11

    Sat 15 Sep – Wolf Parade, Holy Fuck

    I already loved Wolf Parade. I fell in love with Wolf Parade the second I heard them... but I had no idea they would be so great live. I already want them to come back.

    I'll Believe in Anything is something that definitely needs to be experienced live... there was so much energy [and tambourines... and a rogue windchime] that made it the single-most amazing experience of my concert-going life.

    While I could have done without Holy Fuck's 45-minute set of the world's most repetitive songs [I'm pretty sure I actually fell asleep at some point], they sort of redeemed themselves by coming on stage and playing drums/tambourines for "I'll Believe In Anything."

    The last time I saw a show at The Glass House was 2004, so this was a really great way to come back. I really hope they play here again - when that new record of theirs materializes. Those new songs weren't good... they were perfect. This was part deux of my 21st birthday celebration, and it was hands down one of the best shows I've been to this year [was this show 7 or 8?].

    Yep, I heart Wolf Parade.
  • I hate myself.

    22 Jul 2007, 5:50

    Uhh... I can't believe I actually like The Horrors. I mean, they are still pretentious, ridiculous-looking assholes... but the music is actually okay. Gil Sleeping is the worst song ever, though. Really... utter shite.

  • 50,000!

    9 Jul 2007, 6:45

    50,000 plays in a little over a year... with Mando Diao's "White Wall" being number 50,000.
  • Ours at The Roxy... part deux.

    7 Jun 2007, 2:15

    Tue 5 Jun – Ours, April Bauer

    I'm still pissed.

    The first opener was Davey Ingersoll who is from Gosling... who are surprisingly good. I loved his voice... like a mixture of Elliott Smith and Jimmy Gnecco. He was really good... so I ordered Gosling's first album and EP.

    Next was April Bauer... she is fucking boring. I can't believe she played 5 fucking songs. Learn some more fucking notes. I don't know why Ours insists on having her open for them... she's awful. I'd like not to have to sit through her set every time they come to Hollywood.

    Next Ours came on. This set was pretty much the same set from the February show... which made it kind of hard to get into, you know? The standouts were that they started with Fallen Souls and played "Dancing Alone," which they didn't do last time. "Miseryhead" wasn't on the setlist... but they played it anyway. THANK GOD.

    Basically, the show was good but there was this group of obnoxious bitches at the front/right of the stage [we were front/center] that were screaming the whole time... acting like they were groupies from the 90s at a show for The Backstreet Boys and somehow god was getting back at me for something I did and transported them to the Ours show. It seriously killed the show. It's one thing to scream and such after a song... it's another to fucking scream your head off during mellow parts of a song... never stopping. And to top it off, the fucking bitches were smoking pot. What the hell kind of bullshit was that? It was obnoxious. Beyond obnoxious. It makes me think twice about ever going to another Ours show in California ever again.

    So... 5th show of the year... and definitely the worst overall experience. Sad to say... 'cause the first time was fucking awesome.
  • Mando Diao at the Troubadour

    24 May 2007, 18:16

    Tue 22 May – Mando Diao, Pop Levi, The Capshuns

    Jen[ana] and I sat out on the corner of Doheny and Santa Monica Blvd. from 1pm for this show.

    We saw the guys from Pop Levi but didn't want to bug them because these two Japanese girls rushed them [they were the most stereotypical fangirls in the world]. So we just looked over and smiled. The REALLY, REALLY cute one looked over at Jen and I, smiled, waved, and said hi.

    Later I saw this really hot-looking guy across and over the street. I asked Jen, "He looks like he's cute, no?" When he got to us... drool. He walked into the Troubadour. It was Mats... the keyboardist from Mando Diao and it didn't register with either of us until later. lol After a while CJ [bassist] and Samuel [drummer] walked by, CJ looked down at me and smiled and nodded, and the fangirls took a picture with Samuel. I didn't want to bug him. Then I turned to Jen, "Guess who that was? CJ." and she freaked 'cause it didn't register with her. lol Then a little while after Bjorn [singer] walked by so fast on his cell. The only one we didn't see was Gustaf. Later, I saw the guys coming out of the Troubadour and worked up my nerve to go up and ask them to sign my poster [that we got for being there so early, btw]. Bjorn was walking superfast and I couldn't think of anything to do but reach out and touch him. lol I immediately felt stupid. I reached out... and touched his chest and said "Would you sign my poster?" lol He was really nice and he did. Then Samuel went for my sharpie and signed it also, I told him we'd been waiting since 1 and he was super nice, I asked if he would sign Jen's too and he was just... sweet. He walked over to her to sign it. Jen had stopped CJ and asked if he would sign her poster... and they had a cute little exchange because neither had a pen. But I had two sharpies =) So CJ signed our posters, and Samuel signed Jen's too. It was cute 'cause he was struggling to sign Jen's, and then goes, "Could someone hold it?" I love those boys. Jen and I took pictures with Samuel and CJ... and there they went. I guess Bjorn was walking so fast and no one else dared stop him. I feel so audacious.

