Álbumes (1)

Temas (24)
Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
I bewail the wounds of fate 1
Spring is coming 1
All is warmed by the sun 1
Behold the good and long-awaited spring 1
The woods are clothed in flowers and leaves 1
Merchant, give me paint to make my cheeks rosy 1
Round-dance 1
If the whole world were mine 1
In greate anger and turmoil 1
Once I lived on a lake 1
I am the abbot 1
When we are in the tavern 1
Love is everywhere 1
Day and night are hateful to me 1
There stood a girl 1
Your beauty draws my sighs 1
If a boy and a girl 1
On the unsteady scales of my heart 1
The happy hour is coming 1
My darling 1
Hail, THou most beautiful 1
Come, Come 1:03 1
Dance 1:42 1
O Fortuna 2:47 2