• Albums of 2010

    28 Dic 2010, 13:20

    The year 2010 was also full of new albums and many of them caught my attention. This year I was listening mainly to singles only and not to the whole albums. I listened to albums only when singles impressed me that much and I listened also to albums from artist I knew to see how the things are going to them. So let's look which cd's I have choosen:

    Bubbling under top 10
    Here belongs albums, which I liked, but they didn't made the top 10, I only liked a single or a few songs. ( in alphabetic order )

    Armin van Buuren - Mirage
    I must say that the new Armin's cd disappointed me a bit. It's nice to listen, but the hits are missing this time, compared to his last album Imagine. Very good are Mirage and Full Focus.

    B.O.B. - The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    B.o.B. is the artist who made my most favourite song of the year - Airplanes with Hayley Williams. The other singles Nothin' On You and Magic were also great.

    This is such an interesting album. HIM released their first remix album and I was looking forward to it pretty much, because I love mixing music genres ( rock + house/trance ). Without any doubt the best song on the album is Tiësto's remix of Love The Hardest Way, but every other remix is also worth to listen.

    Ke$ha - Animal
    I wasn't listened to this album so much, but the singles from it were good. Her new EP Cannibal will be in the list.

    Lady Gaga - The Remix
    Remix album of hits by Lady GaGa, there is plenty of good songs.

    Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors
    I know this band thanks to the series Smallville. I recommend the songs Halfway Gone and All In after all.

    Pendulum - Immersion
    Thanks to this band I have known a new music genre - . I love the tracks Witchcraft and The Island (Pt. 1).

    Super8 & Tab - Empire
    An enjoyable trance album full of uplifting tracks. I reccomend to you Black Is The New Yellow, Mercy and Irufushi.

    Swedish House Mafia - Until One
    This is rather a selection of house songs from producers from Swedish House Mafia than a standard album.

    Tarja - What Lies Beneath
    The new Tarja is a little bit heavier and operatic than My Winter Storm, but the hits are not missing.

    Timbaland - Timbaland Presents Shock Value 2
    I mentioned this album last year, and it's certainly not bad. You surely know the hits from it.

    10. 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold


    The album from 3OH!3 was a nice surprise for me. Initally, I wanted Armin's new cd to get the 10. place, but I hah more fun listening to this one. The first single My First Kiss featuring Ke$ha was allright, but nothing more in my opinion, but it was no surprise for me that they chose this one. Then I have heard Double Vision and randomly I played on youtube Touchin' on My which got me totally. So I decided to listen to the whole album and I must say it is full of good dance tracks. By the end of the album there are also some downtempo and romantic songs ( surprisingly :D ).

    Highlights: Touchin' on My, Double Vision, Deja Vu, I'm Not the One

    9. Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

    I always liked Linkin Park, but they were never among my favourite artists. They have good songs though. This album was received not so good among fans. Some people likes it, and some people don't. Many fans of the old Linkin Park hate it because of the musical evolution of the band. There is more electronic, less guitars, more downtempo songs and intros. The album also doesn't contain any radio-friendly hits. I like the most the theme of the album - about atomic burst. Maybe I overrated this album, but it's because I love the current single Waiting for the End so much, which actually sounds like waiting for the end - the end of the song is pretty awesome. Notice also the cover of the single The Catalyst.

    Highlights: Waiting for the End, The Catalyst, Iridescent, Wisdom, Justice, and Love

    8. Taylor Swift - Speak Now


    Taylor Swift broke a record with this album, she sold incredible 1.047.000 copies in the first week in the US. I think this album is just like fans expected. I like the most the up-tempo songs, but there are also plenty of nice down-tempo songs. It's worth to say that the album contains 14 songs + 3 songs on the deluxe edition, which could be the album songs too. The first single Mine doesn't sound ground-breaking, but the other songs on the album are very balanced. A bit above are the songs Better Than Revenge - in the discussions I saw comparing it to Paramore, The Story of Us - very dancey and catchy and Haunted which sounds like a song from some metal band.

    Highlights: Back to December, The Story of Us, Better Than Revenge, Haunted, Superman ( from deluxe edition )

    7. Selena Gomez & the Scene - A Year Without Rain


    Selena Gomez and her band The Scene had great success with the single Naturally from their last album Kiss & Tell. This song was a bit different from the other songs on the album, because it was a dance song while the others were rock songs. So this time, they decided to make more dance songs. This album is very nice to listen from the first song and first single Round & Round to the last one Live Like There's No Tomorrow which is the title song for the new movie with Selena - Ramona and Beezus. This song, and Ghost of You are the only slower songs on the album. Besides the singles, I think that Off the Chain has a big pottential, I like it the most from the album.

    Highlights: Off the Chain, Round & Round, Ghost of You, A Year Without Rain

    6. Ke$ha - Cannibal


    Ke$ha did it just like Lady Gaga did last year. She released a new EP and sell it as a new album and also in conjuction with her mega successfull debut album Animal. This system has an advantage, that people usually don't buy an EP with only 8 songs, they rather buy the whole conjucted album. Lady Gaga did it very well and her album The Fame ( Monster ) is the biggest selling album of this year in the world even if it was released a year before. But the new album from Ke$ha is not as successful yet. The songs on it are good, though. The first single We R Who We R totally got me and it's one of my most favourite songs of 2010. Besides dance numbers there is on the album also a slower song - The Harold Song with very beautiful lyrics.

    Highlights: We R Who We R, The Harold Song, Blow

    5. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream


    Teenage Dream is album full of hits. Maybe non of them will be as big as unforgettable I Kissed a Girl, but the truth is, that California Gurls ( feat. Snoop Dog ) is the biggest selling single of 2010. The other singles - Teenage Dream and Firework were ( and still are ) similarly successful. All three got it to the top of Billboard Hot 100. And in my opinion, there are at least 2 more potential singles on the album which could repeat that success. All songs can't be hits, and the only weakness of this album is that the songs on this album are unbalanced, some of the songs are weaker. Songs are from the genre dance/electronic, but they have also rock influences and there are some ballads too.

