• Heathers, Mal Devisa, Remote Desire, Dead Letter

    13 Jul 2015, 1:17

    Wed 8 Jul – Heathers, Mal Devisa, Remote Desire

    This was a great show with many talented musicians. The band Dead Letter opened with a small, 3 song set that were filled with intimate and passionate songs. Remote Desire played next with some blistering punk fury. Heathers played second to last with some great energy and great stage presence. Mal Devisa closed. I never saw her before but I had heard of her before. She was incredible playing her mix of experimental soul music. Overall, great show.
  • Aye Nako, Katherine, honeysuck, Slugbugs

    21 Jun 2015, 3:26

    Fri 19 Jun – Aye Nako, Katherine, honeysuck, Slugbugs

    Slugbugs opened the show first. The band had an interesting stage presence mixed with some wild, sonically rich sounds. Katherine played next with some great heavy cuts from a duo. Aye Nako played third and they ripped through some of their new songs and some older material. They gave some explanations to many of their songs, giving the band a good stage interaction with the crowd. Honeysuck played last. They had some wild, explosive energy that was great for a closing band. Overall, another rockin' night at the Flywheel.
  • Downtown Boys, Potty Mouth, Laika's Orbit, The Wrong, Dead Shadow

    31 May 2015, 16:01

    Sat 30 May – Downtown Boys, Potty Mouth, Laika's Orbit, Dead Shadow

    This show was intense and ridiculously awesome. I came in late, but I saw the final 3 songs of Dead Shadow. They had great, gloomy post-punk and hard percussion thanks to their standing up drummer. The Wrong played next, a band from Chicago. The singer was very in-your-face and added a level of intensity that made their set amazing. Laika's Orbit played third and their power pop anthems made the audience jump for joy. They had great hooks and stage presence. Potty Mouth played fourth. I had not seen them in like a year and they seem to play some new songs mixed with classics from their debut album "Hell Bent". If they were new songs, can't wait for a new release by them. Finally, Downtown Boys played. holy cow! they brought the house down! Their music has a chaotic intensity thanks to their saxophone section that just plays nuts, but every member of the band had incredible energy and spontaneity while playing. Their singer was very energetic and discussed politics in-between sets to go along with their fiery and passionate songs. Downtown Boys definitely stole the night and closed off what was an incredible show at the Flywheel.
  • Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy, Zula

    29 Mar 2015, 16:45

    Fri 27 Mar – Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy, Zula

    First IHEG show in more than 5 years. I don't usually go to club shows, but I wanted to see Perfect Pussy and Deerhoof. I arrived late to this show and missed Zula. Perfect Pussy played next and they had a blistering energy and fury while showing they were having fun at the same time. Deerhoof closed and played with an equal fury that was covered with the bands experimental jaggedness and pop sensibility. I had to leave earlier than expected, but it was an interesting show with a ton of energy.
  • 2014 Mixes In Honor of my Daughter

    31 Dic 2014, 17:49

    I made 2 mixes in honor of my daughter. They are all female-fronted musicians/bands who released music in 2014. Everyone ranging from top indie bands to bands releasing demos off Bandcamp.

    1. Adult Mom - I Think I'm Old Enough
    2. Makthaverskan - Asleep
    3. Bleached - For the Feel
    4. Neighborhood Brats - Year of the Brat
    5. Against Me! - True Trans Soul Rebel
    6. Sharon Van Etten - Afraid of Nothing
    7. Mitski - Townie
    8. Arctic Flowers - Magdelene
    9. Speedy Ortiz - Everything's Better
    10. Wild Honey - Seventeen
    11. Ex Hex - Radio On
    12. The Primitives - Spin-O-Rama
    13. Dark Times - Be Cool
    14. Allo Darlin' - History Lessons
    15. Deerhoof - Paradise Girls
    16. Angel Olsen - Lights Out
    17. Trick Mammoth - Delphine (With A Purpose)
    18. Bleeding Rainbow - Time & Place
    19. Perfect Pussy - Bells
    20. The Cancers - Moral Net
    21. Girlpool - Paint Me Colors
    22. Hospitality - Inauguration
    23. Cold Beat - Mirror
    24. TacoCat - Psychedelic Quinceanera
    25. The Downtown Boys - Work
    26. White Lung - Lucky One
    27. Bully - Milkman
    28. The Coathangers - Drive
    29. BOYTOY - Shallow Town
    30. Burnt Palms - In The Dark
    31. Slutever - White Flag
    32. Fat Creeps - Having So Much Fun
    33. Tweens - Bored In The City
    34. The Muffs - Paint By Numbers
    35. Tunabunny - Coming For You
    36. Nots - Strange Rage
    37. Priests - Design Within Reach
    38. Radical Dads - Symmetrical Cement Circles
    39. Alvvays - Ones Who Love You
    40. Cyberbully Mom Club - Ur My Friend Forever
    1. Lisa Prank - First Snow
    2. CCTV - (Contents Of Your) Coffee Table
    3. Patch Kit - Write A Poem About This, Geek
    4. Crabapple - All The Things
    5. Wet Drag - Too Young
    6. Frau - Orca
    7. Sweet Valley Slumber Party - Sun Daisy
    8. Jawbreaker Reunion - Friends Theme Song
    9. Parasol - City Limits
    10. Ill - Hysteria
    11. Feral Jenny - Say The Word
    12. Good Throb - Pale Grey Suits
    13. In School - Conquest
    14. Cool Points - Babies Are Beautiful
    15. Flesh World - Reckon And Know
    16. The Teen Velvettes - It's You I See
    17. Wimps - Space, Man
    18. Leggy - Honey
    19. Fleabite - So Uncool
    20. Free Cake For Every Creature - Just Stay The Same
    21. The Mouthbreathers - College Rock
    22. Slowcoaches - Raw Dealings
    23. Mini Dresses - Emmi
    24. Bad Canoes - Doggie Bone
    25. Not Right - This Revolution Is Not Complete
    26. Sloppy Kisses - Got A Right
    27. Weed Hounds - Swell
    28. Kindling - Became
    29. Imaginary Pants - Branches as Bridges
    30. Primetime - Right Track
    31. Boy Spit - Elegant Daughters
    32. Florist - For My Mom
  • Old Friends, New Bands

