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OdrazaTam, gdzie nas nie spotkamy 16 Dic 19:22
OdrazaWielki Mizogin 16 Dic 19:00
SaturnusMurky Waters 16 Dic 17:25
SaturnusTo The Dreams 16 Dic 17:18
SaturnusEmbraced By Darkness 16 Dic 17:11
SaturnusRain Wash Me Tema favorito 11 Dic 17:37
SaturnusDescending 11 Dic 17:28
SaturnusPretend 11 Dic 17:20
SaturnusI Long Tema favorito 11 Dic 17:09
SaturnusFor Your Demons 11 Dic 17:02
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  • NGC_6853

    Oh, you listened to Ulver – I troldskog faren vild and seem to like it. It's a beauty, I think.

    7 Dic 14:18 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Hi! I am worried that you are not feeling good! It does not sound like a doctor could help? Physically it is better now? I was sick the last week (gastro-intestinal virus or better to understand: vomit ... ;) ). Slowly, I am feeling better. The albums of Ulver you talk about I do not know. I love the BM triology. And I know that Solitude song. I have always loved that Black Sabbath song. I like the Ulver version but Ozzy suffers more, I think.

    7 Dic 14:16 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Ah, I have never replied to your question whether I prefer the Opeth cover of Soldier of Fortune or the original. I had loved the original very much before Opeth did the cover. So, I can't really decide. However, I think that the guitar sounds more "airy" in the Opeth version which I think is quite beautiful!

    25 Nov 18:49 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Oh, a wolf!!! Very nice! Sorry I have not replied for so long. It has been quite busy over here. The usual sheer madness. :) So you like Ulver? I love them very much, they speak to my soul. On my Christmas wishlist is the Ulver box. I own almost all of the albums but I can't wait to hold that 104-pages book in my hands! :) How are you? Are you ok?

    25 Nov 18:45 Responder
  • MitaToN

    oh yes, perfect music for the perfect day :) Happy Halloween once again :)

    31 Oct 18:24 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Thanks for not telling me too much but that sounds PROMISING!!! Can't wait!

    30 Oct 19:34 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Bummer that they did not play that old stuff on our two concerts. In Hamburg not even one song from the Judgement album. :( I love their older albums so much, too. Our setlists were nearly the same but they played to more songs in Warsaw!!! But well, it was wonderful nevertheless. So, how was Opeth?

    30 Oct 19:30 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Oh your Opeth concert already took place, too ... How was that? Mine is on 8 November ...

    30 Oct 14:15 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Hi Artur! How was your Anathema concert? Mine was yesterday. Had fun with a few friends and enjoyed a nice show. But the sound was sometimes a little bit bad. Especially when Vincent sang "fragile dreams", his singing was much too low plus too much reverb. When the opened for Opeth in 2012 the sound was much better. It was in a club just two buildings away from that or so. Opeth will be playing in the same venue as 2012, fortunately. In the "große Freiheit" - great freedom, the former "Kaiserkeller" where the Beatles started their career in Germany.

    30 Oct 14:13 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Yo are going to Berlin in December?

    19 Oct 16:28 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Hi Artur, Germany is ok, I think. You know, we Germans alwas find something to complain about. ;) The railways have been on strike the whole weekend again until tomorrow 4 a.m.! It's crazy, they immobilize the whole country. I do understand when someone want more money etc. But not when I am the "victim". :D I have never been to Poland. My grandparents are from Pomerania in fact. Maybe I come to visit Poland and you one day. ;) My car is already there??? Are you joking about prejudices? :D Fortunately, my car is still in front of the house. Poooh! :D How was your walk in the park? What's your favourite track on October Rust? I think mine is Wolf Moon! <3 I think I will throw it in the CD player right away ...

    19 Oct 16:26 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Type O! October Rust is a great album and appropriate for this time of year!!! Sorry for the late reply. Have been quite busy, have to do a lot of travelling by train and yesterday German railways was on strike and so rail services were down ... Yes, of course, I like autumn. I hope it will be a nice coloured autumn. Gray and rainy is not so beautiful though. ;) And you?

    16 Oct 18:12 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Poland is winning? Funny picture, Animal!!!

    11 Oct 19:59 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    You are too young for having been a hippie ... ;) Yes, "Riders ..." is quite beautiul and atmospheric. What's up over there? How is the weather. Here in Northern Germany it is still sunny but you can feel it is already getting colder. Autumn is lurking.

    23 Sep 12:15 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    I meant CTE is the only one missing in my collection. I own "Rust...", of course ... What's your favourite Doors song?

    16 Sep 17:53 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Yes, my favourite Megadeth album is Rust in Peace, too. It is the only one missng in my collection from the first till Youthanasia. Nevertheless, I listened to it a lot in my youth through friends. I am just listening to "Ashes in your Mouth". Great song. Recently, I have talked to a friend about this album, too. I think I will add it to my collection soon. I have been to France a few times but I have never been to Paris ... But I just love the Doors. One of my favourite songs is "L'America" - - it's a little bit strange, though ... :D

    16 Sep 17:52 Responder
  • Gothflower

    I owszem, gdyby to nie było w kwietniu przyszłego roku a przypominam, że wiek chrystusowy mam tylko do marca 2015 więc najwyższy może mnie potem powołać do siebie i z koncertu nici :P

    15 Sep 16:06 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    You are not alone ... :D

    12 Sep 16:49 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Ah, that is how it looks like when you are happy? *lol*

    11 Sep 16:33 Responder
  • NGC_6853

    Joe Bonamassa's new song: I hope you are fine. :)

    9 Sep 17:46 Responder
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