4chan :3 a campfire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river… a campire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river and… avant-garde ayy lmao based black metal blackcore blackened death metal blackened doom metal blackened hardcore blacker than the blackest black times infinity chicago christgrinding crank dat cotton gin dadrock dan getty death grips death metal death rap deathcore deathgrind doom doom metal dragged n chopped dragged x disemboweled drill electronic emo everyone high-fiving everyone experimental field recording free improvisation funk gbe goatcore gold teeth grindcore groove metal hardcore hardcore hip-hop hardcore rap hip-hop horrorcore i want her ass i want to make out with her so bad illuminati instrumental hip-hop kawaii desu ketamine fueled hobo noise-rap life metal life music lolicore mallsoft mellow rap metal modern classical music to pee on girls to newbreed noise not even metal not the video game ocean gang ofwgkta paperbagcore ponycore pornogrind post-avant dream pop post-avant-garde progressive dreamgaze rock post-trap powerviolence progressive dreamfunk progressive post-kids bop youth-core psychedelic punk rap rap game betty crocker in versace boxers rap game king tut real recognize real and this nigga the realest real trap shit really bad speed metal shitty anal gaycore slowed n chopped sludge metal southern rap splash swag table rock technical death metal technical grindcore thugcore trianglecore unblack metal underground hip-hop underground rap viperwave weed whalecore white danny glover