• Favourite songs of 2010

    21 Dic 2010, 1:28

    Best of 2010. Only one song per artist. A few 2009 releases have crept in.

    Number One:
    Hurts - Wonderful Life

    Number Two:
    Robyn - Indestructible

    Number Three:
    Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

    Number Four-Thirty-three in no particular order:
    Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way
    I Blame Coco - Caesar
    Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin
    Sugababes 4.0 - She's A Mess
    The Saturdays - Higher
    Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place
    Skunk Anansie - God Loves Only You
    Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
    Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello
    Erik Hassle - Don't Bring Flowers
    Pixie Lott - Turn It Up
    Rihanna - Only Girl In The World
    Alanis Morisette - I Remain
    Cyndi Lauper & Tori Amos - Why Don't You Love Me?
    Goldfrapp - Rocket
    Delphic - Counterpoint
    Dragonette - Our Summer
    Tiësto Feat. Nelly Furtado - Who Wants To Be Alone
    Feeder - Godhead
    Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage (2009)
    Ash - Space Shot
    Temposhark - Threads
    Benny Benassi & Kelis etc - Spaceship
    Bright Light Bright Light - Cry At Films
    Kate Havnevik - Disobey
    Patrick Wolf- Time Of My Life
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet
    Bitter Ruin - Beware
    Ed Drewett - Champagne Lemonade
    Kaskade feat Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes
  • Favourite albums of 2010

    21 Dic 2010, 1:00

    These are my favourite albums released in 2010 or ones that I discovered in 2010.

    Top 5 in no particular order:

    Robyn - Bodytalk
    The most engaging and exciting album release this year. Robyn has two key sounds - sad disco electropop, and highly original nutty hip pop. They merge well together on a perfect album.

    Brandon Flowers - Flamingo
    This album didn't get the attention it deserved because "it sounded like the Killers". (i) Duh? (ii) How can that be bad if you like the Killers? Given time, the melodies reach out to you. But it is Brandon's voice that gets me.

    Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights
    Another perfect perfect album of melancholy electropop merged brilliantly with acoustic sounds. Starsmith is my producer of the year and Ellie Goulding is my live artist of the year.

    Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite
    This is one her of Kylie's strongest and most consistent albums yet. It is hard to pick out the best tracks because it pops and crunches from start to end. Not a single bad track.

    Skunk Anansie - Wonderlustre
    An amazing surprise for 2010. I didn't even know this was on its way until they started performing live during the summer festival season. Another melancholy album and mellower than their previous three albums. Again, perfectly formed with no filler. Give it time to allow the melodies into your head.

    Top 6-15 in no particular order:
    Temposhark - Threads
    Marina & the Diamonds - The Family Jewels
    Example - Won't Go Quietly
    Erik Hassle - Pieces
    Ash - The A-Z Series
    Delphic - Acolyte
    Take That - Progress
    Kate Havnevik - Me (EP)
    Sugababes - Sweet 7
    Donkeyboy - Caught In A Life (2009)

    16-26 in no particular order:
    Groove Armada - Black Light
    Hurts - Happiness
    Feeder - Renegades
    Diana Vickers - Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree
    Gossip - Music for Men
    Ali Love - Love Harder
    Goldfrapp - Head First
    Rihanna - Loud
    Alison Moyet - 25 Years Revisted CD2 - New recordings disc
    I Blame Coco - The Constant
    Kent - En plats i solen
  • Hidden gems

    11 Ene 2010, 12:56

    I like to think of myself as someone with a good antenna for crunchy new music. However, great artists and great albums constantly slip by! Here are some personal catches I made in 2009.

    Amanda Palmer - Who Killed Amanda Palmer Thanks to user flissp for introducting me to Amanda Palmer and The Dresden Dolls. So my thing. Cabaret piano rock.

    The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia See above. Lyrically they are superb.

    Charlotte Martin - On Your Shore How did I miss this album? It's a cross between Little Earthquakes and The Hounds of Love. GET IT if you like those two albums. Plus there's loads of other stuff she has put out. Enough to keep you going for ages.

    Foo Fighters - Not one particular album, but the greatest hits their record company put out reminded me how good they are. I went mad and bought all their old albums on ebay.

