• 08.23.2011

    28 Ago 2011, 1:19

    Tue 23 Aug – Guster & Jack's Mannequin

    Epic? Lady Danville was amazing and quite cute, upbeat!

    Guster was ridiculous with a disco-ball costume, awesome vocals, and an insane amount of well executed instruments.

    And Jack's...epic as usual. Love love loved them. AND, got to meet Andrew McMahon. WIN. =) One of the happiest days ever...
  • Live!

    24 Nov 2008, 5:29

    So I just got back from the HoB of Lake Buena Vista where I attended the 5 Gum Presents OneRepublic...

    The opening band was...The Hush Sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [(yeahh..I was excited)] And by the way, they're amazing live, as in their voices sound great when compared to the CDs..I was afraid because a lot of times studios polish the voices so that the artists are barely recognizable life...not the case here! basically I really really admire their talents. ^^ They played Honey, Medicine Man, We Intertwine (YES!), Wine Red, Hurricane, and a few other songs..I really wished they had played longer..:(.

    Then The Spill Canvas was on next; I have to admit I haven't heard many of their songs before, so I can't really compare live versus polished. The crowd pretty much went berserk when they played, and the lead mentioned that this was one of the first few times they had such a pumped audience...that was a surprisingly humble thing to admit! And touching I suppose. :) I'll probably look more into them sometime.

    Then came Augustana!!!!! They were also amazing live..not much change when recorded (aka I was impressed once again). I think the lead might have been a little high on something though..his movements didn't seem fluid/normal. But his voice was enthralling, and his ability to rouse the crowd amazing. Definitely worth seeing live. They played Stars and Boulevard, High and Low, Fire (!), Boston (how could they not!?), and a few others. They also did this really cool remake of a Beatles song with the help of the folks from the Hush Sound AND the Spill Canvas. Collaborations are so cool. :)

    The 'star' of the show was OneRepublic. I wasn't really looking forward to them, but they did a GREAT job! The lead's voice is so versatile--his voice spans octaves and remained smooth and strong. :) I was waiting for him to throw his hat into the crowd...but he didn't. Oh well. ; was still pretty cool.

    [Though I must mention I still like the Hush Sound and Augustana best of the 4 ;)]
  • 2008, thus far.

    2 Nov 2008, 19:34

    This year has been a pretty good year for music.

    [EXCEPT for the break up of The Format. :(. Sigh. I was on their website today and felt an overwhelming sadness, just thinking that I won't have the privilege to hear more AWESOME music by them or see them live; the closest I can get now might be to see if I can see Fun some time, or watch the old videos on YouTube...ah, many sighs.]

    There were new albums from...
    The Hush Sound-Goodbye Blues
    Death Cab for Cutie-Narrow Stairs
    Coldplay-Viva la Vida
    Keane-Perfect Symmetry
    Jack's Mannequin-The Glass Passenger
    Rilo Kiley-Acid Tongue
    Snow Patrol-A Hundred Million Suns

    Pretty sweet. I probably missed a few. And these albums are pretty much amazing? I kind of wish to hear something new from the Shins sometime, or maybe The Postal Service (:.