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Jesse DavidsonLaika Ayer 8:11pm
The Peep TempelLance Ayer 8:09pm
Citizen KayManage Ayer 8:05pm
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  • DrMojoRising

    BTW, thnx for the add :))

    Ayer 4:38pm Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    So you have the same problem with your summer as we do in Australia. The last 3 summers have been overcast... sometimes for weeks on end and every Christmas it has rained :(( So you're also suffering from global cooling too? haha OMG, the water is just over 14°C. How long can you stand being in the water when it's that cold? What do you do when you come out of the water to warm up? I went swimming this time last year here and it was only 16°C... when i came out of the water, the sun wasn't strong enough to warm up my bones... it was hypothermia! But the water was beautiful and clear. Are there friendly sharks? Of course! Are all people unfriendly or friendly? I've talked with folk who've been scuba diving all over the world for many years and they're told me they're friendly sharks that are completely harmless... some ya got be careful about. One guy told me it's the humans ya got watch out for... the stupid idiots! They can run over you in a boat or jetski... so be careful of 'em!

    Ayer 4:38pm Responder
  • transcendeath

    thank u :)

    Ayer 3:04pm Responder
  • boomslang-D

    Hey there, greets from SI to SE. Have fun! D

    2 Jul 8:19 Responder
  • Ataraxiainc

    :) Again: Hello novira. Congratulations! Listening the artist Me & My Toothbrush You have won the 2015-02-06 KBS!'s round. Also you found, apparently, a new artist for most of our ears! Thanks and have a great day!

    29 Jun 1:43 Responder
  • Jonbooi

    Your Illustrate It image looks like it has been replace by a placeholder jpg :-(

    28 Jun 11:02 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    I go stark crazy during the winter when it's cold & dark (; For us here it's only a few months... it's a bit longer for you thou, so I expect Swedes to be mad. I've been there & met them! IMO that's great. ♡ You put your swimmers in the oven at 200C! what are they made of... steel? haha Mine are lycra and they would melt, or at least shrink, if it's that hot...even for only 5 min!! Well, i dunno how cold the water is where you are, but i went swimming at the beach this time last year, the water was only 16C. Even when you swim, you get hypothermia. How cold is the water where u live? Do you have a rivalry with the Finns to see who's the craziest or bravest? Are the Finns your friends or foes? I did see turtles... & dolphins when I was away on holi's up north, but I'm still chasing after a shark. Do you have any friendly sharks in Sweden? Hmm... Koskenkorva, I had look it up... Finnish vodka. Is that what you like to drink?

    27 Jun 17:18 Responder
  • DrMojoRising

    WTF?? Icy swimming trunks!!! L◉◉◉◉◉L Is that some kinda weird Swedish tradition? Somethin like wearing a chastity belt? haha I don't think even in my most pissed or crazy state I've ever had the idea to put my jammers in the fridge (:'> Maybe I should try it? Isn't the water in Sweden cold enough for ya? Well, my li'le prose refers to getting a cold beer from the fridge after ya do lots & lots o' hard work building a big, big bridge! :)) BTW, no sleep tonite... I'm gonna be laughing in my dreams 'bout putting my swimmers in the fridge ;))

    25 Jun 15:50 Responder
  • 40belowsummer

    Thanks for your kind words. Good to know :) I bet some people will profit from this (not only me) when they have more time to listen to the whole playlist, especially the ones who have pinched time or need to listen to the whole playlist twice or more times before they can make up their minds. Maybe, just maybe I drop by in the evening for the first 3 - 5 songs, so I can state my opinion about those songs :)

    24 Jun 10:22 Responder
  • 40belowsummer

    Hey hey, thanks for dropping me a few lines. I am still struggling a bit with my current situation and not having much spare time although as a bystander you might think I have enough free time listening to all those artists, all the time. Let's be honest, from those 3.399 artists I only know about maybe 3.000 the others I have marked as "needs scrobbles" so I know I have to check them out. I am trying to check out my favorite genres and expand my knowledge, although there is much garbage beyond those artists, my main focus is still my core library on my pc :). PS: I have submitted a track for tomorrow, although I said I would take a break, but somehow I don't want to leave even if it's just a small break for a few months. Thankfully we get those one and a half to two weeks time to respond to everything heard in the contest, or else I really needed a break.

    23 Jun 13:32 Responder
  • ivan_moskalyov

    Thank you! And I wish you a relaxing day=)

    22 Jun 7:23 Responder
  • ivan_moskalyov

    Wow! :D A peculiar approach you. You just so relaxing, or have you still any methods?=)

    21 Jun 9:15 Responder
  • ivan_moskalyov

    Good afternoon. Can you clarify exactly what you mean by that?:)

    21 Jun 7:39 Responder
  • IdemPerIdem

    Hello sweet Ell:} Sorry for super late reply, didn't notice it earlier. Nah, i didn,t get tired of LSC, i really miss it, but sadly things didn't go according to the plan i had in mind and now I've got a job with a pretty long commute, i feel super tired when i get home, so i eat and crawl to bed. i just don't feel like commiting to anything else at this point. During the weekends i'm making some cosplays I've been dreaming of for a year now, they keep my hands full:}. I dropped by a couple of times at LSC, saw someone submit my beloved Serj Tankian and Spiritual Front, not exactly the songs i would have submitted, but i would have loved to vote for them at least. How's it going for you, Ell?

    20 Jun 9:32 Responder
  • ivan_moskalyov

    Hi from Russia! =)

    19 Jun 14:53 Responder
  • n00ah

    Hello Ell, yes, I'm thinking to return to the contest for fun very soon... I hope, that soon I will have more time for the fun :)

    17 Jun 11:49 Responder
  • Jd_Jd_Jd

    Hi Ell. Sorry for being curious, but what Kan'Nal song were you thinking of submitting?

    14 Jun 18:37 Responder
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    Hallå, thank you for your comment (I only saw it now :-( ) on my track here. If it's ok with you, I have quoted you on my feedback page of all listeners? Greetings from Germany...

    11 Jun 15:53 Responder
  • welshwaters

    Thank you for your greeting. I come from the English speaking part of Wales but nice just the same... Diolch

    7 Jun 8:46 Responder
  • AmoRoden

    haha you cheeky gal . So tell me how has your week being ?

    5 Jun 21:30 Responder
  • Todas las notas (1915)


I am only human

Speak to me, read my mind
Fill your mouth, with flesh and wine

And I'll be yours, just give me time
Give me time...

i am strong enough
to carry the world
on my shoulders

i am vulnerable enough
to ask for help
when i stumble

i am proud enough
to demand the respect
i'm due

i am humble enough
to admit the mistakes
i've made

i am confident enough
to laugh at myself
on good days and bad

i am woman enough
to take it all
and give it all

i am enough

~by Julie King

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Dressed in black
With a rose in my hand
I now understand
That I kept you
For as long as I could
It's time to let go

I stared
Into your watery eyes
As you wandered into the light
I watched
Though my eyelids were closed
As my memory captured the sight

I'm breathing
Though a part of me died
It doesn't seem right
I'm standing
As life lingers on
It's time to move on

I stared
Into your watery eyes
As you wandered into the light
I watched
Though my eyelids were closed
As my memory captured the sight

One day
With a rose in my hand
I'll see you again