• fav albums of the year

    6 Abr 2011, 15:58

    here are my fav albums throughout the years, from what i can remember.

    dashboard confessional - dusk and summer
    my chemical romance - the black parade

    (posting soon)

    (posting soon)

    (posting soon)

    beach house - teen dream
    tokyo police club - champ
  • bands i've seen live

    29 Dic 2010, 22:18

    (from what i can remember and in no order)

    MSTRKRFT (2)
    ryan adams (2)
    wilco (8)
    sufjan stevens
    dashboard confessional
    mute math (3)
    pete yorn (2)
    felix cartel
    cat power
    death cab for cutie (2)
    jeff tweedy
    the counting crows (3)
    bright eyes (2)
    the white stripes
    justin timberlake
    bloc party.
    tokyo police club
    my morning jacket
    MGMT (2)
    the smashing pumpkins (3)
    dave matthews band (3)
    the weakerthans
    absinthe blind
    headlights (3)
    everclear (2)
    the black crowes
    black sabbath
    a perfect circle
    girl talk (2)
    copeland (3)
    mickey avalon (2)
    say anything
    the decemberists
    fuel (3)
    peter frampton
    lynard skynard
    tilly and the wall
    saves the day
    she wants revenge
    LA riots
    VHS or beta
    rusted root
    lenny kravitz
    blues traveler
    goo goo dolls
    pedro the lion
    stone temple pilots
    joseph arthur
    third eye blind (2)
    dan deacon
    king khan and bbq show
    dam funk
    dignan (3)
    brooke waggoner
    gillian welch
    pantha du prince
    blonde redhead
    darwin deez
    band of horses
    kings of leon
  • crystal castles dibacle

    16 Abr 2009, 1:54

    Tue 14 Apr – Crystal Castles

    i drove over 7 hours to see them, and they fired their opening act at 4:30pm. people started showing up at 8 when the doors opened...but they
    never did. 2 hours later the entire show was canceled.

    i wanted to swallow a knife.
  • Girl Talk - Oxford, MS

    16 Feb 2009, 19:27

    Fri 13 Feb – Girl Talk, Mad Happy

    one big '80s dance party. it was all about accessories, glasses, bandanas, leatards, leggings, face paint, neon, and everyone was in groups of at least 20.
  • Ryan Adams at GPAC review

    13 Jul 2007, 17:47

    Thu 12 Jul – Ryan Adams

    well the show lastnight was incredibly beautiful. the show started a little after 830pm and there was no opening act. i loved how they were set up: a tight group of ryan adams on the left, drums, bass, guitar, and book ended by a baby grand on the left and a steel guitar on the right. the lights were very dim and beautiful as they bounced off the velvet curtain in the background! the show was very stripped down and mellow. he wore sunglasses during the second half. the crowd was nice and quiet, just taking it in. ryan did not engage the crowd all, and the last song he got up and came to the front and sang goodnight hollywood blvd. then everyone walked off. the crowd, expecting an encore of heartbreaker songs, did not get one. later i found out that they did not do an encore, because the band was pissed that GPAC would not let them smoke on stage :)

    download the entire live set in soundboard quality here:

    here's a treat, thanks to my friend traci.

    Please Do Not Let Me Go
    Dear John
    Let It Ride
    The Sun Also Sets
    Goodnight Rose
    Night Birds
    Blue Hotel
    Starlite Diner
    Oh My God Whatever Etc
    Blue Sky Blues
    I taught Myself How To Grow Old
    Elizabeth You were Born To Play
    Carolina Rain
    Peaceful Valley
    Magnolia Mt.
    Goodnight Hollywood Blvd.
  • Bright Eyes - Ryman Auditorium

    22 May 2007, 4:44

    Sat 19 May – Bright Eyes, Gillian Welch, Oakley Hall

    that was the best night of my life in 2007. what a fantasically amazing-can't breathe-without-you-all-or-nothing-want-to-repeat-it-over-and-over show!
    this was my first time seeing mr. oberst and cassadaga was just starting to grow on me. when those lights went out at the ryman (after gillan welch played) i was getting excited butterflies in my stomach! i couldn' believe that i was about to witness bright eyes. everyone came out dressed in white. the instruments were white as well as the the cords and conor's fingernails :) clairaudients was the most beautiful song to start the set with. the majority of the set was cassadaga, with one or two songs off older albums. false advertisement, i believe in symmetry, etc. first day of my life was a different arrangement with the full band. the encore was a song that gillian welch, david rawlings wrote in the dressing room during the show, and the final song of the night was lua! what a great show and such an incredible venue, filled with so much history. truly a memory i will never forget :)

    Clairaudients (opener)

    Man Named Truth (new song during the encore)