    Highlights: Firework, California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dog), Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), Peacock

    4. Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed


    Miley Cyrus wants to proove us, that she isn't the girl from Hannah Montana anymore, and she can go her own way. After a bit childish album Breakout with music similar to what she do with Hannah Montana, there we have an electronic dance album with a bit adult lyrics. The first single of the same name as the album - Can't Be Tamed made us thought, that the album will be completely different comparing to her previous stuff and that she is completely different person now. This is not completely true, because on this cd we can find also songs similar to her old stuff like Two More Lonely People or Scars. I like the most the first song in this album - Liberty Walk which have great lyrics about liberty and independence and Miley is even rapping here and the result is in my opinion very good. The weaker parts are in my opinion downtempo songs in the middle of the album.

    Highlights: Liberty Walk, Who Owns My Heart, Permanent December, My Heart Beats for Love

    3. Tiësto - Kaleidoscope Remixed


    Tiësto is the only artist which made it to last years and also to this years list. Even if I voted for the DJ Mag as the first place for Armin van Buuren, Tiësto is my favourite DJ these days. His remixes, if he remixes The Killers, HIM, Amy Macdonald or Editors are always perfect and high quality. The same is when he remixes his own songs. This album contains besides Tiësto remixes, also remixes by Ferry Corsten, Avicii ( Tim Berg, First State or Phillip D.. The remix of last named DJ of the song Who Wants To Be Alone is my most favourite and I like it much better than the original song, very great is the piano part in chorus. Remixes are usually in the trance genre, but there are also house remixes.

    Highlights: Who Wants to Be Alone (Phillip D Remix), I Will Be Here (Tiësto Remix), Feel It In My Bones (First State Remix), Kaleidoscope (Ferry Corsten Remix), Escape Me (Avicii Remix)

    2. Hurts - Happiness

    The band Hurts is my biggest surprise of the year. First time I heard their hit single Wonderful Life during the holiday in Scotland, when I was listening through my mobile phono to BBC Radio 1's chart. It was such a weak quality, so I thought of it, that it is just some regular song with weak chorus. But when I heard it later in a higher quality, I liked it more and more with each listen. In the beginning I thought that the name: "Wonderful Life" is meant ironical because the music was so melancholic. But then I read the lyrics to the song and I realised that the song is about man who wanted to jump down off the bridge and the woman who came to him and they fall in love to each other on the first sight. This story totally got me and since then, this song is one of my favourites of the year. I still remember the lyrics: "Don't let go. Never give up, it's such a wonderful life." and I gave it to my facebook profile. It's truly true. The rest of the album is very similar, mostly sad melancholic songs, but there are also happier lyrics. Most of the songs are down-tempo, but there are also up-tempo songs like Sunday or Better Than Love. Happiness is really one of the albums which can be heard from the beginning to the end.

    Highlights: Wonderful Life, Stay, Sunday, Better Than Love, Devotion, The Water

    1. Amy Macdonald - A Curious Thing


    My favourite album of 2010 is the new one from Amy Macdonald, and I think that it's well deserved. It's really very hard to find a weak song on this cd and I have listened to it many times for example during rapsberry picking in Scotland ( Amy comes from Scotland ). Maybe there isn't a hit just like This Is the Life, but it's worth to listen any way. I like up-tempo songs better, so I quickly fell in love with the first single Don't Tell Me That It's Over. It's a very rhytmic song with guitars and piano and it has a nice video too. The next single was dancey Spark with nice lyrics. There are also slower songs on this album, for example the current Germany single Your Time Will Come, which starts very slowly and gentle, but later it pretty kicks off. Amy is amazing and I'm already looking forward to her next album.

    Highlights: Don't Tell Me That It's Over, Spark, Next Big Thing, Your Time Will Come, Give It All Up
  • Albums of 2009

    31 Dic 2009, 15:34

    There is an end of a year again so I offer you my favourite albums, which were released this year. This year seems to be very strong with many new albums, especially at the end of the year. This year by me continued a musical evolution, which resulted to less rock and more electronic and dance. Lady GaGa gets me totally, I find her as my favourite artist now, I listen to trance too, but better live in some club and I like basicly all the new modern music, also hiphop or emo. So let's go!

    So first there are albums which I like very much, and were very close to get to my top 10:
    Aloha from Hell - No More Days To Waste
    Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk
    Cobra Starship - Hot Mess
    t.A.T.u. - Waste Management
    Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22

    10. Basshunter - Bass Generation

    The new Basshunter album was a nice surprise for me. I didn't expecting much from it due to it's commercial failure and also the single Every Morning, which maybe didn't liked people who expected smash hit similar to Now You're Gone. But the album sounds very nice, and the singles are possibly my least favourite songs on it. Basshunter has very catchy lyrics, they are easy to remember and it is a real fun to sing them :D Beats are very simple, but good enough to dancing and good mood. Very nice is also collaboration with some nice female vocalists.

    Highlights: Why, Don't Walk Away, I Still Love

    9. Cascada - Evacuate the Dancefloor

    I was interested in the new Cascada album just from the release of the single Evacuate the Dancefloor, which I immediately liked. People were comparing it with the Lady GaGa's single Just Dance, which is still my favourite song. No wonder it got me from the first moment. When the album was out, I didn't like it so much, I didn't want to hear it, but it impressed me later, by the end of the year. I realised that there are many good dance smashes and the singers voice suits this style very well. I praise this album for that there isn't any cover on this album ( compared to the previous ones full of covers ), all are original songs, but almost as good as on the older albums.

