Mix Tape 23rd January


23 Ene 2011, 14:25

So this is the first of the "Mix Tapes" I plan to do on a weekly basis. The playlist will update every week, so make sure you listen in the week that it's up (between Sunday and the following Sunday). Feel free to subscribe! That would be awesome. (Please note: You will need to have Spotify on your computer to be able to play this.)

Miotailt Milidh's Mix Tape

This week the mix contains the following artists:

Sky - instrumental, progressive rock
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - progressive rock, classic rock, rock, symphonic rock, progressive
Philip Sayce - blues, blues rock
16volt - industrial, industrial rock, coldwave, industrial metal, electronic
Celldweller - industrial, electronic, industrial rock, industrial metal, rock
Universum - melodic death metal, australian, death metal, metal, heavy melodic metal
Hanging Garden - doom metal, death doom metal, finnish, death metal, doom death metal
Seventh Wonder - progressive metal, progressive power metal, melodic metal, power metal, progressive
Stan Bush -rock, aor, 80s, hard rock
Verjnuarmu -folk metal, melodic death metal, finnish, metal, finnish metal
Ensiferum - folk metal, viking metal, melodic death metal, finnish, metal
Jaldaboath - folk metal, black metal, tumultuous teutonic templar thrash, hammering heraldic metal, crusader-core
Hayseed Dixie - bluegrass, country, hillbilly, covers, rock
Fiddler's Green - folk rock, irish folk, folk, german, irish independent speedfolk


  • miotailtmilidh

    Is now changing. If you missed it, you were too slow. This weeks tape is about to be published.

    30 Ene 2011, 12:44
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