    Sinead O Connor - She Who Dwells... I avoided this at the time because I thought it was going to be a religious album. Ignore the title and the front cover and there is a very solid collection of songs that match much of her greatest. It's patchy, true, but there's enough tracks to skip the ones that aren't to your taste.

    Alex Winston - By the Roots My housemate discovered this. It's in the Michelle Branch/early Alanis mould. Spikey guitar pop.

    Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya to the Brink I bought this having seen it on a favourite blogger's end of 2008 list. I'd never been a fan of hers but this is a very fresh, modern dance record.

    Tori Amos - Legs and Boots
    If you liked Tori's American Doll Posse album, you must treat yourself to one or more of these bootlegs. They're expensive but worth it. I enjoyed Chicago (with Pip) and Detroit (with Santa). The one with Pip is slutty.

    Final mentions to September's Dancing Shoes, Bjork's Voltaic boxset (geek heaven), All Saints' Studio One, Delays' You See Colours, Kleerups' Kleerup, Radiohead's boxsets (geek heaven), Sheryl Crow's rather brilliant Christmas album.

    There we go.
  • Albums of 2009

    10 Ene 2010, 2:06

    1. Frankmusik - Complete Me
    This was such a quality album. Every song was excellently written, performed and produced. I just couldn't stop listening. If you have let Frankmusik slip by, it's time to catch up before he finishes his second album, already well under progress.

    2.Imogen Heap - The Hideaway
    Imogen Heap became one of my favourite artists with her previous album Speak for Yourself and her fabulous video blogs throughout 2008. She whipped up an absolute frenzy of anticipation for this album and at first I felt slightly underwhelmed when it finally arrived. However, I have kept the CD in my car since it was released and something makes me keep putting it back on. It works well in the car if you are driving alone - It's a very intimate album with intricate arrangements and you only catch these subtleties if you play it loud. There's not very many rock out moments like on Speak For Yourself - you need to let it get under your skin and you'll gradually notice some of the most beautiful moments in pop music in 2009.

    3. royksopp - Junior
    This was a bit of a surprise for me. I'd enjoyed their first two albums, but this took them to another league. Powerful electronic arrangements with screwy baselines and some excellent guest vocals made this an addictive pop album. Great video with Robyn too.

    4. Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
    Patrick Wolf continued to bring it in 2009. He's the bad boy version of Kate Bush and I love him. His gig at Heaven was one of my moments of the year.

    5. Emilie Simon - The Big Machine
    This was a complete and utter surprise! I wasn't going to bother with this because I couldn't get my hands on a CD copy very easily. I'm so glad I did - like Royksopp above, Emilie took her game to another level. This is the Kate Bush album that never was. It's Hounds of Love for 2009 and 2010. My only gripe - I wish it was in French like her other albums. French is such a beautiful singing language.

    6. Nerina Pallot - The Graduate
    Nerina's third album feels a little more homemade than her previous efforts. I think this is a good thing. There's some big tunes on this. If there's anything Nerina knows how to do well, it's writing a decent song. And her vocal is like melted chocolate.

    7. Regina Spektor - Far
    While I was waiting for this I went back and discovered Regina's first two albums and wasn't disappointed. This one is much more polished than those, but delights in abundance. Like many albums on this list, it's an intimate, listen-alone experience.

    8. Dragonette - Fixin' To Thrill
    After the disappointing coverage of their first excellent album, I was actually a little surprised to learn they were going ahead with a second one. It's wonderful. It's crunchy pop that gets into your head. Another great driving album.

    9. The Bird and the Bee - Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future
    2009 was a great year for Greg Kurstin (if he cares about my top 20 albums list that is - 3 entries!) Inara George makes up the other half of this duo and 2009 was the year that they became one of my favourite bands. It's unashamedly jazz pop in the best (and most twinkly) way. Quite simply, it quirks.

    10. Florence and The Machine - Lungs
    Blah blah blah. Lovely. Clever. RABBIT HEART!!!!!!!

    11. Kent - Rod
    Kent is my favourite non-English singing band. I am going to see them for the first time in Finland soon - cannot wait! If you like melodic indie rock with electronic undertones, this is your bag. Depeche Mode meets Coldplay. Nah, I'm sure I can do better than that. Give me a minute to have a think.

    12. Bananarama - Viva
    Guilty pleasure of 2009. This album kept me running all year and didn't let me down (3 stone lost!) It's high energy electropop and their best album since the heady days of Wow. If you ever liked Bananarama, get this!

