IOMA 2007 - Final Nominees


25 Dic 2006, 22:57

Hapy Xmas!

The final nominees of the International On-line Music Awards 2007, were revealed by the organization. And keeping the tradition, the final winners will be announced in the first day of January 2007

Congratulations everybody!

Click in the image to discover this year final nominees

The IOMA group in Last.Fm

International Online Music Awards (IOMAs)

The IOMAs were established by R Cat Communications in October 2003. This unrivalled and prestigious independent music awards event, now in it's fourth year, was originally launched to give Independent online artists the chance to vote for their fellow artists in a number of meaningful awards categories that had never previously existed online.

IOMA nominations were invited to give artists the unique opportunity to show their respect, admiration, and appreciation for each other's musical works and for their contributions and involvement within the global online music community.

The IOMAs today, has become the single biggest independent online music awards event of it's kind and has gained both media and industry recognition for the integrity of the awards and for the value of recording artists contributions to the industry throughout the world.

R Cat Communications Main Site

Hall of Fame (All winners and nominees of the past three editions)

To know more, rules and submission

The IOMA group in Last.Fm
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