    We waited some more... and finally they let us in. We bought some stuff [I bought a Godfather-style Mando Diao shirt, an Ochrasy North American tour shirt, a Mando Diao tote bag... and got a free Mando Diao button] I was pissed 'cause they said go to the very end of the bar... so we did. Yeah, that's not where we were supposed to go. They opened the doors and we didn't realize it. When I saw a crowd in front of the stage I almost threw up. I was pissed. I thought we were gonna be stuck behind a bunch of people... but I weaseled my way to the very front row... in the very fucking center. Jen was a little behind me 'cause 'I-need-deodorant-really-badly Girl' wouldn't move and let her in.

    The Capshuns came on... and they were great. I mean, the singer is bad. Like... really. But the music is AMAZING and he did have a great stage presence. God, was he cute. He posed a lot on stage. That guy should be a model. Jen was like "He's so hot... but I want to feed him a rice cake." lol After them we waited a while for Pop Levi to come on. And I have to say... I liked the music when I heard it on myspace... but for the love of god, I demand that all of you go see Pop Levi if you ever get the chance. They are fucking PSYCHOTIC live. The music is great and they put on the most entertaining show. A lot of people were actually there to see them. Pop Levi [the guy, it's a Marilyn Manson type situation... name of the band, but the guy goes by Pop Levi] does the best dancing... it... akljdfl;ds. I can't even describe it.

    They moved the speakers in front of us further onto the stage so we were a lot more comfortable. The crowd shifted a bit and Jen ended up getting a little closer and there were really short people in front of her. lol Then... oh, Mando. It was just... slfjdskjd. Perfect. I have never seen an entire band have as much energy as those five guys. That is the most entertaining show in the world. Little CJ works the crowd like... no one [except the other four guys in Mando Diao. lol]. He is the cutest man ever. He's seriously like... 5 feet tall [or less]. But man, he is an attention whore. He kept jumping on the speakers and getting really close to everyone. Bjorn and Gustaf did their "we're sexy, we know" thing... sharing a mic... looking like they were kissing a-la The Libertines. It was great. But I think the biggest surprise was Mats. He is super hot, very suave looking... and then... his facial expressions during the show. NERDIEST, MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. He just... made me laugh. And he knew he was making me laugh. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. It was hilarious. I don't even know what else I could possible say except that every show should be this amazing. Jen and I were kind of bummed that "Mr. Moon" wasn't on the setlist [we saw it before the show started] but during the show we were like... "Oh, THAT'S WHY." They played only the highest-energy songs. with the exception of "Ochrasy" - which was bloody brilliant. Everyone sang along... and it was just beautiful.

    You know, I've read a lot of people saying that Mando Diao are arrogant jerks that don't care about their fans. Sorry, but that's a bunch of bullshit. Not only did we meet them, but Gustaf just thanked everyone after every song, and bowed a lot. It was so sweet. He liked talking to the crowd... it was nice =) They introduced every song before they played it... and before one, I can't remember who but I think it was Gustaf - he goes, "This next song is called... Samuel!" it was so hilarious. The song was "God Knows" - but that just made me laugh. The last song on the setlist before the encore was "Long Before Rock 'N' Roll" - it was just brilliant. They came out and did two songs for the encore... and Gustaf just said some cute things about how the love between the Troubadour and Mando Diao was like that between a man and a woman... and then later on said something and referred to us as "Mrs. Troubadour." It was just perfect. Out of the four shows we've seen this year - THAT was the best one. And I have yet to go to a show that is less than amazing.

    The cherry on top of that was that they reached their hands out into the crowd at the end of the show... when I got Gustaf's hand I seriously didn't let go for a couple of seconds. lol I wasn't as aggressive with Mats or Bjorn... but same, I didn't want to let go. lol

    Mando Diao... are just brilliant. I can't get over it.
    THAT is a concert experience. That is how it should be.
  • BRMC at The Wiltern

    9 May 2007, 22:30

    Tue 8 May – B.R.M.C

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... are amazing.

