• Death

    22 Ago 2008, 7:05

    We've witnessed massacres, halocausts, wars, wreckages, famine and er, extinction, yet we still remain (for the most part) oblivious. No matter how many times we see, taste, smell, feel and touch Death, we just can't accept him. We live our puny lives under the transient notion that he is far removed from us. We shed tears, take revenge and lol! die, beacuse he somehow found his way into our families. And we cry out to top of the mountains that he art unfair and he is wrong for disturbing our somewhat comfortable yet fleeting lives. Some shallow part of our minds constantly has us under the false impression that we do not deserve to die, yet that we do. Meanwhile the deeper side of your consiousness constantly warns you, 'he is coming. repent! repent! repent! Now!' and we still find ourselves caught up in attempts to right our wrongs at the very last minute. Take this as sound advice; Since you know very well that there is no escaping from Death, live your life in a way that when the time comes, it won't hit you suprise coupled with regret. Understand him. Know who he is. Also know that he recieves orders from no one who art alive. If the Son of God Himself did die, although he rose in three days, you a nobody has no chance against him. Therefore, cling not too much onto this fleeting realm. Heavenly peace be with you! - "Vusumuzi Camillus Mngadi"
  • The Breakup

    19 Ago 2008, 6:13

    Call me a cold person, but i don't believe in second hand love. By second hand love I mean getting back together after a break up. It doesn't matter what prompted either one of you to say the words. Once you cut the cord, re-attaching it is not an option. A torn picture wil never look the same as the original, it's always an unpleasant thing to look at a taped up picture. So when you break up, don't get back together. Only regret will come out of such a thing. Period.Let It Go