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Messyheads: ‘Devilment’
5 stars
A genre-bending disc, Devilment is the real deal... Totally committed to each song, the Messyheads play the hell out of the disc. Devilment couldn’t be labeled inconsistent, because start to finish, it’s great.
- Kevin Keating, Origivation magazine

The tunes are catchy, original and modern with just enough edge. This is perfect alt-pop.
- Robbie,

Messyheads is a band that consists of 1 guy writin’ and recording all the parts. He should clone himself and start playin’ out a lot because he meshes really well with himself. “Devilment” has some noisy and driving rock tunes that will leave you believin’ every word he writes in the liner notes. -

You know how a song sometimes grabs you, bites you and won’t let you go? I suggest you cast your line into their ocean and see what I mean!
- Don Campau (KKUP & Radio Marabu)

Brilliantly catchy chorus sections that will have you singing along after the second time around - and you won’t get sick of it for a very long time I suspect.
- hEARD magazine

Crunchy and sunny, both musical and lyrical chops, a band who have a lot of possibilities, hooks go flying! Soothing pop treats!
- in music we trust magazine

Stark honesty, very crisp and well done. One complaint - I need more songs!
- musicemissions

Top-notch. Great, smooth vocals, hooks abound, probably just a matter of time before we’ve allheard of them. They’ve got the chops. Go Messyheads!
- punkplanet magazine

Should be sitting on the top of the charts!
- outershell

A melodious marathon of stirring sonics, structured of alluring tempos that work like a charm, packed with promise, watch out for the 'messyheads'!
- twist & shake magazine

I would definitely give the messyheads an ‘A’
- underground music monthly


1) The 'messyheads' is really songwriter/singer John Connor, who plays all the instruments, with friends occasionally guesting.

2) The music has been compared to Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, New Order, Replacements, Primal Scream, Iggy Pop, the Jesus & Mary Chain... "and a million other bands we think it sounds nothing like" laughs john.

3) All recording have been made at home on 4 or 8 track recorders - "saving millions!" (jokes john). ("major record labels could learn something here" -Ed).

4) 'messyheads' is a totally independent project...the music is available on iTunes, MSNmusic etc, and on most good music retail websites.

5) The first 2 CD releases, the single: 'I'm No One' and 7-track EP 'Say Something Stupid', receive widespread radio play on internet radio, as well as traditional radio stations from Australia to Europe to the US.

6) The intention is to release much more music before touring, "..or when I can physically play all the instruments at the same time" John jokes down the phone to me. The next CD is being recorded at the moment .

7) There's actually a secret track at the end of the CD, 'Say Something Stupid' (shhh! - secret!) - making it actually an 8 track EP!

8) Friends and guests on recordings include card-carrying 'messyheads':
Roger Murdock (King Missile, Martinets), Daniel Rey (guitarist/producer), Paul McQuillan (Hope Sandoval), and Dante Piacenza (Heap, Charm School).

9) John was a member of the acclaimed Irish punk rock band 'The Golden Horde' - signed to U2's Island Records 'Mother' label (Bjork, PJ Harvey - Ed), in which he was a performer and contributing songwriter

10) Visit the messyheads at for audio tracks.

('OUTERSHELL magazine' interview by Roy Harper)

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