• I'm a believer

    14 Mar 2008, 12:01

    I haven't been posting some time, and i haven't scobbled that much in the last weeks. Reasons for this are different.

    First I am listening to Vinyl Records a lot, and vinyl doesn't scobble. Second when online I often listen to music on sellaband and jamendo.

    My discoveries on sellaband include Selen , Julia Marcell, Lucia Iman and many more (see my profile for a complete list).

    I just love the idea of enabling artists to go recording and produce music. Most parts I buy because I am really interested in receiving an album of this artists (So I'm a amateur and not an investor).
  • WTF is this?

    29 Mar 2007, 8:18

    After having some success on Jamendo Grace Valhalla is working on more music. While doing that she published a b-side album for us waiting fanboy folk. I am just listening into this new b-side album which is full of songs she describes at: touching her heart but for some reason or another not beeing finalised as she wanted in her blog (sorry for my poor understanding of french, but school is a long time over now). I have to say: if this is the b-sides, what are the a-sides like? Grace combines both of her previous albums in some nice flowing sound: lovely electro as it was defined by her.

    Genious as always, go and listen.

    btw.: thanks Grace for mentioning me on your blog, but as said i am just a helpless fanboy.
  • 2007 beat this.

    7 Ene 2007, 0:41

    Tonight i visited a concert of !deladap for the first time. Who came out dry hasn't been at the concert. They made the club shake with their balkan rhythms. If you have the chance, go and see them. What more shall i say, i need to take a shower now.
  • Born for the stage

    16 Dic 2006, 22:10

    It happened tonight in the birdland one of the "big" jazzclubs in Vienna. A group of anonymous well dressed gentlemen enter the stage and suddenly all your attention gets caught by her. With the glimpse of her eyes and her fabulous voice she catches the audience and yet stays so natural and confident as if she was born to be a nightclub singer.

    Madita kept the promises she made with her wonderful first album showing up with songs ready to be released on the second. If you like her records go see her perfoming, she tops it all.

    One of the best concerts I've visited this year.
  • Autumn Concert

    9 Nov 2006, 23:11

    This night i visited 09 Nov – shy, Stephen Hiscox and allthough the quality of Shy is still the same, you know you get old. I listened this band when i was still in high school, now i am in the last breaths of my studies and i am still listening to it and visiting their concerts. They evolved but stayed the same and after the concert when the lights get brighter and you realize all the girls you watched dance got a shine of gray in their hair and wonderful wrinkles around their eyes you know you are starting to get old.

    Shy are a phenomenon in austrian music. In every other country a band producing music for 15 years, having record deals for 15 years, would at least achieve some little piece of fame. Not so this band. In their better years they get played on alternative radio stations and have around 100-200 persons in their audience, on worse years it is 30-50. And still i don't think the music they produce is that horrible or boring. So what is up in austrian music scene, that a band, beeing played for the first time by the same "alternative" radio station from germany get superstars and are the peak of a new wave of german rock music and another beeing there for quite long but from austria not even moves the listeners of such stations. There do exist some musicians in this country producing music that is actually quite good to be listened to but commonly they are underestimated.

    Hmm what started as a concert review ended up as a rant about austrian music listeners. (yes i have to confess i often do listen to other music but still there are some regional bands in my playlist). And don't take this as nationalistic crap!
  • Supporting independent artists (part II)

    8 Nov 2006, 21:30

    jamendo offers the possibility to donate music directly to the artist (only a small amount is taken from the site) and people as I do use it.

    This morning i decided to donate to Grace Valhalla because i just like her work (at least the album i downloaded). So and then something happened you rarely get with commercial artists. She signed up to this webpage just to write a message saying thank you.

    I think there is only one thing left to say: Welcome to Grace! Hope you like it here.
  • review of the past months

    7 Nov 2006, 19:45

    I didn't write for some time and cause i am to lazy to do the laundry I will do it now.

    So how was my musical past. Got some cd's to rip of a friend including Emiliana Torrini and Air (i don't like the latter too much) watched some videos of Björk and other artists created by Michel Gondry, he is just fabulous (it started because we were hanging out at the spark and they started to show his videos, the next day a friend of mine handed over some more). At saturday me and my room-mate decided to go to the porgy&bess to see Trio-X life of which we didn't know anything. It was crazy what Joe McPhee did with his Sax and trumpet.

    Yesterday i started downloading Manuzik from jamendo, which IMO should be more integrated into, so all music with the tag is streamable. This would help the artists to get known more.

    Now i stop namedropping and click on post ;)
  • How Sick is this?

    12 Jun 2006, 6:46

    My weekly top 10:
    *Clemix SoundShaker
    *Eva Garcia
    *Spleen(the french band)
    *Polman Reisen

    1,2,3,4,6 and 8 are Bands releasing with CreativeCommons. The band with the most listeners is of course Portishead. My top ten has 225784 Listeners in total, i have to say there is a bias, since eva garcia had no listeners (she released her album this week and the stats aren't updated yet) and spleen has more listeners since it is two bands. This makes an average of 22578 listeners. The main part is three bands: Portishead, Lamb and Hooverphonic. Taking the Charts of last week i calculated i am 9.41 mainstream.

    Oh i love statistics.
  • Supporting independent Artists directly

    9 Jun 2006, 9:30

    jamendo not only has great music released under creative commons license, it too has the feature of donation money to the artist you like directly. So get the music for free, fall in love with it and give the money to the artist (of course a little part will go to jamendo) directly. No big fat music industry apparatus in between, no one bugging you that you break rights when you give a copy to your friends to listen it.

    And people actually do it. I did it for Clemix SoundShaker and Eva Garcia. Both of them providing music that is genious.

    Jamendo finally changed my image of CreativeCommons music, which was that it's al experimental electronic produced without attitude to be listened. It is worth listening it, thanks CreativeCommons for keeping our culture our culture and not the property of some industrial complex.
  • Mr. Snares Live

    5 Jun 2006, 1:00

    I just returned from a concert of Venetian Snares at a local concert hall. I have to say my mind is blanked by his geniality. He is probably the most advanced musician of this time.