• 10,000 songs...

    29 Jun 2007, 12:06

    After being on here for 5 months and 3 days I just passed 10,000 songs (well the ones that went through anyway...).
    The 10,000th song was Black Sabbath Tommorows Dreams.
    It's interesting to watch the charts evolving, I have about 8,000 songs in my itunes so I have a great variety to choose from, it's really starting to resemble what I recognise as my typical listening habits... although there has been some surprises
    A lot of bands have a big head start though because of their large presence in my library for example my Anthrax is my #1 band, I have 147 Anthrax songs or the Hard Ons in #4, I have 125 tracks.. it makes it interesting when a band that I only have one album of starts to climb the charts.
    Let's see what it looks like after another 10,000 plays...