Windir lyrics translated: Fagning


16 Jun 2006, 23:57

They're partying so hard upstairs that I can't get any sleep, even though I've for once decided to stay in on a friday night. Ok - some Neil Young, some Windir lyrics and some brandy. I then give you: Fagning

Fagning” is a sort of praise for someone. For instance when you welcome someone worhy of it to your house.

They have felt that the kingdom has no king
The longing for mercy is great in a war like this
Hard times is has been for the kingdom
But soon all will be as it was

It is the Devil he believes in, Sverre
With his dark arts (*)
But the Devil gives only for some time
But in the end it’s always betrayal

Against Sverre then Priest shall be killed
The steel shall not rest in sheath
Whatever is before us be killed
Let Sognedøledn rule their own land (**)

We promise the gods our victory
I will not be called King in a kingdom like this
Where an illegitimate child can claim the crown (***)
with sword in hand
It is unusual to change food at dog and raven (****)

Shameful memories of deeds he has done torments his mind
No harm undone that causes pain
The price paid is happiness
High-priced it is to lay waste Christian lands with fire.

* I frankly do not know what the word “meinrao” means, and I can’t find it in any of my dictionaries.

** The people of Sogn

*** Sverre was said to be the illegitimate son of one of the Norwegian kings. He came from the Faroe Islands and claimed the throne from Magnus Erlingsson, and killed him in the battle of Fimreite in 1184. Sverre is one of the greatest and most disputed kings in the history of Norway.

**** I don’t know what he means here. The translation is probably wrong as well, but this is what it says word by word. Any suggestions? The original line is: Da e uvandt I å skifta mat åt hund og ramn.


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