    Highlights: Evacuate the Dancefloor, Dangerous, Fever, Why You Had to Leave

    8. David Guetta - One Love

    I started listening also to David Guetta only this year, after that I heard his song The World Is Mine on a disco at Remix club, Brno. This song which made him famous is still my favourite one from him. The new album is very succesfull and good, I think there is no need to introduce Sexy Bitch with Akon, it is really a great smash hit. There are many good songs on this album, although not all are as catchy. By the day of release David has on his official site a set which consisted of the new songs, and the first song I heard - How Soon Is Now remainded my favourite one. I like every new single better that the previous one, especially the new video of One Love. The only thing I don't like is the remix of I gotta feeling, which in my opinion is not so good as the quality of the best house DJ in this world.

    Highlights: How Soon Is Now, One Love, Memories, Sexy Bitch

    7. Paramore - Brand New Eyes

    So finally there we have something more rock. Paramore are a very promising band from the USA. I saw them this year in Berlin and it was really a very cool show. I liked the new songs even the most, they seemed a bit poppy compared to the old ones. There is no another Misery Business on this album, but all the songs are good and catchy. The first single Ignorance is a bit above and for me the best part of it is before the chorus: 'Cause you know we're not the same,.... a But I guess you can't accept that the change is good,... I sing this very often ;D

    Highlights: Ignorance, Where the Lines Overlap, Brick by Boring Brick, Playing God

    6. ATB - Future Memories

    ATB became one of my favourite DJs after that I heard on dance radio his new single What About Us. Into this song, and a few other ones he added also drum and bass elements. Again very catchy chorus and lyrics. This album sounds very good, I like very much the piano parts, which are in almost all the songs. The album contains also dance songs, and trance pieces, but the whole album is tuned into a melancholic athmosphere called ambient. On the bonus CD 2 there is a whole set in this chill out style.

    Highlights: What About Us, My Everything, Future Memories, A New Day

    5. OneRepublic - Waking Up

    I was really surprised with this album. After that Timbaland made them famous and remixed their song Apologize I thought that their album is not as good and it is succesfull only due to the popularity of Apologize. This new album is different, there are no more guitars on it and the whole album is very calm. Of course hit singles must not miss, All the Right Moves is the first official single, while Secrets is the first single in Germany, and it's the title song to some german movie. I like them both very much, and they have also nice videos. Just for information, the song Marchin On is also remixed on Timbaland's new album ( I didn't listen to it so far, so I will review it next year ), and this time it seems, that OneRepublic help to famous Timbo. It might be that I have overrated this album, it might be because I haven't heard it so many times yet ;)

    Highlights: All the Right Moves, Secrets, Marchin On

    4. Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life

    Another rock new album comes from Italy, it was released by the band, which previous albums were in the style . This time they soften their sound and suited the sound to american fans, which I like too ;) I didn't like this album after the first heard, besides the last song - a ballad Shallow Life, it's definitely a grower. My attitude to this album changed finally with the release of the single I Like It with the video in which there are also a hiphop men :D I loved the part: "I'm free to do what I like, I'm celebrating my life" and from this time I like many songs on the album, they are typical rock sounding with electronic elements and interesting lyrics. Even ballads are not missing.

    Highlights: I Like It, Shallow Life, Spellbound, I'm Not Afraid, I Won't Tell You

    3. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

    Want your bad romance!
    This lyrics we sang many times e.g. at last party, Lady GaGa is without any doubt my favourite artist in these days. I would gave her the first place, but The Fame Monster wasn't sheduled to be her second official album, but only an EP and also in some countries it chart conjucted with The Fame. But Lady Gaga wants it this way, so the only bad point about this album is that it contains only 8 songs, which all are ( besides the last one - Teeth ) really amazing! I think every song could be released as a single and it would be a big hit. I even think, that the new single Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) could have been sung by GaGa alone, and it would have been as good as it is. As a conclusion, The Fame Monster is similar dancy as The Fame and the songs are on even higher level of quality and they get you even sooner!

    Highlights: Bad Romance, Monster, Dance in the Dark, Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)

    2. Tiësto - Kaleidoscope

    What can I say about it? According to DJ mag, the 2nd best DJ in this planet released an album, which is like made for me. His earlier works are in trance style, but american fans again need to value a good dance music, so the new Tiësto album is in this style - dance, dance dance! Almost all the songs are perfect dancefloor smashes and compared to Guetta's album they are even more danceable, catchier, nicer and they make a good mood as well. The first single off the album I Will Be Here is my most favourite song of this year and the keyboard part "ti ra ra ti ra, ti ra ra ra ra ra" etc :D is really incredible on the album and even extended in the Tiësto's remix on the single. The other songs with collaboration with many less or more well-known artist are also great, surprising is the title song - Kaleidoscope, which starts very slowly and ends totally destroying :D This album was very close to became my favourite album.

    Highlights: I Will Be Here feat. Sneaky Sound System, Who Wants To Be Alone feat. Nelly Furtado, Escape Me feat. C.C. Sheffield, Kaleidoscope feat. Jónsi, You Are My Diamond feat. Kianna

    1. Skillet - Awake

    Despite the fact that my favourite music genre is dance, my favourite album of the past year is a rock album. It is from the American christian rock band Skillet and it's follow up to the grammy nominated album Comatose. Musicaly are Skillet close to bands like Nickelback, but I like them much more. The best thing about this album are, similar to their album Comatose, really incredibly catchy choruses and very touching lyrics, which are close to everyone. Especially in times, when we don't feel very well, they can say us something and make a better mood, and this time especially support everyone, that not everything is your fault and that you are not alone with such as problem. The album sounds very good as a whole, also with bonus tracks, which could have been a part of the album as well. The songs can be divided into more hard rock songs, and soft rock ballads. And as conclusion, this is the most catchy lyrics of this year: "I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin, I must confess that I feel like a monster" :D

    Highlights: Monster, It's Not Me It's You, Hero, Lucy, Sometimes
  • Masters of Rock 2009 - moje dojmy

    15 Jul 2009, 18:24

    Thu 9 Jul – Masters of Rock 2009

    Tento rok som sa tešil na MoR hlavne kvôli mojej najobľúbenejšej skupine už od strednej školy, Nightwish-u, už dosť dlho bol môj sen vidieť ich.

