The State of the Union


28 Ene 2010, 16:27

Last night, President Barack Obama confirmed his goals and shut up those who just play politics with people's lives. This country is on a free-fall, and it's time for everyone to buck-up. This President cares about all Americans, and the world, in general, but he doesn't need Republicans doing their usual backbiting and fighting against Democrats--just to get elected. The people can see through their mean spiritedness, and hopefully will confirm that next year. The party of "No," should not be re-elected without offering ideas of substance.

Americans need to start using their brains. Being a Republican doesn't make you rich. In fact, to support those policies is to hurt yourself, especially if you are struggling, as most middle and lower middle class families are experiencing in this depressed economy. Abraham Lincoln's party is not Lincoln's party anymore. They are reactionaries who want to live in a past that has long since been Gone with the Wind. Barack Obama is about the future.

American take heed. Don't be passive in 2010. Vote. Or you have yourself to blame for the problems of this country.

Okay. Now, let's enjoy some music!


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