    13. Little Boots - Hands
    Greg Kurstin number 2! Ignore the hype, ignore the fact that she had lots of money behind her (it really pisses me off the way people won't give an album a chance because it has had money spent on promotion). It's a great album, full stop.

    14. Lily Allen - Everyone's At It
    Greg Kurstin number 3! I really hope Lily continues to work with him. This album was inventive, funny and very musical.

    15. Artymove - A
    Like their first album, Bones, this has a bittersweet sound. It's beautiful electropop. The vocal shimmers. I hope they continue to record and release albums, I love Artymove to pieces. There's a track called I turn you off which is devastating. But listen to NYC, You And Me for something more representative of the band. This would have been higher if it had more than seven tracks - the band probably have full time jobs, so I'll let them off this time!

    16a and 16b. Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin + Midwinter Graces
    Tori, Tori, Tori. Why aren't you number one in my countdown? Agh, after the thorougly amazing American Doll Posse a couple of years ago, Abnormally Attracted to Sin became my biggest disappointment of the year. It is probably my most listened to album of 2009 but that's because I wanted so badly for it to open up to me. There are some very excellent tracks on here, don't get me wrong. I think it's the synths she uses. If she wants to use synths, I wish she'd program them rather than play them like a piano. Piano arrangements sound horrible on synths. The accompanying visualettes were boring. Sorry! Midwinter Graces came as a huge surprise - two albums in one year! The album is half brilliant and contains a wonderful new song called New Year.

    17. Robbie Williams - Reality Killed the Video Star
    I described this album as classy the other day to somebody. I wasn't talking about Robbie or the songs. It's the production by Trevor Horn that gets me. It's just so crisp. The only thing I dislike about this album is the stupid rock song, Do You Mind?, that has been bunged into the middle of the album, ruining the flow. And why are the wonderful electronic tracks hidden at the end? Deceptacon is gorgeous.

    18. Calvin Harris - Something For The Weekend
    I wasn't going to bother with more Calvin Harris. His first album was something I thought I'd like but I barely listened. This time around he wrote some proper songs and delivered. Flashback is the best and should have had Kylie Minogue on guest vocal in my opinion. It's not as though he can't get near her.

    19. Basement Jaxx - Scars
    At first I was all over this but eventually I realised it's basically more of the same. Not as good as their previous one but it still makes my list.

    20. Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe
    I'm a late-comer to Depeche Mode. While others are disappointed with their more recent albums I really enjoy them. This is much more electronic and colder than their previous album.

    21. La Roux - La Roux
    Did you overdo your La Roux in 2009? It's like Yazoo all over again.

    Other 2009 albums I enjoyed in no particular order. Some of these should have probably made the above shortlist in retrospect.

    Annie - Don't Stop [At last this was released! Annie works best when she sings quirky indie-electropop. Sadly she doesn't have a strong enough vocal for full-on pop]
    Antigone - Antigoneland [Sexy and sassy. Reminds me of Moloko]
    A Camp - Colonia [Very pretty and you can't go wrong with Nina's gorgeous tones]
    David Guetta - One Love [My second placed exercise album. "Choose'' feat Kelly Rowland is HUGE]
    Editors - In This Light and on This Evening [A delight]
    Hanne Hukkelberg - Blood From a Stone [Small and introverted]
    Juvelen - 1 [Never mind Prince's comeback, here's Juvelen]
    Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster [blah blah blah - I like it when it's just her, a electric guitar and a piano. This was a 2008 album for me]
    MajiKer - Body-Piano-Machine [Cut out the annoying incidental tracks and you have a solid and highly original album of man-made beats and cheap synths. I actually own the same yamaha keyboard shown on the artwork!]
    Maximo Park - Quicken The Heart[This band managed to escape me until this year. Now I am all over them]
    Marit Bergman - The Tear Collector [Hard to describe. It's a classic acoustic pop sound - proper songs]
    Mew - No More Stories... [more quirky indie stuff from Mew. They love time signatures]
    Muse - The Resistance [Half great, half embarrassing]
    Natalie Imbruglia - Come To Life [Half brilliant new electrorock, half Torn. I wish she'd just gone all out with the new style. And the cover - Oh my God. So wrong. So inappropriate. She should be in leather or PVC for this new sound. Get yourself some attention woman!]
    Nelly Furtado - Mi Plan [I find it very amusing that people aren't interested because it's not sung in English. You are missing out people!]
    Paloma Faith - Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? [Bittersweet soul]
    Pet Shop Boys - Yes [Very disappointing as I'm such a huge fan, but some good stuff nonetheless. I want them to try something new next time - perhaps hook up with a production band at the same stage of their career as PSB were when they released Introspective. Royksopp perhaps?]
    Velvet - The Queen [Guilty pleasure]
    White Lies - To Lose My Life [Classic sound, great tunes]
  • FrankMusik - Complete Me - First Listen

