8 Nov 2007, 16:03

"Will you?
Will you love me?

I don't know if it's about my mood last few days, or I'm just too angry and baaa(*n)d, but my music taste turned completely. I've felt two days ago, that I need to listen somethin' heavier than all those ballads I listen all my life (last time it was mostly Matt Nathanson in whose music I totally fell for). I ran through my disc and I found only Linkin Park's Meteora, so I started with those songs I knewed best - Easier To Run, Somewhere I Belong, Numb and Faint. Then came time for Hybrid Theory with several songs I adjusted to my mood (In The End, One Step Closer, Forgotten).

"So will you?
Will you stay with me?

'I'm totaly in mood to listen heavier rock. But I need something that don't have simple guitars on three chords and vocalist doesn't scream all the time, like he'd drank to much.'
'Hm... Listen to P.O.D.'
'Ok, which longplay?'
'Payable on death, and focus on song 'Will You' - you'll totaly like it.'

"Will you?
Will you be here?

And my friend was right. As you can see in my stats I can't stop "will you"-ing myself. Maybe the text is not on the top of what I love, but it's definitely not one of those empty songs about feelings, which I'm laughing at. It's not too hard, so I can't listen to it, it's not too calm, so it'd be one of ballads I was listening all my life. It just fits me.

Not me I knew for seventeen years, that likes only classical guitar and listen mostly to acoustic songs or some ballads. It's just, hm, another me? It screams out of me today and I really like this part of me.

"So will You?
You remember?


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