Top 10 survey


10 Jul 2009, 15:38

Take your current Top 10 artists and list the first song you heard, the one that made you fall in love and your current favourite.

1. Slowdive
First song I heard: Machine Gun
Fell in love with: When the Sun Hits
Current Favourite: Souvlaki Space Station

2. Ride
First song I heard: Twisterella
Fell in love with: Seagull
Current favourite: Nowhere (live Reading festival 1992)

3. Catherine Wheel
First song I heard: I Want To Touch You
Fell in love with: Bill And Ben
Current favourite: Car

4. The Stone Roses
First song I heard: Made of Stone
Fell in love with: Made of Stone
Current favourite: damn, same song.

5. The Jesus and Mary Chain
First song I heard: Just Like Honey
Fell in love with: Just like honey
Current favourite: Frequency

6. My Bloody Valentine
First song I heard: Loomer
Fell in love with: I Only Said
Current favourite: I only said

7. Airiel
First song I heard: Thinktank
Fell in love with: Where It Belongs
Current favourite: Where it belongs

8. Hostage Juliet
First song I heard: Blue Mountain (Demo)
Fell in love with: Blue mountain
Current favourite: Timeline

9. Pink Floyd
First song I heard: Wish You Were Here
Fell in love with: Wish You Were Here
Current favourite: Comfortably Numb

10. Cocteau Twins
First song I heard: Ivo
Fell in love with: Amelia
Current favourite: Blind Dumb Deaf


  • matyus

    You love Cocteau Twins

    10 Jul 2009, 17:36
  • Yamamanama

    Who doesn't love Cocteau Twins?

    31 Jul 2009, 22:22
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