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12 Ago 2005, 21:27

For those of you who use bit torrent there is a site up for live recordings, rarities, and videos:
It requires registration and keeps track of your ratio, but if you want live stuff it's the best place to get it.
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  • topdownjimmy

    you can link journal entries to artists so that the artist page contains your journal entry. just go to the arcade fire page and click on the pencil icon in the upper right and the journal entry you write will be linked to them. it's pretty cool.

    15 Ago 2005, 3:18
  • oneof3steves

    I don't think they have enough members to delete people with low ratios :) s.

    9 Sep 2005, 19:45
  • Atredies

    I have been using it and downloaded some dvd's the one live from san fransisco is good and with david bowie is also special.

    26 Dic 2005, 13:57
  • yogert909

    duklai, you really aught to give it a second try. actually, I'm still test driving seems a bit more effort than it's worth so far, but I'm still undecided. imho bittorrnet is as simple as ripping a CD or importing photos from a digital camera. either way, enjoy:)

    4 Ene 2007, 8:23
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