    Prvý deň mal byť podľa programu jednoznačne najlepší, poznal som z neho 3 skupiny, a to headlinerov Nightwish, nemeckých In Extremo a český Nil. Ale poďme od začiatku.
    Prvá skupina ktorú sme videli boli nemci In Extremo, na ktorých som sa veľmi tešil. Koncert bol naozaj veľmi vydarený, škoda len že hitovku, a moju obľúbenú od nich - Frei zu sein dali tak skoro, už druhú v poradí. Ale aj tak koncert len gradoval, dali aj asi ich najznámejšiu - Volmond a už pri konci to vyvrcholilo perfektnou Flaschenpost, doplnené skvelou ohnivou show. Títo folk-metalisti naozaj nesklamali. Nasledovali Rage tiež z Nemecka, na tých sme sa išli ale postaviť do rady na autogram od Nightwishou, žiaľ neúspešne, ľudia sa tam tlačili zo všetkých strán a tak sme veľa šancí nemali, išli sme si aspoň obsadiť čo najlepšie miesto na vytúžený dlhoočakávaný koncert. Nightwish so skvelou Anette, ktorá má teraz blonďavé vlasy začali svoju show trochu prekvapivo skladbou 7 Days to the Wolves, koncert bol naozaj nezabudnuteľný, Anette zvládala aj staršie najväčšie hity ako Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel alebo Wishmaster. Dokonca hrali aj pomalšie veci, nie každému sa všek Anetino trochu iné podanie tradičných hitov páčilo, a pár ľudí aj odchádzalo. To mi však nepokazilo celkovo perfektný dojem z koncertu, určite jedného z najlepších akých som kedy videl, ak nie úplne najlepšieho.

    Playlist: 7 Days to the Wolves,Dead to the World, The Siren, Amaranth, Romanticide, Wishmaster, Sahara, Nemo, The Poet and the Pendulum, Dead Boys Poem, Escapist, Dark Chest of Wonders, Wish I Had an Angel ( niesom si úplne istý poradím, ale viem že tieto hrali)

    Po Nightwishi sme boli takí zničení, že poslednú kapelu sme si nechali ujsť.

    Piatok: Piatkový program nesľuboval nič mne známe, a nakoniec to bol aj jednoznačne najslabší deň MoR. Prvý koncert dňa mali na svedomí švédi Blowsight, výzorom Emáci a hudbou tiež taký pop-punk-rock zahrali celkom dobrý koncert, dokonca dali aj cover piesne od Britney Spears - Toxic, síce som ju spoznal až pri poslednom refréne, ale aj tak je to odvaha. Kapely ktoré nasledovali asi nemá zmysel menovať, lebo ma vôbec nezaujali, väčšinou death-trash metal, ktorý teda vôbec nemusím. Za zmienku stojí možno česká kapela Kreyson, hard rock s frontmanom Láďou Křížkem, ktorý sa trochu vymykali štýlom, tiež ale som z ních nič nemal. Večer sľuboval fínskych Korpiklaani, folk-power metalovú kapelu, ktorá chodí pravidelne každý rok, a to každý rok s novým albumom ale takmer rovnakým playlistom. Mňa to už dosť nudí, ale ostatní fanúšikovia sa bavili. Power metalový DragonForce z Anglicka boli pre mňa sklamaním, aj keď veľa som od nich ani nečakal, tento štýl tiež nie je pre mňa, a to som išiel pozrieť aj na sekundárnu Coca Cola stage kde hrali nádejné mladé české kapely, mala tam hrať Evarest, so ženskou speváčkou v čele. Táto skupina hrala ale strašne tvrdý metal, nehovoriac o tom, že speváčku nebolo ani počuť. Keď ani headlineri Edguy ma nezaujali a ja som išiel radšej do stanu ako ich počúvať začal som pochybovať, či je tento festival naozaj pre mňa.

    Sobotný program pre nás začal mladými nemcami Kissin Dynamite, ktorý výzorovo aj hudobne sa veľmi podobali na kapelu Bon Jovi. Ich hard rock nebol ničím výnimočný, ale predsa sa to počúvať dalo, s tým, že spevák robil naozaj show, a ich hitovka i hate hiphop ( s týmto názvom sa samozrejme nestotožňujem ) rozpálila celé publikum. Po tomto koncerte som začínal veriť že to bude lepšie. Češi Mňága a Žďorp boli fajn, trochu odľahčenia nezaškodilo. Po nich nasledovali 3 kapely, ktoré ma tiež nezaujali. A to už sme sa tešili na prvú a asi aj poslednú čisto ženskú kapelu - Crucified Barbara, pozostávajúca zo 4 dievčat, ktoré ako moderátorka uviedla "nie sú žiadne kresťanské holčičky, a poriadne nám to natrú" :D Ináč moderátorka bola stále veľmi smiešna, hlavne keď hovorila mená členov skupín, a ani ich nevedela prečítať, dokonca ani členov Nightwish :D Holky boli naozaj hot, a hrali aj celkom dobre, tak sme neváhali si ísť aj pre autogramy. Večer som dal prednosť Cola Cola stageu, boli tam už známy Dying Passion, pre mňa najlepší koncert celého dvojdnia piatok-sobota. Fíni Stratovarius mali byť veľkou hviezdou, vyšiel im nový album s názvom Polaris, avšak u mňa zaostali za očakávaním, po prvej hitovke Hunting High and Low prišli len obyčajné skladby s obyčajnou atmosférou, jednoducho priemerné vystúpenie. Headlineri Blind Guardian mi náladu nezlepšili, ich vychválené vystúpenia do nebies sa nezopakovali na Masters of Rock a tak som radšej išiel zase do stanu :D

