the beat goes on and on and on


24 Dic 2009, 0:33

Breaking Pangaea (2000-2004) was will noon, Fred Mascherino, and Clint Stelfox.

Fred Mascherino went on to join Taking Back Sunday, then formed The Color Fred. He’s currently pursuing Initials with Josh Eppard (aka Weerd Science original-3, Coheed and Cambria), Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit, The Escape Frame, Death In The Park, ex- Reggie and the Full Effect, Say Anything, Safety In Numbers… He now owns The Jackalope Studio in Montgomery, Alabama) and Steve Lucarelli (Once Nothing).

Will Noon went on to play drums in Straylight Run and manage Envy on the Coast.

When Coheed and Cambria appeared on MTV’s TRL in January 2006, Michelle Nolan (Straylight Run) performed the female vocals of “The Suffering” with the band. Breaking Pangaea took Coheed and Cambria out on their first few tours. Coheed and Cambria will not be taking Initials out this summer.

Initials will be performing their first show with this line-up on Saturday, January 9th, 2009 supporting Straylight Run’s John Nolan (original Taking Back Sunday) with Gabriel the Marine and Ocean Is Theory at The Note in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

It’s all one colossal, constantly churning circle.


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