5 Ago 2009, 21:47

First of all, yes, the all caps are warranted. If you were one of the thousands who endured through the pouring rain and swampy mess at All Points West, I salute you. I couldn't drag anyone out of their dwellings if my life depended on it. For those who chose to stay in their caves for the time being, let me give you a recap of the conditions you missed from stage to stage.

Here's an image from the first day of the festival. Notice the bright green grass? Well, don't get used to it. It may have looked like a foggy afternoon, but it was actually due to a steamed up camera lens that i couldn't fix, or maybe it was just my heavy breathing:

Note to self: The new summer line of outerwear by Hefty Brands should not be mocked, ever:

Me Mike. Me want stay dry in hut:

My co-worker wanted to meet up for a drink at the beer garden. The only thing preventing me from enjoying a cold beer was this:

Uhh, unfortunately, that beer never happened.

Yeah, I was a long-jumper in high school. I'll bet you a clean pair of socks I can clear this:

I knew I should have just taken that Staten Island ferry:

They shut down the photo pit for the Black Keys, dissin' dozens of not-so-happy photographers, myself included. To replace any pics from the Black Keys, here's a much more scenic image of what i had to walk thru to get to that damn pit that I hope all of you can appreciate:

Ok, now I'm officially screwed:

Regardless of the conditions, I had a great time at the festival and the All Points staff did an excellent job all around despite the weather conditions. I hope I'll be lucky enough to be in attendance for next year's festival.

I also would like to thank all of you who gave me crazy looks on the subway for having swamp feet, as if i purposely chose to cover my entire shoes in mud. Thanks for making me feel like the freak on the train.
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