• Sofia Talvik - 30 Jun 2012 - Olde Town Books & Brew - Mechanicsburg, Pa.

    13 Jul 2012, 0:23

  • Sofia Talvik - 29 Jun 2012 - House Party @ my dump

    13 Jul 2012, 0:20

  • mary Fahl @ Tin Angel

    16 Oct 2011, 6:05

    Dinner was good, The Tuna tartar was very good I liked the heat of the cayanne, and the addition of the truffle oil but I suggested it needed acid either lemon or blood orange. The kobie burger was good & so was the Cocovan & strawberry mouse.
    Mary’s concert was excellent. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

    She sang songs from her old band “October Project”, and a song she was inspired while shop-vacing her mothers basement, which I really liked.
    She also sang a Aria in Italian which was very pretty.
    In addition to a song I must have, Arabic,Spanish, Moorish? inspired, which was absolutely beautiful. (note: I must have this)
    She sang “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” which I think she does incredibly well from her new digital album.
    I gave her a hug and now have a signed CD version of “From Dark Side of the Moon”. :)
    I ask if she would make a CD of Arias? … so hopefully we will see
    Excellent concert!
  • [event=1886308]Wed 22 Jun – Sade w/ John Legend[/event]

    23 Jun 2011, 8:28

    Very strange set of events - I called Verizon center @ last minute & was informed that tickets were available but not over the phone. I bolted to D.C. arrived late, it was sold out... (didn't have $300 cash for scalper) .... Amazingly, got fantastic seats to a sold out show - FOR FREE - I still don't understand that... The concert was fantastic! the glitter @ by your side was cool and so was the strobe light & lighting. I especially liked the fabric that lowered & draped the stage with New York Architecture superimposed. Last song "Cherish The Day".. - Excellent! as were all the songs... obviously.
    SADE - incredibly consistent...!
    Dinner & clyde's afterwards was excellent.. The oysters, shrimp, cold lobster, burger, crab & salmon soup were excellent, creme brulee, and orange pound cake was awesome (it's fried in honey & served with oarnge glaze and whip creme. you can email for the recipe (I highly recommend this restaurant)
    WOW! what a incredible evening...... nothing short of a small miracle.
  • [event=1926351]Wed 8 Jun – Zoë Keating[/event]

    9 Jun 2011, 6:42

    Wow! Incredible - Unbelievable! I asked if I could give Zoe a hug & I was so nervous I think she spilled her drink - I felt terrible - But she gave me another big hug and signed her CD so I felt much better - & Thank You very much! WOW! Incredible!
  • [event=1808581]Wed 27 Apr – Zola Jesus, Naked on the Vague - Messiah College

    28 Abr 2011, 4:51

    WOW!- first it was free - very cool
    I got to hug everyone in both bands and they all signed both cd's 2 new ones from each band - Most Excellent. -
    NAKED ON THE VAGUE - from Australia - could only play a 4 song set - and it was excellent - Lucy,Matthew, Nic, and Lachie - awesome - all songs had an ethereal dreamlike quality - hauntingly beautiful - Lucy's voice was beautiful and had a raspy edge at the sam time- awesome! thanks guys! can't wait to listen to cd's.
    Zola Jesus - WOW!Alex DeGroot - electronics/programming, Nick Turco - synth, Shane Verwey - synth, Nick Johnson - drums, Nika Roza Danilova - vocal - NICK STARTED HAMMERING - AND I MEAN HAMMERING ON THE DRUMS -WHILE NIKA BELTED OUT SONG AFTER SONG- I couldn't believe that voice came out of her tiny frame. Her voice would echo and reverberate - hauntingly amazing - spooky good stuff - blew me away!
    Most of all everyone was so nice to talk to - it was awesome for sure!
  • [event=1605734]Thu 28 Oct, 2010 – Bettie Serveert- North Shore Bar - Phila, Pa.…

