21 Mar 2008, 3:36

I am a member of a really great last.fm group called CDX: Special Artists Unit

This is a twelve member group in which each member has one month to make and distribute a "best of" CD for their chosen band. This month I did the CD for the exchange and I broke the rules a bit and did a CD that was what I considered my "best of" 1984 - my favorite year in music.

Here is the spiel that came with the disk:

Welcome to 1984

First off I will state that this CD is different and even violates the rules of CDX: Special Artists Unit because it isn’t a bands greatest hits as interpreted by the month’s featured burner - it is a year’s greatest hits. Second of all this is a lot more punk than previous selections - quite noisy at times - oh well. If you don’t like punk you’ll hate it! Furthermore this is an MP3 CD so it might not play in your stereo - but it ought to work in itunes. Oh - and I don’t know how to print fancy graphics so consider this a mix tape from a friend with the tracks scrawled on the cassette box in magic marker - okay?

1984 was, to me, one of the greatest years ever for music. Some of my all time favorite albums were released that year: The Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime (my fave album - EVER); Hüsker Dü’s Zen Arcade; Meat Puppets’ Meat Puppets II; and of course Black Flag released like ten albums that year - some of which were great. All of these releases were from SST Records. Also The Replacements’ widely praised Let It Be was released in 1984.

So here is the playlist with notes:

The Politics of Time MinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime
(As stated previously my favorite album of all time and one that changed my life. "we're time nazis / we strip our tunes / we jam econo / it makes us stench" d Boon’s birthday is April 1st.)

Never Talking To You Again Hüsker DüZen Arcade
(Zen Arcade is generally considered their magnum opus - I actually like New Day Rising better, but that came out in 1985)

Aurora BorealisMeat PuppetsMeat Puppets II
(This might be my second favorite album of all time. This song is great for very long training runs when your brain is drenched in endorphins)

My GhettoBlack FlagSlip It In

We're Comin' OutThe ReplacementsLet it Be

Kill Yr. Idols Sonic YouthKill Yr Idol
(not the greatest release by Sonic Youth - but it was where they were at in 1984)

This Ain't No PicnicMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

Mr. Robot's Holy OrdersMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

Split Myself in Two Meat PuppetsMeat Puppets II

Think Again Minor ThreatOut of Step
(This album came out in 1983 - big deal)

Nothing Left Inside Black FlagMy War
(This track, and some others, might be difficult for some listeners, but I love the big, muddy, gloomy throb of side two of My War)

I Love YouBlack FlagMy War

Room With No Number Elvis Costello & Attractions Goodbye Cruel World

I Wanna Be LovedElvis CostelloGoodbye Cruel World
(Elvis Costello claims this was his worst album ever; but I disagree. Here are two great tracks from GCW.)

It's Expected I'm GoneMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

I Will DareThe ReplacementsLet It Be

Indecision TimeHüsker DüZen Arcade

No LoveBig Boys No Matter How Long The Line At The Cafeteria, There's Always A Seat
(A little obscure punk)

Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out The ReplacementsLet It Be

Shit From an Old NotebookMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

Something (Live)Butthole Surfers Live PCPPEP
(These jokers came out with two records in 1984, both of which I bought. The first was Brown Reason to Live. The second was PCPPEP - which was exactly the same album only it was live. And there was no track listing on the outside of the record!)

Broken Home, Broken HeartHüsker DüZen Arcade

Love DanceMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

Wichita Cathedral (Live)Butthole SurfersLive PCPPEP
She SaidThe CrampsBad Music for Bad People

MetastasisNaked RaygunThrob Throb

Wound UpBlack FlagSlip It In

Chartered TripsHüsker DüZen Arcade
(When you receive this CD I will probably be in Ecuador. I’ll be thinking of this song)

Maybe Partying Will Help MinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime
(Question: Will partying really help? We’ll just have to find out for ourselves)

Pink Turns To BlueHüsker DüZen Arcade

Black Girls Violent FemmesHallowed Ground

The Stranger in Our TownGun ClubThe Las Vegas Story
(Granted this was weak release by this band. Check out their fantastic 1981 release Fire of Love)

Newest IndustryHüsker DüZen Arcade

EcstasyNew OrderPower, Corruption & Lies
(1983 - oh well)

Young, Fast Iranians The F.U.s Do We Really Want To Hurt You?
(A non-PC rocker from those Boston lunkheads)

Political Song For Michael Jackson To SingMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

NoBig BoysNo Matter How Long The Line At The Cafeteria, There's Always A Seat

Corona MinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime
(Don’t let it bother you that this was the theme to JACKASS on MTV. It is still a great song that certainly pre-dates and transcends JACKASS)

Dead in a Motel RoomThe DicksThese People

Jesus And TequilaMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

LostMeat PuppetsMeat Puppets II

West GermanyMinutemenDouble Nickels On The Dime

We're HereMeat PuppetsMeat Puppets II

Talk’s Cheap Flipper Gone Fishin’
(Flipper and to a lesser extent Tragic Mulatto are two bands who really could not play very well, but made lovable music, that released records in 1984)

Tac Squad Tragic Mulatto Judo for the Blind

Back on the Chain GangThe PretendersLearning to Crawl
(Even the top forty was not too bad in 1984 - here’s an example.)

I'll Never Forget You Hüsker DüZen Arcade

PlateauMeat PuppetsMeat Puppets II

Armageddon ManBlack FlagFamily Man
(I am wondering how many of you will make it this far.)

Gary's Got A BonerThe ReplacementsLet It Be

Jump Van Halen1984
(I bet you thought I’d end this with the sentimental, tear-inducing History Lesson Part II by the Minutemen. Well, the last track here is a joke!)

So can’t you see me standing here,
I got my back against the record machine
I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.
Oh can’t you see what I mean ?
Might as well jump!
Jump !
Might as well jump!
Go ahead, jump!
Jump !
Go ahead, jump!


  • hickorywind

    What a great mix. You really capture the spirit and highlights of that year, at least as I remember it.

    4 Abr 2008, 2:37
  • babyfort

    ain't talkin' 'bout love?

    17 Feb 2010, 1:55
  • Doeskopp

    Well done ! Most songs are favorites of mine too. :-)

    18 Dic 2011, 12:23
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