    Tak konečne deň na ktorý som sa aj tešil. Vstávali sme skoro, aby sme stihli prvú kapelu z Česka, Innocens, ktorý hrajú gothic electronic rock a hoci ich speváčka nie je až taká pekná bolo to naozaj pekné vystúpenie s chytľavými melódiami. Takýto štýl by som si predstavoval. Po nich prišli na rad Interitus, nám už tiež známa kapela, predstavovali svoj novinkový album, a takisto to bol pekný zážitok. Audrey Horne z Nórska potom boli len slabý odvar oproti týmto mladým českým kapelám. Dosť sme sa tešili na Švajčiarov Eluveitie, folk metalovú kapelu. U mňa boli ale veľkým sklamaním, hlavne kvôli death metalovému vokálu speváka. Trochu prekvapením bolo zaradenie kapely tleskač, žánru SKA, ktorý sa tu naozaj nevidí často. Ďalšej folk metalovej kapele, tentokrát z Nemecka som už veľmi neveril, ale išiel som pozrieť. A veru sa oplatilo, Schandmaul, kapela štýlom veľmi podobná In Extremo, len s oveľa chytľavejšími peckami rozskákala publikum. Prelomová bola skladba Vogelfrei pri ktorej skákal hádam každý vrátane mňa. Toto bol naozaj zážitok hodný takéhoto festivalu, na ktorý som čakal dlhé 3 dni. Predposledná Der letzte Tanz to len potvrdila, skákacia melódia úplne perfektne sadla. A tak sa Schandmaul dočkali zaslúžených ovácii. Naozaj pre mňa určite najväčšie prekvapenie festivalu, a s Nightwishom súperiaci dokonca o najlepšie vystúpenie celkom!!! Veľmi odporúčam :) Nasledujúcu death metalovú kapelu preskočím, a po autogramiáde úžasných Schandmaul prišli na rad Nemci s českou speváčkou na čele, Die Happy. Skupina, ktorú veľa ľudí nemá rado zahrala naozaj výborne. Skladby z nového albumu VI sa super počúvali a aj pri tejto kapele sme si zaskákali, na frontmanku Martu Jandovú naozaj nemôžem povedať nič zlé, bola úžasná. Headlinerov večera som opäť vynechal, a išiel pozrieť Coca cola stage na ktorom boli Free Fall, zrazu sa objavila aj speváčka Monika, a už som vedel že sa mi budú páčiť. Ich štýl sa dal ťažko určit, rock s dávkou elektroniky, trochu gothic. Ale veľmi dobre sa počúvali a bola to už tretia skupina na ktorej som si schuti zaskákal. Nehovoria o tom, že ako prídavok kvôli skandovaniu fanúšikov dali od Madonna - Frozen, a bolo to perfektné. Celkovo veľmi veľa hlavne menších kapiel si veľmi pochvalovalo atmosféru a divákov na MoR. Posledná kapela pre mňa boli češi - Memoria. Dala by sa zaradiť ku symphonic rocku, aj keď tej symfoniky veľa nebolo, jedny husle. Aj keď mali aj slabšie momenty, poslednými 3 peckami to naozaj roztočili a samozrejme 4. kapela so skákaním, a za 1 deň, čo viac si priať :))

    Celkovo hodnotím tento ročník ako celkom v pohode, hlavne kvôli skvelým mojim najobľúbenejším Nightwish, perfektným objavom Schandmaul a sľubným českým kapelám. Piatok a sobota boli pre mňa dosť slabé dni a pár krát som mal takú chuť ísť na nejakú dance párty :D Ale už len kvôli nedeľnému programu plnému zábavy to bol dobrý festival. Možno nie som fanúšik úplne všetkých druhov tejto tvrdej hudby, ale určite som rockový fanúšik aj naďalej. Jedno čo nemám rád sú veľmi príšerne rýchle bubny a gitary. Naopak mám rád chytľavé skákavé melódie a pekné ženské speváčky s ešte krajším hlasom :)

    1. Nightwish
    2. Schandmaul
    3. Die Happy
    4.-6. In Extremo, Free Fall, Memoria
  • 10 favourite albums of 2008

    25 Dic 2008, 11:38

    There is the end of the year 2008, so lets have a look to my most favourite albums born in this year. I think that 2008 was a very week year in music, there wasnt almost any new albums from my favourite bands ( compating to 2007s releases from my favourite bands such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sirenia, etc...) . On the other hand, I have discovered some new artists and also some new music styles which I didnt liked before. So my most favourites new albums are following:

    10. Flowing Tears - Thy Kingdom Gone

    Flowing Tears made 2 average albums before - Serpentine and Razorbliss, so I wasnt so much looking forward to this release. But they surprised me a bit, Thy Kingdom Gone is really a good album with gothic sound, keyboard ridden songs and melancholic atmosphere. Its really good for relax, the songs have a very similar sound, but there can be find some expections too. The title track is one of them, although sing by male vocalist, but with so much power in his voice.

    Favourites: Thy Kingdom Gone, Souls of the Neon Reign

    9. The Rasmus - Black Roses

    The Rasmus is a rock band from Finland, I didnt liked it much before, in exception of a few single songs. But after great lead single - Livin' in a world withou you I tried it. And this album is really what I expected. The songs sounds all the same, and there are so few catchy songs, so after few listens it gets bored. But still, its The Rasmus with great voice of Lauri Ylonen and its a finnish band, and they are all great.

