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StaylefishGreen Black & Gold Hace 29 minutos
Jah RootsGanja Weed Hace 33 minutos
Can't HangClose My Eyes Hace 38 minutos
Super CatGhetto Red Hot Hace 42 minutos
Linda PerhacsHey, Who Really Cares Tema favorito Hace 45 minutos
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  • Biscuit1978

    So this is really delayed but congrats on win #3 honeypie x

    Ayer 9:33pm Responder
  • AmoRoden

    Ah no ! why are so tired, are you working to hard? You should come on holidays to Ireland :)

    Ayer 6:15pm Responder
  • AmoRoden

    You sent me one, in your reply to my selection.

    25 Mar 15:26 Responder
  • NothingToHide

    ☺✌ en al over nagedacht hihiihi...nederlands ♥♫♥❤ Ben ;)

    24 Mar 23:50 Responder
  • RussellChap

    what does it feel like to be a winner again miss ell, i hope you're basking in your glory as befits a champion

    24 Mar 21:11 Responder
  • AmoRoden

    I added it to my playlist, thank you for the very very flowery dog! You are very cute

    24 Mar 20:52 Responder
  • AmoRoden

    Congrats on win number 4 , i did really enjoy that song. It looks very good on the main page

    23 Mar 23:35 Responder
  • NothingToHide

    Hi Girl No I have Nothing to 47 year alone ♥♫♥❤ ....oooh hihihi yes ☺✌ yes one my golden hmmmm.... you must...invent it self hihihihi ☺✌♥♫♥❤ Enjoy the music ♫♫❤ Have a lovely Day/week ♥♫♥❤ Greetings from the netherlands♥♫♥ ♥♫♥ ♥♫♥❤ Ben ;)

    23 Mar 19:37 Responder
  • TheArtistBox

    Hi, your guest round starts today here. Thank you for your acceptence. It is a "virtual" round but please can you put the members and their last played artist, in your round. Cheers.

    23 Mar 9:49 Responder
  • 40belowsummer

    Thanks :) problem is that I never do a similar song twice, so I won't set on this power / progressive / classic metal ballads anymore :P (at least not for the next four / five rounds) which will lower my rank I guess.

    22 Mar 20:20 Responder
  • 40belowsummer

    Congratz for winning again in such little time between your last win, looks like you have found out the right recipe to please all the people :) I am happy for you and you well deserved it.

    22 Mar 20:14 Responder
  • TheArtistBox

    Thanks, Ell. I comment you after this round OK? Also, how are you doing these days?

    20 Mar 16:00 Responder
  • TheArtistBox

    Hi, if you want to and are available, would you be up to have a guest round for MKC? It will be next week sometime, probably Monday or Tuesday.

    20 Mar 11:18 Responder
  • 40belowsummer

    Based on the comments left by the members I might also think about Earth, Sufjan Stevens or Billie Sheehan something that sticked out of the conventional songs, but I doubt it about Sufjan Stevens or Billie Sheehan so it actually might be Earth (these instrumental songs always seem to get a high place in those rankings). We will know more about it on sunday evening :). Okay thanks for your reply about OMG / MKG it's quite irritating to listen to something others don't know, which leaves you with always listening to unknown bands and almost no chances to listen to more well known bands. Let's see what will happen, maybe someday you decide to come back to those groups (although I doubt it at the moment).

    19 Mar 18:14 Responder
  • 40belowsummer

    Why aren't you playing Obscure Music Game anymore? I saw that you played it way back in time before I knew about this group and with your massive amount of bands you should have a good chance of winning (and you did win back then) or is it too much for you with LSC going on and private things? At least you showed up as guest kicker, that was very funny even though I have been kicked out already. By the way who do you think will win this LSC? Dan said that there is no favorite this time (I know he said something about close calls and there will be a winner in the end :D ).

    19 Mar 15:40 Responder
  • Punk_Life75

    Thank you :)

    19 Mar 12:46 Responder
  • Punk_Life75

    KOC Semi-final starts at 00.00 Thursday 19th March (GMT/UTC), and must be completed by 00:00 GMT on Friday 20th March. Good luck and thank you ;)

    17 Mar 16:37 Responder
  • RussellChap

    'ell ms ell, if u need your whip oiled i'd be happy to oblige. kisses

    16 Mar 23:09 Responder
  • MainiSorri

    Thank you for welcoming me :) Have a nice weekend!

    13 Mar 11:23 Responder
  • Jd_Jd_Jd

    whip whoopy whip ... your turn at the Mini LSC .. whip whip!

    12 Mar 22:13 Responder
  • Todas las notas (1845)


I am only human

Speak to me, read my mind
Fill your mouth, with flesh and wine

And I'll be yours, just give me time
Give me time...

i am strong enough
to carry the world
on my shoulders

i am vulnerable enough
to ask for help
when i stumble

i am proud enough
to demand the respect
i'm due

i am humble enough
to admit the mistakes
i've made

i am confident enough
to laugh at myself
on good days and bad

i am woman enough
to take it all
and give it all

i am enough

~by Julie King

My eclectic score is currently


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Generated on April 21 2013

  • SES%: 65.7851%
( Highest score was LindsayVL: 98.1341 % in SES.)
  • Variance: 2.6138%
( Highest score was rezber: +9.7484% SES increased)
  • S+ Level is: 28.0842%
( 100% was MillerMM: 21902 new scrobbles)
  • A+ Level is: 38.0952%
( 100% was lovereadimagine: 16128 new artists)
  • TTS Level:8.6367%
( 100% was moik: 1000390 Overall tracks)
  • TAC Level: 20.8091%
( 100% was efoja_87: 273145 Artists)
POINTS AWARDED (100 is the limit):
  • Per Total Artists Scrobbled (PTTS): 7
  • Per Total Artists Count (PTAC): 90
  • Per Smart Eclectic Score (PSES): 98
  • Per Artists Added (PA+): 98
  • Per Scrobbles Added (PS+): 64
  • Per Variance (PVAR+): 99
  • Per Compatibility with efoja_87 (P1stC): -20
  • Per Proximity to the Average SES (PCASE): -111
  • Per Monthly Taste (PMT): 100
  • Per Low Taste in Top Artist (PTPC): 94
  • Per Register date vs. Music (PRVM): 97
  • Per Monthly AEP (PMAEP): -34
novira in KBS!:
  • Rank: 7 of 214 Players.
  • Score: 9616.66 Pts.
  • WINS: 0.
Last Month I Played: 6151 Tracks, adding 6144 New Artists in my library (MT: 1.001) My Top Artist is: Skywatchers with a taste of 0.1991%----------- Recent Loved Artist: First Aid Kit novira LastFm Level: 79
Group's average SES% is 16.7181% (Average player is CoosiMO with 16.7725% in SES%
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