• 990066 turned upside down

    19 Jun 2013, 20:32

    Track 990066 was Dèwèl by Mulata Astatqé

    The genre is Ethio-jazz and I bloody love it!
  • Leonard 8 444 8 Cohen

    9 May 2012, 18:59

    Now, say what you will, Leonard Cohen is arguably one of the most enduring singer/poets currently making music today. Mention his name and people react much like they do when you discuss Marmite. They love him or hate him; the common argument against is that he's "depressing" personally I've never found his songs depressing, so I'm not sure what that says about me. If anything they cheer me up, I tend to tag him as "depressingly uplifting"

    Why am I telling you this? Why because scrobble 84448 is by the man himself, from his latest album, Old Ideas and the song itself was Come Healing. I'm not sure it's a killer track but hey, the guy only needs a few killer tracks and can get away with some filler. Tho Dear Heather seemed, in my opinion, to be more filler than killer
  • Ate 3 Ate 3 Ate

    21 Abr 2012, 0:02

    So, scrobble 83,838 was Peter Tosh'sPick Myself Up.

    For some reason people tend to remember Bob Marley but forget Peter Tosh, perhaps because his lyrics were more overtly political/vocal over the injustices faced by black people, a problem that many would argue is still being faced today.

    Whatever you think, there is no denying the music is damn good.
  • 8 oh 8 oh 8

    21 Feb 2012, 20:49

    Back onto the palindromic journal entries.

    This time scrobble 80,808 was The Black Crowes with their track Sting Me. Interestingly, or not as the case may be, around 1991/92 the then drummer from the Black Crowes was in the St Moritz club in London's Wardour Street on the same night I was there with my girlfriend Lotta.

    I was talking to the DJ and returned to the bar to find them in conversation, when I joined them he turned and said, "What the fuck do you want?" Lotta then told him we were a couple to which he replied, "Lose the fucker and come back to my hotel"

    To this day I'm still surprised she didn't.
  • Colour Me Happy

    10 Feb 2012, 14:31

    Wed 8 Feb – Shinedown, Halestorm, Liberty Lies

    I have to be honest and admit I was only at the gig for Halestorm, more specifically to see and hear Lzzy Hale. This is not to disrespect the other acts, they just weren't Halestorm!

    I didn't catch Liberty Lies so can't comment and only stayed for about 45 mins of Shinedown's set, which was pretty good or very good if the excitement of the crowd was anything to go by. Was bemused to hear them say they were starting their tour in the UK, especially given they played Germany the week before. Do they think we don't know their tour schedule?

    Halestorm were fantastic, 45minutes seemed to fly by and I struggle to understand why they weren't over headlining themselves. Lzzy was in fine form with a voice that handles the gentleness of Familiar Taste Of Poison to the harder edge required on tracks like Bet U Wish U Had Me Back and I Get Off

    I'm only sorry i found out about the tour so late as I'd have made a point of getting to the front of the stage at Manchester's gig on 14 Feb in the vain hope Lzzy popped the question, tho to be honest I'd have been happy if she just sung It's Not You at me ;-]

    Photos to follow once I connect camera to computer.
  • 80K and rising

    28 Ene 2012, 16:37

    Usually I only make journal entries for palindromic scobbles. I'm not sure when or why I decided this.

    I suppose it just seemed different from the majority of people who marked regular significant scrobbles e.g.) 500, 1000, 10,000 etc. etc and let's face it. Who doesn't like to be different? OK, I know a lot of you reading this are probably saying "Me" out loud but anyway, indulge me for a minute or two longer, I'm almost done.

    The problem with palindromic scrobble journal entry writing is it's difficult to make a generalised statement on music listening. This is why I made a note of when I scrobbled my 79,000th track and made a mental note to remember to note when I scrobbled my 80,000th track. That was early on in the wee small hours of yesterday.

    On 27 January I scrobbled Johnny Cash's cover of theNine Inch Nails classic Hurt Not a bad 80k milestone if you ask me.

    It also allows me easily work out that between 31 December and 27 January I scrobbled 1,000 tracks. That's roughly 37 tracks a day.

    I wonder how long it would have taken to scrobble that number if I could have included music listened to via the hi-fi and let's not get started with the hours spent tuned into the radio.
  • 79K

    31 Dic 2011, 1:56

    Well, thought I'd make a note of the 79,000th scrobble which was by Tom Petty with or without his Heartbreakers. Cracking song too, Free Fallin'
  • 7eight7eight7

    28 Dic 2011, 16:21

    Journalled? why? only because it may be a while before I get to scrobble track 89,898 and I'm pretty sure I forgot to pay attention when it scrobbled 67,676

    Anyway, I digress, the track was That Was Just Your Life by Metallica
  • 78 zero 87

    5 Dic 2011, 19:42

    A first time listen of Two Door Cinema Club and their track Do You Want It All?

    Interestingly, this track was thrown up via the Spotify app which I was using in beta.
  • Seven 4 Seven 4 Seven

    21 Jun 2011, 0:34

    Scrobbled track 74747 was Apothecary Love by The Low Anthem from their album Smart Flesh

    Quite a soothing track for 1.30am after a long day's DIY