    Favourites: Livin' in a World Without You, Ten Black Roses

    8. Armin van Buuren - Imagine

    This is exactly what I was talking about. Trance, a music style which I never didnt liked, but now it has changed. After a great hit single featering one of my most favourite singers - Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation - In and Out of Love I tried this album and was not disappointed. There are many good tracks on this album, so if you are a trance fan, or a fan of Sharon den Aden you must get this one.

    Favourites: In And Out Of Love

    7. Lady Gaga - The Fame

    "Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
    Got my blueprint, it's symphonic
    Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
    Got my blueprint electronic"
    Yes, electronic rules the world and Lady Gaga, another talented new singer knows it. Her album is full of electronic and dance tracks. After such a great single - Just Dance, maybe my most favourite song of the year there are also some other good songs, although the end of the album is a bit boring. But with so catchy singles I think this album is a good start for Lady Gaga.

    Favourites: Just Dance, Poker Face, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), LoveGame

    6. Edenbridge - My Earth Dream

    Edenbridge, a symphonic metal band from Austria had got me with their previous record - The Grand Design and also with so exceptional and beautiful voice of the singer. My Earth Dream is a nice piece too, there are some catchy and great songs, but there is something missing. The Grand Desing has its own atmosphere, My Earth Dream has great orchestra but still... There were so great ballads on their previous album, now there is only one - Whale Rider and its really not so good alternative. But overall nice listen and another good album from great band!

    Favourites: Remember Me, Undying Devotion

    5. In Extremo - Sängerkrieg

    This album from a folk metal band was also on the first place of german albums chart! I really like this album, although I have never heard any folk metal album, expect for Korpiklaani. And really Saengerkrieg owns everything they made IMO. Great folk ridden tracks, funny and so true lyrics, that is what In Extremos album has. The lead single Frei zu Sein needs no commentary. Absolute amazing!

    Favourites: Frei zu sein, Neues Glück, Sängerkrieg

    4. t.A.T.u. - Happy Smiles

    t.A.T.u. is one of my most favourite female fronted pop band after the song Gomenasai, which I consider as one of the most beautiful songs in the world. I was loking forward to this album so much. After seeing the great video of the song Beliy Plaschik which became my favourite and its english version get me totally. I liked so much the theme of the song and video. I always wonder why it is not so popular here and in the world, maybe needs finally international release for the english album. As a whole is the album very good, has its week places, but another great track is placed here - Fly On The Wall. t.A.T.u. rocks!

    Favourites: Beliy Plaschik, Fly on the Wall, Running Blind

    3. L'Âme Immortelle - Namenlos

    Another cool electronic sound comes from germany. I really didnt know L'Âme Immortelle before, but this album got to my favourites. This is exactly what I want to hear, a rock album with full of electronic and catchy songs like Requiem or Blutrot. Also the ballads are very nice and the german lyrics suits this genre very well.

    Favourites: Requiem, Blutrot, Es tut mir Leid, Reborn

    2. Katy Perry - One of the Boys

    I think there isnt a man in this world who havent heard the words: "I kissed a girl, and I liked it!" Yes, its another great talented singer, Katy Perry. Her singles are worldwide hits n. 1 and they are played everywhere. Great voice, funny lyrics, catchy melodies, full of electronic and overall a bit rock sound maked from this album a masterpiece. Katy Perry is just on the beginning her career, but I think this album and singles will never be forgotten.

    Favourites: I Kissed a Girl, Hot n Cold, If You Can Afford Me, Waking Up in Vegas, Thinking of You

    1. Oomph! - Monster

    Ja, ja, Oomph! are the best! Monster is really great awesome amazing album! So catchy so brutal xD Without a female singer, which I am really keen of, they made again and again listenable songs, good hit single and as always great and brutal videos. This album isnt really so heavy as the previous ones, it has a ballad too, Auf Kurs in which Dero has a very beautiful and sweet voice. Their lyrics are funny and music electronic ridden. But the best is when you see them live, its an enforgettable experience full of emotion. Enjoy Oomph!

    Favourites: Auf Kurs, Beim ersten Mal tut's immer weh, Wer schön sein will muss leiden, Brich aus, Labyrinth
  • Masters of Rock 2008 - moje dojmy

    17 Jul 2008, 8:51

    Thu 10 Jul – Masters of Rock 2008

    Po festivale Lumen bol Masters of Rock môj druhý festival tento rok, asi nemusím pripomínať že na Masters som sa tešil oveľa viac, veď také hviezdy ako Within Temptation, Apocalyptica alebo Sirenia sa nevidia každý deň.

