Musically, 2007 comes to an end


31 Dic 2007, 15:38

For first, I have to thank 2007 for starting writing journals here. It's kind of stupid, but I can share some thoughts about what I think of music and how I do not like my musical taste.

Musically, it wasn't bad year, especially when I think of what I've done by myself. I improved my skills in playing guitar, so I don't have to be ashamed of me singing and playing some stupid songs. And 2008 seems to be starting with the very clear perspective of having new instrument, so I can say that changes have come.

Although, this year was so long for me, and I had so much music fascinations it's hard for me to sum it up, but I'll do my best. I selected some categories, that'll help me to characterize thins I want to expose in this year.

Pink Lasts 2007

Pink Last in category Open Mouth goes to:
Linkin' Park
It was the most shock for me to discover I can listen that kind of music and I like it. I also want to reward Will You by P.O.D., cause it seems to be the best song to listen, when I'm angry, stressed or something like that.

Pink Last in category Puppy Eyes goes to:
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
I listened it all the time for almost four days (138 plays) and there wasn't a single time it didn't make me cry. It's not only about the arrangment, it's also about the lyrics I totaly fell for. Nah, this song is driving me crazy.

Pink Last in category Swaying Head goes to:
All We Are by Matt Nathanson
It's on three, and I feel I'd love to dance to it with my Future Boyfriend. It's cute and it's very well sung by Matt (that's the difference between "All We Are" and Delicate by Damien Rice, because Damien can't sing). It's very optymistic and gives me some energy and smile that I need at the moment.

Pink Last in category Ears and Eyes goes to:
Everything by Michael Buble

Idea is simple. There is a casting, there is a song and there is Michael. But the way it has been presented made me love this song even more. I'm glad it's not one of those videoclips about love. It's just so Bublish.

Pink Last in category Magnifyinig Glass goes to:
Michael Buble
Why Michael? Because I found part of me in his music. Because I'm happy when I hear his songs, and I'm crazy about the way he's singing and letting out his emotions. I could write about him more, but it can be boring for you so let's stop.

Pink Last in category Shaking Body goes to:
When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney
This song is totally addicting. Words are totally stupid and childish, but it doesn't matter. I feel that 'I could 've danced all night' to this song and make all those stupid things I make every day, just because it's so energetic and chilling out I couldn't stop myself in doing it.

Pink Last in category White Tissue Is In My Pocket To Wave You When You'll Come Back goes to:
It Won't Be Soon Before Long by Maroon 5
After five years they finally recordered new album. It's not the top of their skills and it's not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it finally is. So between my favourite Sunday Morning, Sweetest Goodbye and Shiver there also are: Goodnight Goodnight and Won't Go Home Without You.

Pink Last in category Special Place In My Heart goes to:
Nie ma mowy by Normalsi
Three reasons:
1) Learing it playing on the guitar was really a big challenge for me
2) It made me cry too much times, because it connects with some special memories
3) I'll never get bored of this song

I want to thanks those people that helped me rearrange my music taste this year:
Marc_n, for giving me some clues, what I should listen, when I'm in "hard" mood,
Bonduelle, for making me catch a Rooney bug,
Sirmione, for sharing with me Michael Buble fascination.

And see you in 2008!


  • Bonduelle

    Singin'? Startin'? Martuś, co to za grypsera? xD No to tak: 1. Iris jest doooobre. 2. Teledysk do Everything jest słodki i jak Michasia w nadmiarze ciężko trawię, tak tu jest uroczy ^^ 3. Rooooooooney! ^^ Robert Carmine, I love you xD Też mi trochę fajnych rzeczy zapodałaś, dzięki :*

    31 Dic 2007, 16:07
  • msiostra

    oj, fuszera została naprawiona xD Iris jest kochana. ;p ^^ I love you Rober Carmine to było tak xD Ale Ty mi więcej ;*

    31 Dic 2007, 16:12
  • Bonduelle

    Może od czasu, gdy mu się utrącił kawałek zęba (gasz! Górna jedynka!) jest Roberem, bo to wiadomo? ;>

    31 Dic 2007, 17:48
  • msiostra

    nie sądzisz, że Joubert powienien być Roberem? xD Rober Żuber xD blah ;> literówki sux

    31 Dic 2007, 17:51
  • Bonduelle

    Żuber jest dresem - to wystarczy. Plushie forever ^^

    31 Dic 2007, 20:01
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