    30 Jul 2009, 20:08

    Very exicted this evening. HMV has kindly sent my new Frankmusikalbum, Complete Me, four days early!

    I'm already a huge fan of Frankmusikand have seen him perform live too. So I'm not coming to this album as a Frankvirgin...I already have around half of the album tracks as they appeared on Vincent's (aka Frankmusik) recent run of EPs. But it's great to hear them all in context and with some new shiny production.

    The songs that are newest to my collection are Your Boy, Wonder Woman, Vacant Heart, Complete Me and the hidden track which may or may not be called olivia. The first four are chirpy electro-ballads and the latter is a stripped-back piano-led ballad. All gorgeous of course.

    On the rest of the tracks Vincent demonstrates a natural talent for melody and harmony. His voice is not what you'd call pretty but it is strong, emotive and highly listenable. Coupled with the glitch effects and crunchy synths, his songs are compiled into a treasure trove of goodness. And these are SONGS. Not tracks or tunes. They are properly crafted, high quality songs and they deserve to fly straight into public consciousness.

    I've been waiting for this album for forever and it delivers on all fronts. I already know this will be my album of 2009. Without doubt an outlier.

    One tiny gripe: what happened to the gorgeous artwork we were supposed to get? I guess they wanted to make the most of Frankmusik's distinctive image so people would recognise the CD on the shelf...d'oh, hang on a sec no-one goes into shops anymore...

    This is what's going into my iTunes artwork anyway.
  • Elbow & The BBC Concert Orchestra (Review)

    5 Feb 2009, 21:45

    Just watched Elbow & The BBC Concert Orchestra perform the entire The Seldom Seen Kid live. Unfortunately only got to see it on TV (details on their website - it's currently being looped on digital TV in the UK). Anyway it was absolutely marvelous. Actually it was epic. I even shed a tear at the end of the song One Day Like This because Guy Garvey just looked so proud. Stirring lyrics in that song as well. What an amazing opportunity for them to perform a whole album with a full orchestra and choir. What a feeling to have your own songs performed by that many people. I wanted to be Guy Garvey at that very moment. Wow. If you like Elbow this is ESSENTIAL (and moving) viewing!
  • Kylie Minogue - Boombox (Review)

    5 Ene 2009, 22:37

    Kylie Minogue - Boombox (Review)

    I've seen a few not-so-great write-ups on this greatest hits remix album. Some complain that X was a disappointment (eh?). Others complain that these are not all new mixes.

    However, what they don't say is that this is a great little dance album. Overlong and slightly boring DJ remixes have been edited down to a core radio edit with dull percussive intros and outros removed. The result is that several versions which had previously passed me by suddently stand out as great pop/dance tracks. I'm no expert of dance music but I think most of the older remixes still stand up today. The Whitey Mix of Red Blooded Woman and Chemical Brothers Mix of Slow stand out in particular.

    There's also a couple of previously unreleased tracks. The track Boombox has never been officially released in any form and appears here in a great La Riots Remix. There is a great new mix of The One (the Bitrocka) mix too. OK, I'll admit I'd have liked to see one of the All I See dance mixes and the Heart Beat Rock remix but hey...

    Basically if you like dance music, remixes or Kylie I think you'll love this.
  • Albums of 2008

    22 Dic 2008, 23:48

    So here we go... These aren't all strictly 2008 albums - some are borderline or I purchased them in 2008. In some kind of rough order:

    1. Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement.
    Despite a shockinly bad title, this is by an absolutely massive way-ahead-of-the-pack my album of the year. Alanis + Guy Sigsworth thrilled me. And so many songs. It felt like a treasure chest. Such a shame the album didn't get the exposure it deserved.