    4 Dic 2014, 16:24

    Wed 3 Dec – Leggy, Blessed State, Longings, Kindling @ Flywheel, Easthampton MA

    This was a fantastic end of the year show for me. Both Kindling and Longings are members of Ampere so the theme of the show was "Old Friends, New Bands". Kindling played sonically gorgeous shoegazing music that really opened the show well. Longings played next with some excellent guitar blazing tracks, many of them new songs off their upcoming album. Leggy was the touring band from Cincinnati and they played hooky punk-indie pop songs that were really fresh. Blessed State closed and even though they had a new album this year, they played 3 new songs that were pretty good. Overall, a great way to close out the musical year for me.
  • My Daughter's 2014 Mix

    30 Oct 2014, 17:03

    My daughter, Emma, is going to turn 1 in December. I wanted to make her a mix of the best-of music in 2014, specifically female-fronted artists. I am asking Last.Fm friends for suggestions of some of the best releases this year and it can be any music genre, from riot-grrrl to indie folk. I have worked on a Spotify mix and an 8Tracks/mixed CD for Emma since January. Some of the artists I have so far:

    -Adult Mom
    -Boy Spit
    -Cold Beat
    -Downtown Boys
    -Ex Hex
    -Flesh World
    -Good Throb
    -In School
    -Mini Dresses
    -Speedy Ortiz
    ....and many, many more.

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  • Worriers, California X, Dessert First, Kiana

    5 Sep 2014, 0:50

    Wed 3 Sep – Worriers, California X, Dessert First

    Nicely attended middle of the week show. Kiana, the bassist from Blessed State, opened the show with a solo performance. She had an electric guitar and drum track to play some of her own originals and covers. Dessert First played next. Another solo performer, she played mostly original tracks on her electric guitar. Surprisngly, the touring band, Worriers played next. They had a very heavy punk-poppish set with a sizable amount of songs played. They had great energy and some tight chemistry. California X closed out the show, but I needed to leave after a few songs.

    Overall, a surprisngly good crowd show for a Wednesday.
  • Greys, The Dirty Nil, Psychic Blood

    24 Ago 2014, 15:24

    Thu 21 Aug – Greys, Psychic Blood, The Dirty Nil

    Relatively small crowd at this Flywheel show, but the energy was palpable. Psychic Blood opened to some technical difficulties. The guitarist broke his guitar string and it took awhile to re-tune a new guitar to their songs' typical tuning. I felt bad because the band seemed frustrated for obvious reasons, but the crowd was patient and supportive throughout the technical issues.

    The Dirty Nil played next to some incredible energy. They had such vibrant, wide-eyed energy through their hard punkish power pop that I felt the place was going to explode. Definitely a surprise.

    Greys closed. They also had a 1.2.3. energy to them that was uncontainable. They were very interactive with the small audience, asking for requests and playing covers on demand. A member of Dirty Nil came up to sing "Public Witness Program" by Fugazi with Greys and then Greys did this jam of Elastica's "Connection" merged with Wire's "Three-Girl Rumba"

    The show ended relatively early, which was good for me as a parent. Overall, great energy, but sad not too many people got to see this energy in person.
  • Fri 25 Jul – Elephants, Bunny's a Swine, Goddard, Jake McKelvie and the Countertops

    26 Jul 2014, 13:23

    Fri 25 Jul – Elephants, Bunny's a Swine, Goddard, Jake McKelvie and the Countertops

    not sure if I can review the show. I was late and missed Bunny's a Swine. they told me they had a short set because a string broke. Jake McKelvie and the Counterparts had incredible energy with decent tunes. they definitely brought a lot of their fans to the show since the crowd was big for their set and the crowd was enthusiastic for them. Definitely positive energy there. I then saw Elephants who rocked it. Always liked the band, so it was good to hear them life. I had to leave before Goddard played because I have a 7 month old baby at home. but, it was a good night out overall.