• Things that I think of recommendations. Part Four.

    12 Dic 2006, 5:42

    I moved the little lever to the 'most obscure' side, the left side. It reccomended two bands, Blueboy who I assume were named after the Orange Juice song and who I downloaded and listened to and whom SUCKED and whom I now hate. The second band Razorcuts sound pretty good. The guitars and drums and all of that are a little bit typical but the vocals especially jump out and say something to me like 'a little bit wild'. I have a few fond memories already of them.
  • Things that I think of recommendations. Part Three.

    12 Dic 2006, 4:21

    The Lucksmiths - I downloaded the album "First Tape" and I like how fresh and peppy it sounds. The singer has a nice voice and the basslines are well-formed. If I'm ever able to listen to more than a few songs of theirs at a time I'm very thankful in advance for the short running length of the album. This is something that I'll maybe listen to again.

    Whenever I hear that something was recorded in a lo-fi way (I read that this was recorded on a two track machine) it reaffirms my belief that something does not have to be recorded well to be good. Not true, though! I think that as long as something is paid well-enough attention to, even though it might not be on a swanky piece of machinery, it will have a shining chance in the hearts. And so I have to seperate the two things: lo-fi and shitty sounding. Until then I'm a clogged toilet.
  • Things that I think of recommendations so far. Part two.

    12 Dic 2006, 4:14

    The Legends - I liked the first song on their first album and thought "Yeah!" this is probably something that I'll keep listening to! It was cheery and sounded nicely produced (clean but not overly polished) And then tracks two through five were huge boring letdowns. I am not even going to listen to track one again because of how let down I was.
  • Things that I think of reccomendations so far part one

    12 Dic 2006, 4:11

    The House of Love - I'm not really thrilled with this group. The lyrics aren't all that great and the guitars/melodys/drums don't exist exspecially golden. It's good to know that this is a band in case I continue being bored of bands like Spiritualized and the Jesus and Mary Chain and want something a little bit less good.