    2. Camille- Music Hole
    Camille is a total joy and this album didn't disappoint. Best track is "Home is where the hurt is". Seeing her live at the Roundhouse was probably my gig of the year. Yes, even better than Bjorkat Hammersmith Apollo.

    3. Climber- I Dream in Autoplay
    I love Climber. I actually emailed them to say so and that I thought this album is better than Radiohead's (see below). They posted me a CD of demos and early tracks. I'd love to see them take off. Really crunchy, melodic and quirky rock.

    4. Artymove- Bones
    This is such a cold CD, I love it. It's shiver-ry electropop but it warms you at the same time. Bittersweet? Seek it out.

    5. Radiohead- In Rainbows.
    Yes, I know. But I held off even listening to clips of this until 2008 when it was released on CD. I wanted the high definition treatment and I was pleased I waited. Slightly disappointing (but still very good) gig in London this summmer, but another amazing album to add to their catalogue.

    6. Guillemots- Red
    These were a total surprise for me, having missed the hype a few years back. Again, crunchy, quirky, poppy rock. I just love all the clanging percussion and orchestra sounds.

    7. Alphabeat- This Is Alphabeat
    Alphabeat were a long time coming for me and eventually they came to the UK and I loved it. Are they a guilty pleasure? Probably, but I don't care. Fascination has got to be one of my top songs of the year.

    8. Bloc Party - Intimacy
    This was the year that I finally GOT Bloc Party. I still think the vocal is too compressed, but the songs and crunchy guitars are great. Best tracks are Trojan Horse, Signs, Zephyrus and Talons.

    9. Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro
    This guy is not a one hit wonder as people are starting to say. Well he shouldn't be. The album is a solid piece of work and his gig at Koko (iTunes festival) was probably my second best gig of the year. He just oozes energy and charisma on stage. He's also a real vocal talent. "Pocket" is surely a hit in waiting. Sick is a tune too.

    10. Uh Huh Her - Common Reaction
    This is a new addition to my collection so may well deserve a higher placing, but I don't know yet. It grows with every listen. Kind of reminds me of the Killers but not sure why.

    11. The Killers - Day and Age
    I still can't decide where this should go in my list. I wanted to like it more than I do, but I do really like it. If it was a debut I would probably have it my top 5. Very good job but could be even better.

    12. Goldfrapp- Seventh Tree
    I just love A&E and the ridiculous way she sings Clowns. Lyrics to clowns are marvellous. Goldfrapp have shown they can do many styles and pull it off. I want a rock album next.

    13. Girls Aloud - Out of Contol
    I never think this is as good as it is until I put it on in the car. Turn to Stone, Miss You Bow Wow and Love is Pain are my faves. Xenomania pulls it out of the bag again!

    14. Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
    This is what I'd call a very charming album. It's quite posh really. Kind of like going for an expensive meal with someone clever who is going to entertain and marvel you with how sophisticated and funny they are. It's one that is going to stick with me and it gets better each time.

    15. Britney Spears - Circus
    Some people will scold me for this but it's a brilliant album. It's the opposite of Sara's album at 14. I don't care about Britney the celebrity, and I'd never really cared for her at all up until the last 2 albums. What we have here is a bunch of really great songs produced really well. Ideally we'd have a different singer as Britney isn't the best vocalist, but she manages ok with a bit of help. She's a dancer and Showgirl. Besides if it wasn't Britney, chances are these songs might never be heard. Best tracks are Mannequin and Lace and Leather. They won't be singles as they are too quirky. Trouble was a great extra track too.

    16. Adele- 19
    I booted Adele's album off this list but then added her back on cos I remembered how good the album is. It's not pop music - just good songs that sit nicely in your ear. She didn't deserve all the hype before her album was released, in fact I think it spoiled her a bit. The whole Duffy comparison was pointless - so they are both young women - so what? Let's see what she does next.

    17. Keane- Perfect Symmetry
    I'm cheating slightly here. I loved Spiralling so much that I wanted this on my list. It's a very very good album and great to see them develop some new sounds.

    18. Unklejam- UnkleJam
    This was my "new car" album and I listened to it loads at the time. I had to get it from Japan cos I was stubborn and wanted a CD copy with the extra tracks. It was released last year and completely flopped. Shame - it's funky!

