5 Bands I wish would reunite


24 Feb 2009, 11:06

We've all gone through the loss, the suffering, the suffering of knowing you're never going to hear another new song from the band you thought was going to be around forever!! What a big slap in the face, especially to those who just found out about a band, only to hear from someone that they broke up 5 years ago, ouch.
In no specific order, here's my personal list on Bands that need to reunite and make my life complete again.

1) The Distillers

The Distillers just broke up in 2006, but the thought of not hearing Brody Dalle's pissed off lyrics screaming into my ears two minutes at a time, just depresses the hell out of me. I mean, sure she's got her new band Spinnerette with fellow Distillers band mate Tony Bevilacqua. But like many others would say, It's just not the same. Brody's not pissed, and the screaming is gone. On the plus side, this band seems to be very promising, their first two singles Ghetto Love and Valium Knights are pretty good, you might catch yourself humming along to either one of them on random occasions. Or is that just me?

Tracks to listen to:
I Am a Revenant
Drain The Blood

2) Refused

Unlike the previous band, this band broke up in '98, after 7 years of being with each other. But Similar to the previous band, this band also only made three albums and called it quits. With the pissed off vocals, blaring guitar, and political lyrics, what's not to like about this band?! Apparently nothing at all seeing as how people still want to see them reunite to this very day! Front man Dennis Lyxzén went on to form other bands that didn't quite share the same attributes as his previous band, see, The (International) Noise Conspiracy. But it's said that as of May 2008, Dennis and other Refused member David Sandström formed a new Hardcore band named, AC4. Good to see Dennis getting back to his roots.

Tracks to listen to:
New Noise
Coup D'Etat

3) Bush

Ok, we all know the story, if you stare at Gavin Rossdale too long, you either A: turn gay, or B: Leave your boyfriend and start stalking Gavin Rossdale, so look at the above picture with caution. Bush broke up in 2002, and the only main reason I want these guys to come back is...for the concerts! We all know there was kind've a downward spiral towards the end of the Bush days, so the new music would be a little iffy. But to hear some of the classics live would make me believe there in fact is a God...and he likes grunge music.

Tracks to listen to:
Everything Zen

4) The Smashing Pumpkins

Before anyone says that these guys are still together, they're not. If you didn't already know, pop in a copy of Zeitgeist and see how long you can last without turning it off. Then pop in Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and tell me this is the same band. Maybe it's because Billy Corgan is just passed his creative prime, or maybe it's because D'arcy and James just had that much of an impact on the music they wrote. But one thing is for sure, please change the name Billy! This is not The Smashing Pumpkins!

Tracks to listen to:

5) Rage Against the Machine

Technically, these guys have been back together since 2007. But how long do we have to wait for new music?! I know Zack de la Rocha is probably as pissed as ever especially now seeing as how whats going on in the world! When Rage first came on the scene in '91 their music was nothing but energetic, pissed off, the government sucks, loud, music! And that's pretty much how it stayed up until the very end. All their albums have done very well, receiving mostly 4 out of 5 star ratings. I guess the question is, why the hell did this band even leave in the first place?!

Tracks to listen to:
Calm Like a Bomb

Had I wrote this 2 years ago, Stone Temple Pilots would've been on this list, but by some divine miracle, they got back together in 2008, here's to waiting for new music!

So there's my list, sure you might not agree, so lets hear it, What are the 5 bands you wish would get back together??


  • _heroinex

    i agree with the distillers :(

    11 Mar 2009, 21:56
  • Lost_Souls_UK

    You totally had me until the last three abominations - I'd like to raise them from the dead so I could drive a stake through their hearts ;)

    9 Abr 2009, 11:39
  • Bozfly

    I actually like Spinnerette more ^_^

    14 Abr 2009, 8:10
  • kida08

    I also want mr. corgan to either get the other members back or name this project "swan II" or something. RATM is needed now more than ever, and the distillers are wonderful. Good posting.

    18 Feb 2010, 17:30
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