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  • MrFrooz

    Change of plans, my professor moved our final from Monday the 6th to tomorrow (3rd). I can't come to the concert anymore :(

    2 Jul 19:10 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    I will be at the Mono show!!

    28 Jun 8:06 Responder
  • JungleEvil

    yeah JSRF got me into them and I went from there. They're great.

    9 Jun 19:16 Responder
  • JungleEvil

    Ah I see. That makes sense. Good interview. yeah it was nasty lol. Have you ever heard of Guitar Vader?

    9 Jun 17:12 Responder
  • JungleEvil

    I didn't see anyone with a harhui shirt, but I did see someone with a Ghost in the Shell shirt lol. I face planted into a shirtless sweaty dude....augh.... but yeah it was a fun show. My right arm is killing me, i think someone accidentally punched it lol. A-kon was lots of fun. Meeting new friends and seeing old ones. good times. I got lost on the way back and barley made it to melt banana haha! Also, do you know what happened to Melt Banana's drummer and bassist?

    9 Jun 15:52 Responder
  • JungleEvil

    yeah I did! I was wearing a denim jacket with band (mostly japanese bands haha) patches and anime patches on it. I had a giant rectangle patch that said BARBATOS on the back, if you saw me. I didn't get there in time to see Future Death or the other band since I had just got there from Dallas, where I went to A-kon.

    9 Jun 15:28 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    Please do, hope you have fun. I'm going to request that day off way in advance so I should be able to make it.

    8 Jun 5:09 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    Hey dude, just to let you know I can't make it to the melt-banana show tonight. I tried to get off work but I got transferred to electronics where there's only four of us so there was nobody to take my place :/

    7 Jun 18:43 Responder
  • AutumnOath

    You're quite welcome I suppose, lol. Karen always seems to attract a lot of attention wherever she showows up. Shitsurei, kamimamita.

    25 Abr 2:31 Responder
  • D2Girls


    21 Abr 16:35 Responder
  • D2Girls

    le weeblord

    21 Abr 15:50 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    No shit? That's way cool! He has always been nice to me when we've chatted (Meishi - Garrett) so I imagine he was super chill to hang out with as well. Glad you had fun, dude. I kind of regret not splurging on a wristband but oh well, maybe next year... melt-banana is going to be fucking sick, though. Have you seen them live before? I know they've toured extensively throughout America in the past.

    6 Abr 20:56 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    uhh WHAT?? No, I had no idea. I will definitely be going. I just got a shift swap in so I can come down to see Whirr, definitely looking forward to that. Just been working a lot lately and spending too much money. How have you been? How was SXSW?

    3 Abr 7:44 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    Thinking about it. I'm actually in waco for school so I wouldn't have to drive all the way up to dallas from austin. I heard perfume are performing at sxsw? I would love to see them but I'm scheduled to work all through that week, don't think I have the cash for a wristband anyways. But yeah let me know if you decide to see them on the 28th

    14 Feb 8:30 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    You live in ATX? Wanted to give you another shout but saw that you're going to shows in Austin.

    13 Feb 8:22 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    oh man, please go back and listen to them when you get the chance. They are my favorite band far and away! Their "Have a Good Journey" compilation is a great place to start. "Fanfare" is my favorite album of theirs :-) but my personal favorite tracks are "june replay" and "red bicycle" (maybe "goodbye" too)

    11 Feb 8:08 Responder
  • MrFrooz

    Where did you buy Yukari Telepath? I haven't been able to find a physical copy for anything less than like 60 bucks. My personal favorite COTD album is No Thank You, but honestly all of them are fantastic. newave is a close second and Yukari Telepath is 3rd.

    9 Feb 0:57 Responder
  • Ydolon can probably get all the B&B tracks off tano-c's shop. E.G.

    3 Dic 2014 Responder
  • Ydolon

    Got a few off a massive J-Core torrent some time back. Mostly through HARDCORE TANO*C releases I have downloaded or bought throughout the years.

    3 Dic 2014 Responder
  • No_Frame

    Bought some and got a rip from chinese friends.

    19 Nov 2014 Responder
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