    19. Lady Gaga - The Fame
    I'm not 100% that she deserves this spot at the expense of others such as Elbowand Coldplay.... but I'm currently caught in the hype!

    20. Beyonce- I Am...Sasha Fierce
    Really Elbowshould be here but I'm giving to Beyonce for totally surprising me this year. I disliked Beyonce as a solo artist but then she decided to record some proper songs. There is of course some total rubbish on here (Video Phone and Diva, which will probably be radio singles) but there's enough tracks to untick those ones. Best ones are "Halo", "Radio" and "Sweet Dreams."

    B*ll*cks - Elbow should be at about number 12 and Coldplay at 15.

    Honourable mentions for keeping me entertained in 2008 should also go to
    Neon Neon, Natalie Walker, Natasha Beddingfield (the US album), The Saturdays, Sugababes, Sia, Solange Knowles, Ting Tings, Ladyhawke, Hercules and Love Affair, Matinee Club, Luciana (compilation album), Sarah McLachlan (greatest hits), Emiliana Torrini, Christina Aquilera (greatest hits), The Bird and the Bee (2006????), The Hoosiersand One Night Only!

    Rihanna released some of the singles of the year (was it even this year - there's been so many I can't remember. Anyway, I'm talking about Disturbia and Please Don't Stop the Music - possibly '07)

    Oh and Frankmusik too!!! He only didn't make the list because he hasn't released an album yet. But he is probably my favourite new artist of 2008 by far!

    It has been a good year to be a music-lover!
  • I can't stand slow jams

    30 Nov 2008, 20:20

    I'm talking about the majority of Beyonce's first album, Dangerously in Love. It's dishwater. I can't even imagine people who like this sort of thing liking it. There's nothing there. Crazy in love was a tune, but thumbs down to the rest of the album. Yes, it's years old, but I'd never really given her any notice until she recently went good with a brilliant track called Halo. Current album is a pleasant surprise.
  • A blueprint of the pleasure in me: 11 of Bjork's best

    16 Mar 2008, 18:12

    Following on from my previous post, here are my Top 11 songs for a full on Bjorkgasm. These aren't tracks to dance to (that's an entirely seperate post) - these are the ones that have sex with your ears.

    11. All Is Full Of Love (Single Mix)
    I couldn't choose between this and No 10 so I had a top 11 instead. The single remix of All is full of love takes the song to a different level compared with the Homogenic album version. As for many of Bjork's singles, the video is a must see.

    10. Oceania (feat Kelis).
    This duet with Kelis on Oceania is both bizarre and beautiful. The album version is just as good and check out the video.

    9. Wanderlust.
    I haven't entirely warmed to the Voltaalbum yet but the track Wanderlust has fast become a favourite. This is Bjork's next single, and I can't wait to see the 3D video.

    8. It's Not Up To You
    I didn't like Bjork's Vespertinealbum at first. It was too quiet and scratchy. However, after seeing Bjork perform most of the album in a tiny church in London with 299 other lucky fans, Vespertinebecame my solid favourite. This track is a highlight and a missed single opportunity.

    7. Who Is It (Bell Choir Mix)
    It was the video to this single that really got me into this track. Bjork stumbles around as though drunk, wearing a ridiculous dress made of tiny bells. The video features Bjork at her most playful and as expected, the music is stunning. The chiming bells added to this remix lend genuine charm to the song.

    6. Pleasure Is All Mine
    See my previous post. There's something James Bond-ish about some of the chord changes within. A brave and unusual masterpiece.

    5. Bachelorette
    We're heading into slightly more obvious territory here, but I recall hearing this track for the first time and finding it totally magical. It sounds like a mystical forest might sound.

    4. Venus As A Boy
    Anyone who doesn't know this is missing out. Is that a vibraphone? Whatever it is, I love it.

    3. Play Dead
    This has been one of my favourite songs since it was released. It's all about the vocal. What are those lyrics - are they real words? It doesn't matter - the effect is genius.

    2. Joga
    It's tough putting these songs in order. This is one I take forgranted, but every time I listen to it, I remember how much I love the craggy yet sweeping percussion sounds.

    1. Pagan Poetry
    This song is simply exquisite. It is the delicate, shy sibling of the boistrous Joga: vulnerable, beautiful and dark. "On the surface simplicity, but the darkest pit in me is pagan poetry." This is Bjork at her most breathtaking.