liblyrics is unusable now...


6 Sep 2009, 17:01

I hate licenses. Lyrics fetched by liblyrics started slowly to fade away when changed their API due to license reasons (Letter to API Developers). After that they merged with Wikia, and looks like the API is now finally, totally dead. So, liblyrics does not work at all, because it relied on solely. I'll be looking for some other wiki in future, but in the mean time, no lyrics, sorry.

I can't believe this is what the artists really want, or is it? Isn't it in their interests that people could learn, and sing along their lyrics?

Let's see, what the future brings. I hope less licences....


  • floogy

    Hi, you might simply ask wikia for Artist and Song this way: #!/bin/bash echo -e "\nfetchsong fetches song lyrics of Artist:SongTitle.\n\nUsage: fetchsong \"ARTIST\" \"TITLE\"\n" artist=$1; title=$2; URL="$(echo "$artist"|sed -e 's/\ /_/g' -e "s/'/\'/g"):$(echo "$title"|sed -e 's/\ /_/g' -e "s/'/\'/g")"; echo -e "\n$URL\n"; lynx --dump "$URL" |\ sed -n '/\]phone\ Send/,/\]phone\ Send/p' |\ egrep -v \[[0-9]{2}\]; exit You have to filter all that special character stuff in the url similar to this sed skript: But I'm afraid that the wikia licencing model won't fit to this behaviour.

    30 May 2010, 11:41
  • mtapoja

    Sure, also most of the players have their plugins made with Python and other interpreted languages. However, I have not yet seen a C library for this, and that was the original reason for starting whole liblyrics project. I just wish I had some time to continue with it :)

    31 May 2010, 5:31
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