    The doors opened at like... 7:45 or so and we waited for a while till the first opening act came on. This girl H.T. Heartache [smarmy]. She has a great voice... but for the love of god, all your songs sound the same. Whose idea was it to get a country act to open for a rock band? Seriously. It was painful. Everyone in the pit was almost interested... but the rest of the people in that massive theatre were talking. It was sad. It was like the April Bauer/Ours thing all over again. Well, except H.T. didn't get heckled or booed. Anyway, they played four songs [I think, again... they sounded all the same]. I didn't take any pictures of them... because, well, H.T. and her sister were wearing short dresses, and while they were wearing shorts underneath... I still thought it was a little unnecessary to be forced to look up their dresses. lol

    After them The Black Angels came on.

    I went in with low expectations because I listened to them on myspace and, quite frankly, was just bored. It's really, really great psychedelia. Seriously, really great. Live, anyway. I don't think I could sit there and listen to a cd of theirs... but live they are fucking great. It reminded me of Almost Famous... you know, that kind of feel. It was really great. And it didn't hurt that all the guys in the band were really cute. lol

    And then... BRMC. oh god, they started the show really... amazingly. I don't know what they they played before they actually came on stage... but it was really amazing. I want it. It was so dramatic of them. lol then they came on stage... and it was amazing. They started the show with "Took out a loan" which I didn't think they would do because it was so predictable, first song on the album, really guys? lol But it was great. Then... "Berlin." Jesus, I knew it was going to be good because they did it at the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, but it was even better with a whole theatre of fans to build up all that energy.

    "Spread Your Love," "Lien On Your Dreams," and the only song off Take Them On, On Your Own the whole night, "Stop" were next. I was a little disappointed in that choice. That's not even the best song off that album... and it's the only one they played. But hey, "Weapon of Choice" was next so who had time to grieve during the show? lol They followed that with "Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)" and "Red Eyes and Tears" - both off the self-titled album. "Window" was next... and I was really happy about that. It's one of my favorite songs off Baby 81. I thought it was cute that whoever typed up the setlist [which I got my little paws on by sheer fucking luck] had it as "Windows." They followed that... with "Promise" - which, except for "The Line" is my favorite song off Howl. And they followed that with another "all time favorite" of mine, "Not What You Wanted" - something about that song just... drives me wild. I love it.

    "666 Conducer" was next... and until Peter started singing no one had a fucking clue what they were playing. It was actually really funny... they did an especially long intro to it and it completely baffled everyone. Next they played two of Jen's favs... "Need Some Air" and "American X" which was really great. I couldn't believe that they did ALL of "American X" - that song runs 9:11... and they did it all. Then they walked off stage. lol and Peter came back and did a couple songs off Howl. "Fault Line," and "Devil's Waitin'," Peter left the stage and Robert came back to do "Mercy" [IN THE DARK] - which I'd actually never heard before... I I think it's a Howl b-side. Peter came back on stage after that and did "Howl" - then they broke into "Ain't No Easy Way" - and while I never actually cared for it... I LOVED live. It's got a great energy and it was really cool =) They ended the show with a very moody and beautiful "All You Do Is Talk."

    And then... Robert Levon Been, that beautiful, beautiful man who'd already thrown his tambourine out into the crowd at the back of the theatre, gave his fucking bass to someone in the third or fourth row in the pit. It was insane. I couldn't believe it... I thought he was joking with them... but then he let go. Everyone went apeshit. He walked off the stage... and that was that. I was amazed. I was bummed out 'cause I wanted a setlist... but someone else got Peter's. Then one of the guys on the crew brought over Nick Jago's... and dropped it into the crowd of people next to me 'cause he didn't know who to give it to =( but it flew a little toward me and I fucking went for it. lol So... I walked away with it. Ahaha. I rock =)

    After every song Peter and Robert would change instruments... Robert played the guitar, bass, tambourine, and the piano through the course of the show. Peter played the guitar, harmonica, trombone, and the organ... not to mention he played his mother effing guitar with a violin bow. I was really impressed. The only bummer was that the most talkative member on stage was Robert... he LOVES to talk to the audience... and the people in the pit barely understood a word he was saying [he was like... an eighth of an inch away from fellating that microphone lol] 'cause we were so effing close to those speakers. The people in the mezzanine and the floor didn't quite have that problem.

    Again, the show was perfect. But I would be hesitant to go to another show at The Wiltern. I'd rather drive elsewhere and see someone play because I love being in the front row, you get to have little moments with band members that you can't have when you're back a few rows... and tilting your head up the entire show suuuuuucks. No complaints about the band, though... just that I wish Robert had given ME his fucking bass. lol