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Keith JarrettPart II b Hace 47 minutos
Basic ChannelOctaedre Hace 4 horas
Basic ChannelOctagon Hace 5 horas
Chuck PersonEccojam A5 Ayer 6:38am
Chuck PersonEccojam A4 Ayer 6:36am
Chuck PersonEccojam A3 Ayer 6:29am
Chuck PersonEccojam A2 Ayer 6:25am
Chuck PersonEccojam A1 Ayer 6:22am
Basic ChannelPhylyps Trak II/II Ayer 6:09am
Basic ChannelOctaedre Ayer 5:56am
Basic ChannelOctagon Ayer 5:43am
Basic ChannelInversion Ayer 5:26am
The Pop GroupThief of Fire 28 Ago 6:23
The Pop GroupShe Is Beyond Good and Evil 28 Ago 6:19
The PoliceTea In The Sahara 28 Ago 6:15
The PoliceMurder By Numbers 28 Ago 6:10
The PoliceKing of Pain Tema favorito 28 Ago 6:05
The PoliceSynchronicity II 28 Ago 5:59
Basic ChannelPhylyps Trak 28 Ago 2:14
Basic ChannelEnforcement Tema favorito 28 Ago 2:01
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  • applestuddel

    Looks like some of it are falling off. I'm assuming you're in the process of balding and wanted to save the memories.

    17 Ago 10:39 Responder
  • applestuddel

    Is that a self-portrait of your hair?

    16 Ago 21:52 Responder
  • BatooqSupersoul

    Jorge Ben is my master!

    10 Ago 0:49 Responder
  • BatooqSupersoul


    9 Ago 7:48 Responder
  • JBThazard

    I've heard very little of it but none of it has made me want more.

    24 Jul 21:56 Responder
  • Rustain

    funny little film you've made there & nice chart.

    17 Jul 22:35 Responder
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Thanks! I stumbled upon those CDs for $4 each at a garage sale when I was a kid. They helped me really get into music and opened the doors for much of the music I love today. Savatage rocks. By the way, I watched your short film. Very well-done. I just turned 19, and I can really identify with those thoughts. That's pretty much where I am in life right now.

    5 Jul 6:11 Responder
  • Akayz7

    since when are trailers ever "good". & they spoil a lot of it for you anyway. But yeah, it's 3 hours of goodness.

    20 Jun 14:56 Responder
  • Akayz7

    yo, go see Richard Linklater's Boyhood when it releases.. great film, you'll be blown away m8.

    19 Jun 22:07 Responder
  • lukelcs

    Haha you sure have! I really recommend this album... it is one of the best prog albums I have ever listened to. Don't forget to check the concept. Although it is in italian, you can find translations of the lyrics on the net. Anyway, it's good to know people still knows of bands like Le Orme.

    29 May 22:09 Responder
  • lukelcs

    Hey, man! Thanks for the add. Apart from your great charts (I'll come back here looking for bands i don't know sometime), I also watched your short film. I enjoyed it a lot!

    29 May 8:48 Responder
  • Tuntury

    That's cool, not very usual for me to run into foreign people who work in HVAC. Is G3 a gas technician's lisence? We don't have that kind of terms here in Finland. Or hardly any gas related works.

    29 Abr 17:47 Responder
  • Tuntury

    I'm on second year, two years left. Are you familiar with this field somehow? I watched your short film, well done. Idiot really should be shown in biology classes.

    28 Abr 13:52 Responder
  • nospr

    That was my first Machine Gun listen. Awesome album. Wasn't as unlistenable as I thought it was going to be.

    22 Abr 23:04 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Just wanted to applaud you for your comment on the Mr. Beast page. Fantastic.

    22 Abr 8:21 Responder
  • nospr

    Thanks, I'll have to check some of those out now!

    20 Abr 20:49 Responder
  • nospr

    I've been really getting into Jazz this week. What are your top favorite jazz albums?

    20 Abr 2:31 Responder
  • NM_chillandill

    I'm just discovering John Martyn. it's revelation.

    1 Abr 4:31 Responder
  • Mork_Laerer

    I read on wikipedia that he made also other albums beside those, since 2005. He's more active than I thought, I'll search his works.

    2 Mar 19:46 Responder
  • Mork_Laerer

    I can't find anything of Nils Frahm except his three albums 'Screws', 'The Bells' and 'Spaces'. Did you find something else?

    2 Mar 13:13 Responder
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