    29 Oct 2010, 7:23

    - Bettie Serveert - Seriously Phenomenal - Spectacular in every regard - I was totally and completely blown away - In AWE - Very AWESOME indeed - WOW! TRULY AMAZING! Words could not even do justice to how amazing they were. I even talked to the band, got 2 new CD's, and I couldn't believe it, they even signed them. + I even gave them a hug. Truly incredible.
    I still cannot believe it. Surly one of happiest days of my life. Far and away one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The band is outstanding live -high voltage. WOW!
    Thank You, bettie serveert!
  • Brandi Carlile - Katie Herzig - [event=1609967]Thu 7 Oct – Brandi Carlile[/event]

    11 Oct 2010, 7:45

    KATIE was totally AWESOME - I even gave Katie a Hug and she signed her cd. Her songs were awesome "Song Bird", "My Darling". "Forevermore". "Until you Hold Me"?, "Space and Time"?, "Hey Na Na", "I Hurt Too" (Cello on this was fantastic), "Gypsy Girl" (TOTALLY AWESOME- I ESPECIALLY LOVE THIS SONG), "I Don't wanna Know". EXCELLENT! - WOW! FANTASTIC KATIE - THANKS!
    BRANDI was totally AWESOME - "Oh Dear", "Looking Out","Closer to You" (Cello was awesome). "Falling Yes I'm Falling", "I'll Be Faithful", "Sixty Years On", "Crazy" - (I Hate to say this, but I think I like Brandi's version better than Patsy's) "Dreams", "The Rose"?, "Jackson"?, "Forever Young", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Turpentine", "Before It Breaks". EXCELLENT! WOW!
    I'm probably missing a few songs and may not have all the titles correct. BUT ...WOW!..... what an incredible concert - IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!
  • [event=1583217]Tue 17 Aug 2010 – The Ropes w/ The Delta Mirror W/ The Soars

    18 Ago 2010, 8:56

    THE ROPES are AWESOME, Their music is a gift, I only can only receive it with gratitude. Wow - excellent - Thanks!
    * A New Song, * Love is a Chain Store, * Clubs in Europe Forever, *Civil Lanterns, * I Miss You Being Gone, * I Don't Like To Get Dirty * Professional Outsiders.
    All perfect, totally awesome. Thank You!
    THE SOARS are AWESOME - Got one new CD - TOUR CD
    THANK YOU EVERYBODY - Even met a new band Menomea - cool
    Angie & I MET AND TALKED TO ALL THE BANDS, I was so excited I couldn't even think straight, my thoughts were going 90 miles a minute. WOW!
    Awesome, everyone was so cool, after all this fantastic music, we stopped in Chinatown for some Tai, then drove around our old stomping grounds for awhile. Way cool........
    One of the happiest days of my life.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! - Perfect
  • Excellent Orchestra!

    21 Jun 2010, 4:12

    Celebration of Music Tour - Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss orchestra @ 1st Mariner arena. Baltimore Maryland.
    Fantastic, my mother informed me Andre Rieu began playing violin at age 5. That was obvious, as I was fascinated watching his bow dance across the strings on the Video Tron thingy. Black Swan - breathtaking. Tribute to Michael Jackson was excellent. Three Tenors were nothing short of stellar. Pianist was incredible. "Ave Maria" performed by Artist from South Africa was incredibly beautiful. "Memories" from "Cat" performed by Australian Artist was mind numbing. I thought I was going to be blown off my seat. Cello solo - WOW! Virtuoso who played cello, flute, bagpipe was unreal. The accompanying male flutist was amazing, I did not think sounds like that were possible from a flute. Blue Danube was so fantastic I could not sit still, I recall memories of growing up listening to this every sunday after church along with polka and waltzing to the King of Waltz - Johann Strauss. The only thing missing was pork and potato dumplings with lots of gravy. A heart warming - fun time was had by all, both young and old. Fantastic!
    The entire Orchestra was amazing and I thank every one for sharing their talent, hard work and effort.
    I would highly recommend that anyone attend this performance. very interactive, entertaining, beautiful in addition to being a very memorable occasion.