Beatles Questionnaire


10 Ago 2010, 14:23

1. How long have you been a Beatles fan?
Oooh since I was about 9 :)

2. How did you discover the Beatles?
My dad has most of their albums, and I had to sing Yesterday and Yellow Submarine in the choir when I was 9 haha.

3. Which "era" (early, mid or late) do you prefer and why?
That's really hard... I'll have to say mid (65-67) because that's when they were developing as artists.

4. Which album(s) is your favourite and why?
Rubber Soul is my favourite because I love all the songs

5. Which album(s) is your least favourite and why?
Beatles for Sale is pretty blah... they did a lot of covers on that one.

6. What are your top 10 Beatles songs?
01. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
02. I'm Looking Through You
03. I'm Only Sleeping
04. Helter Skelter
05. Love You To
06. When I Get Home
07. Hey Bulldog
08. Across the Universe
09. I Am the Walrus
10. Don't Bother Me

7. Are there any Beatles songs you really don't like? Which ones?
Revolution 9

8. What are your views on each of the Beatles' films?
I haven't seen Let it Be or Magical Mystery Tour.. but I really enjoyed Help! and A Hard Day's Night :-D

9. Do you have a favourite Beatle? If so, who and why?
George is my favourite Beatle. He was incredibly talented and he didn't seem to shine as he should've done. He also seemed like a really deep and sensitive guy.

10. What's your favourite solo John song?
Jealous Guy

11. What's your favourite solo Paul song?
Band on the Run

12. What's your favourite solo George song?
Beware of Darkness

13. What's your favourite solo Ringo song?

14. How do you feel about Yoko?
Nobodys perfect, she came into Johns life and made him happy.. that's a good thing to be honest.

15. How do you feel about Beatle slash?
Ermmm i don't like doing slash with real people.

16. How do you feel about John's relationship with Brian?
It seems to me that Brian loved John and John perhaps took advantage of that?

17. Is there more to your love of the Beatles than just their music?
Oh definitely, whenever i'm down, i put on one of their albums and it cheers me up. Even the ballads cheer me up! They were/are amazing and all of them are my idols.

18. Are the Beatles actually the greatest band in the history of music? Are they your favourite?
Yes, they are my favourite and I think they are one of the greatest bands in the history of music. It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80, there isn't an age limit for fans :)

19. Tell me one unusual/controversial opinion you have on the Beatles.
I don't think I do?

20. Tell me one of your favourite Beatle moments.
One of my good friends bought me the Let it Be calendar for my birthday. He said "every Beatle fan must have this calendar". It was really sweet.


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