    Začiatok festivalu ako aj takmer každého koncertu mali v réžii moderátori z rockového rádia RockMax, myslím že svoju prácu si odviedli celkom slušne. Celé to začala kapela Rattle Bucket, táto rocková kapela bola príjemný začiatok festivalu, podarilo sa jej vytvoriť takú správnu atmosféru a svojich fanúšikov určite potešili. Nasledovala už trochu známejšia česká kapela Doga, ktorá na festivale oslavovala myslím 20. výročie svojho vzniku a krstili aj svoju novú výberovku Best Of, ich vystúpenie nebolo zlé, aj keď pesničky mali miestami až veľmi zaujímavé texty :D ale hlavný spevák prezývaný Izzi, dokonca sprvu za ohradou označenou "Dangerous Izzi" sa stále viac vyzliekal, až pri konci koncertu mali diváci možnosť vidieť aj to čo naozaj asi nikto ( možno okrem ženského publika ) nechcel. Bol to pre mňa naozaj depresívny zážitok a vďaka tomu si Doga zaslúžila odo mňa titul najhoršie vystúpenie festivalu. Ale to mi už vtedy až tak nevadilo, lebo prišla moja veľmi obľúbená gothic/symphonic metalová skupina Sirenia. Vediem dokonca aj skupinu fanúšikov ich najnovšieho albumu: Ich vystúpenie bolo naozaj parádne, ich nová speváčka Ailyn mala naozaj anjelský hlas, dokázala uspievať aj staršie aj novšie pesničky, a okrem toho bola asi najkrajšou speváčkou celého festivalu, naozaj jej nie je čo vytknúť. Ja som sa najviac tešil na pieseň The Other Side, ktorá bola naživo naozaj nezabudnuteľná, tak ako celý koncert Sirenie, ktorého jediná chyba bola, že trval len 50 minút, pre zaujímavosť tak isto dlho ako vystúpenie Dogy, ale tie minúty plynuli neporovnateľne rýchlejšie :) Ďalšia kapela boli Korpiklaani, ožrani z fínska, power metalová kapela, ktorá vie rozprúdiť publikum, a to dokonca aj pred začiatkom koncertu, keď sme všetci popadali ako domino :D Ich vystúpenie nebolo ničím výnimočné, ich nové albumy sú stále o tom istom, a tak som si radšej išiel pre autogram od Sirenie :) Po tomto vystúpení sme mali menší oddych, a prišli sme až na headlinera celého festivalu, britskú legendu Def Leppard. Ich vystúpenie aj keď som od neho veľa nečakal bolo pre mňa sklamaním, minúty ubiehali veľmi pomaly, už som myslel, že nevydržím ani po vystúpenie ďalšieho headlinera dňa, metalovej opery Avantasia, kým sa táto partia nachystala sme čakali asi hodinu, a myslím že sa to ani veľmi neoplatilo, nebolo to zlé, mali veľa hosťujúcich umelcov, krásnu scénu, svetelné efekty, ale spev hlavného speváka ma nezaujal, rovnako ako jednotvárnosť pesničiek. Už v stane som počul hitovku Lost In Space, ale ináč som bol trochu sklamaný.

    Na druhý deň sme prišli až na koncert českej partie Dying Passion, ktorá príjemne prekvapila, škoda že sme nestihli viac pesničiek. Pekným prekvapením potom bolo vystúpenie švédskej ženskej kapely Fourever, od ktorých mám tiež autogramy :) Aj keď už neboli 4, ale len tri. Tento deň mal byť celkovo najslabším a jediná kapelu ktorú som trochu poznal boli Haggard, symphonic metal z Nemecka, mali veľa členov, s takmer symfonickým orchestrom, a ich vystúpenie sa naozaj dalo počúvať, dokonca bolo veľmi dobré. Určite ma v ničom nesklamali. Švédska kapela Sabaton, power metal, ale nie s textami o drakoch ako väčšina takýchto kapiel :D ale o druhej svetovej vojne, boli plní energie aj keď možno som od nich čakal ešte trochu viac, aj tak jedno z tých lepších vystúpení. Veľmi sme sa tešili na headlinerov dňa Oomph!, industrial "tanz metal" z Nemecka, kapela, ktorá bola v rodnom nemecku dokonca zakázaná, ale ich koncert naozaj stál zato, bolo to niečo úžasné, veľmi chytľavé pesničky, a perfektný nemecký spev a k tomu zábavný spevák, ktorý sa zopár ráz vrhol do publika. Vystúpenie kapely Moonspell už potom nebolo ničím zaujímavé.

    V sobotu sme začali s kapelou Salamandra, power metalová kapela, snažila sa zaujať novým albumom Faces Of Chimera, a bolo to celkom v pohode, jedna z lepších českých skupín. ďalšie skupiny neboli nič moc, až prišli jediní slovenskí zástupcovia, Horkýže Slíže, ktorí vytvorili naozaj perfektnú atmosféru, ich vtipným textom naozaj nič nechýba, akoby som sa pri ich vystúpení vrátil o pár rokov dozadu, perfektné :) Prišla na rad Tristania, po Sirenii ďalší gothic metal z Nórska, tiež s novou speváčkou. Priznám sa, že som od nich čakal trochu viac, myslel som, že práve ich koncert ma prinúti ich aj doma počúvať trochu viac, ale nestalo sa tak. Večer sme sa vykašlali na headlinerov Amon Amarth a radšej sme sa išli pozrieť na druhý stage, do stanu Domeczech, mala tam vystúpenie česká kapela Nil. Od nich som čakal akurát žesnkú speváčku a rockové piesne, ale toto vystúpenie ma naozaj dostalo, v stane to malo úplne úžasnú atmosféru, speváčka Hanka Kosnovská mala parádny hlas, jej "škriekanie" ( v dobrom samozrejme :) ) dodalo piesňam veľa energie, a bolo to asi prvé vystúpenie na celom festivale pri ktorom som si aj poriadne zaskákal, naozaj obrovské prekvapenie pre mňa, ale táto kapela nastavila latku veľmi vysoko a čakali sme, či sa ich podarí prekonať aspon druhému headlinerovi dňa, fínskym violončolovým majstrom, Apocalyptica. Pred ich koncertom začala strašná búrka, lialo ako z krhli, mali sme veľké šťastie, že nejakí dobrí ľudia priniesli dvere z WC a mohli sme sa pod ne schovať :D Pršalo takmer celé vystúpenie, tak možno moje hodnotenie neni moc objektívne, mne sa to páčilo, boli naozaj perfektní, ale výber skladieb nebol najlepší, čakal som aj väčšie hity, a prekvapujúco nedosiahli úroveň predchádzajúceho koncertu v Domeczechu!!!

    V tento deň sme sa na kapelu Nil už veľmi tešili a nebolo žiadnym prekvapením, že to bol opäť skvelý koncert plný energie, aj keď musím uznať, že atmosféra v Domeczechu bola o trochu lepšia ako na veľkom pódiu. Prekvapením pre mňa bolo vystúpenie kapely Volbeat, ktorá hrala hlavne staršie známe skladby, a pár z nich som aj poznal. Večer však prišli tie úplne najlepšie skupiny aké si človek môže predstaviť, najskôr fínska power/symphonic metalová kapela Sonata Arctica, ktorá nám predstavila ako svoj najnovší album, Unia, tak aj predviedla nejaké staršie kúsky, naozaj tracklist bol perfektný, k dokonalosti mi už chýbala len moja najobľúbenejšia - aj napriek meškaniu a nejakým technickým poruchám My Selene. Ale Tony zvládol napríklad Fulmoon bez hudby!!! Toto bol naozaj perfektný koncert, a mal prísť ešte lepší, holandskí symphonic metal/rock Within Temptation, kapela na ktorú som sa úplne najviac tešil. A právom, zahrali veľa piesní z najnovšieho albumu The Heart of Everything, ktorý mám najradšej, a aj ostatné boli úplné lahôdky, škoda len, že ma vďaka pár dobrým ľuďom ešte zo štvrtka začala boleť noha tak, že som musel odísť dozadu a zvyšok koncertu si vychutnávať tam, medzi skôr odporcami kapely ako fanúšikmi :(

    Takže celkovo ale hodnotím festival Masters of Rock 2008 ako úplne perfektný, tak ako hlavný stage, aj stan Domeczech ponúkli veľmi zaujímavý program so svetovými hviezdami, a čo dodať? Teším sa na budúci rok, ktorý si určite nenechám ujsť :)

    Najlepšie vystúpenia:
    1. Sirenia
    2. Sonata Arctica
    3. Within Temptation
    4. Nil
    5. Oomph!
    6. Horkýže Slíže
    7. Apocalyptica

    1. Nil
    2. Fourever
    3. Oomph!
    4. Volbeat
    5. Horkýže Slíže

    1. Def Leppard
    2. Avantasia
    3. Korpiklaani
    4. Tristania

    Najhoršie vystúpenie:
    1. Doga
  • Lumen 2008

    8 Jun 2008, 13:22

    Fri 6 Jun – Lumen

    Od festivalu kresťanskej hudby, Lumenu, som očakával hlavne skelú skupinu Delirious?, festivalovú atmosféru, a ako sa neskôr ukázalo, bola to pre mňa aj taká príprava na Masters of Rock.
    Prvý deň festivalu, piatok, začali dvaja "trafení" moderátori ( v dobrom samozrejme :) ) a privítali prvú skupinu, Tretí deň, je to pop-rocková skupina, teda ako väčšina gospelových skupín na Slovensku. Ich vystúpenie bolo na rozdiel od mojich očakávaní celkom pohodové, myslím, že svojim fanúšikom radosť spravili, naozaj dôstojné zahájenie festivalu. Po nich nastúpila pre mňa dosť neznáma kapela Out of Control, je to alternative rock doplnený výraznými elektronickými prvkami, táto skupina ma naozaj prekvapila, ich chytľavé rockový rytmy rozskákali aj mňa :D A angličtina hlavného speváka aj dosť pobavila :D Naozaj takto si predstavujem gospelovú kapelu, výborne! Ďaľší účinkujúci už mi toľko zábavy nepriniesli, boli to hiphoperi The 29th Chapter, tí ma v ničom neprekvapili, nejako som to prežil no, dúfam že bez ujmy :D Ani si neviete predstaviť, aký to bol pocit, keď zakričali, že už bude posledná pesnička :D Onedlho, keď už sa pripravovali headlineri Delirious? začala strašná búrka, naozaj lialo ako z krhli, našťastie dobré duše predomnou mali dáždnik, a tak som sa schoval k nim :) Myslím, že pri vystúpení Delirious? naozaj nikomu nebola zima, boli takí ako sa od nich očakávalo, naozaj perfektné koncert, hoci nezahrali niektoré moje obľúbené piesne ako I could sing of your love forever, My Glorious a Touch. Ale aj bez týchto hitov rozskákali celé publikum a vyslúžili si niekoľkominútové ovácie. Po nich nastúpil DJ Andy Hunter, toto vystúpenie som nejako veľmi nesledoval, ale zdalo sa mi dosť slabé. Už som toho mal naozaj dosť :D

    Sobota priniesla najskôr svätú omšu, prednášky, ja som si vybral o okultizme, bola naozaj zaujímavá. V amfiteátri som stihol koncert skupiny Trinity Group, nato, že speváčka Mária Čírová je víťazka tohtoročnej súťaže Coca cola popstar, bolo toto vystúpenie naozaj slabé, pre mňa sklamanie. Potvrdilo sa, že niekedy dobrá a pekná speváčka nie je všetko :) Na námestí som stihol 2 piesne skupiny Lámačské chvály, táto kapela hrá väčšinou len prebraté piesne, čo nepovažujem za dobré riešenie, ale počúvať sa to dalo. Po nich prišli Saleziáni, skupina podobná No Name, ktorých dosť neznášam, aj spevom aj hudbou. Podľa mňa najlepšia slovenská gospel skupina Timothy už narobila väčší vietor :) Zahraničné kapely začali v sobotu so skupinou GK Real, partia černošských spevákov spravila celkom dobrú show, dokonca roztancovala skoro všetkých ľudí :) Íri Bluetree, elektronická rocková kapela opäť prišli na chuť rockovým fanúšikom, teda aj mne :) Určite najlepšie vystúpenie soboty. Po nich už nasledovala len partia Four Kornerz, 4 bratia pôvodom myslím z Nigérie, boli po Bluetree už len slabý odvar, zachrániť sa to snažili známou skladbou od Bon Jovi myslím ( bolo to od U2 - Beautiful Day ), ale to bolo dosť úbohé.

    Celkovo však hodnotím Lumen veľmi kladne, za nulové vstupné sa určite oplatilo ísť a teším sa na budúci rok! :)

    Lumen 2008:
    Highlight piatok a celý festival: Delirious?
    Highlight sobota: Bluetree
    Prekvapenie festivalu: Out of Control
    Prepadák festivalu: Trinity Group