• Cheetos

    27 Nov 2007, 7:51

    Mon 26 Nov – Chiodos, Emery, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, The Devil Wears Prada, Trophy Scars

    Chiodos was supposedly 'sold out' ..mmm, not the case! We all bought tickets right up at the box office! I met Mistre Craigery Owens! Danced with an adorable gent! To Lexington! SLOOOOOOOW DAAAAANCE~! He had! A Suicide Silence t-shirt! Shorts! Strong legs! A hat! I forget the patterning! AND! CUuUUuUuuuuuuuRLY hair! Eep! I am getting creepy! I am only a pathetic sixteen year old! :)!
  • Oh my oh

    7 Nov 2007, 21:32

    Tue 6 Nov – Sleeping With Giants Tour

    Best concert ever, hands down!

    It sold out. IT SOLD OUT. So, I figured since it was my birthday the day before and all, they'd let me in? Who wouldn't anyway?! I got the tiara & everything to really emphasize it.. I got mucho compliments! ; ) But the lady at the door didn't seem to be a fan at all! I handed her a wad of money and..

    NO WAY

    Then I had to 'step out'
    There was as well no change with dumbie #2.
    No one would listen to Megmeg!

    So Megmeg took matters into her own hands and went through the side door once the dumbies #1 & #doce were gone.. after fucking almost bolting it down with knocks for someone to come. They did though:)! AAAAnnnnnNnNDDD ahhhh.. what a feeling it was, WHAT A FEEING IT WAS! Better than anything at all, better than anything at all!!!! :D Everyone should seriously try & feel this way, it's [assumed] to feel on drugs! ke ke

    The concert wouldn't be as good if that didn't happen.
    Mmm. It was terribly special!
    There was confetti.
    I really like confetti:)
    & So Much Love:)
    but that's cliche:P

    I wish I was able to survive to find my n00dle though! It was much too cold and a nerd had school in the morning! ; )
  • Forever, ever and always!

    18 Sep 2007, 1:01

    This is going to be the largest journal ever, and it's never going to stop! Let us pray this may be edited over, and over again. And, it is able to. I don't believe in paragraphs, so mind that, and that I like to use a lot of these things ,,,,, that I forget the name for, maybe I'll remember some other time. Anyway, I am getting completely paranoid that I am failing just about every class in skewl. I'm not. I'm really knowledgeable, actually. Who the Hell cares about that anyway? I know plenty of people don't, but I'm sure I could go on & on about it. Don't tell me you're bored, I dislike that soooo much it's almost like I hate it. [: In 'journals?' like this I find it hard to put smilies and shit because I must typetypetype. I'll probably delete this someday, but if I have any self proud of my past, and present.. I shouldn't. SOOO, I will try best not to. ALRIGHT, SO.. I learned from an embarrassing English correction that you're not suppose to use a COMMA after and.. I always do that! Isn't that horrid of me? 1997 is sooo good and I regret ever saying female singers stink. I mean I don't either. ;) Colleen & I are doing a HSM lip synch so well! I just fixed all the 'ands' back there. [: I should be doing my work now. I did it actually. But I should be doing more. o.O I feel like it anyway. I really hope I get to paint one of the many town's windows for Halloween! That'd really be grand! I luv reading people's serious about mes. I really do. I have such a hard time making one and end up with this. :> It is 11:26PM right now.. I want to stay up all night. I want someone to stay up with me. I wish I had that. I like talking forever on with people. I also like just listening. Both ends are purdy cool. I I I I don't don't don't know know know. T h i s i s k i n d a l a m e. Just sorta. :] OH YEAAAAAAA.. don't ignore me! I'm on a complete rampage now because of people and their egocentric behavior. I used an English word in there, I'm amazing. I'm not going to read before this but it is now 2008! 2007 wasnt't half bad, or 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. or ever, really. :) Today are the Habbo Hallway Awards and I better win something. xD If not, I'm more lame than even participating in them. We just wrapped up midterms in school and I'm pretty sure I passed my math regents. I'm not dumb, I just suck at math. Everything else I am way knowledgeable with! I don't want to go back to skewl. Regular school. :{ Nightmare Of You has Mike as their new drummer. And.. and.. I'm happy for that. x: Short. Short notice. I do not like stomaches. Especially mine. I do not like self-conscious ladies.. or lads. I have to stop being one about ma tum. :] I have not seen an outtie belly button in years! Why do all my bathing suits tug at my sides? I know it is not noticeable to others, but darnitzzz, I see it! I look in the mirror because I want to see what is doing well, you look because you want to fix something! I have been smooshing ants between my fingers. Not bigs ones, that'd be too gross. :] I have this theory that if I get a tan, you won't notice me as much because I'm not paper white. HAAHA, that's so lameo! WHY ARE YOU ORANGE, MA'AM? I hope I never said 'I hate..' above this. }': I do not believe in evolution. S h u t UP! Everyone says the Nazis are depressing.. but I find all of that so very interesting. I'd like to write a history textbook. :] Could that be a job? I love summarizing things. I LOVE SCHOOL. ;-; School is my life lately. I need summer, I want to use my bathing suits. I wish I never had part of my awkward stage because now I have grossyucky welts? scars? I don't even know what it is on my sides. It is not purdy, though. But like I said.. no one probably sees but me! When you look down when you're bending - your stomach looks like a monster. If you're doing this in front of a mirror, it's not truthful, it's not large it all. You have to trust me on that ..I just did it. I look better in underwear than in a bathing suit ..but it's the same thing? Why do they have to be so tiiiight? Naked wins overall. :] If I bring up something sexual - it does not mean that's all we'll ever talk about. Stop. It. I often wonder if everyone is like me in some way, do they have a desire to write all this? MAYBE? Why does everyone have to hollllddddd baccckkk.. I'm a jealous SS. I like jealous people. So, I guess I like me. :] I swear I love myself, but my stomach is pissing me off today! I'm going to Yahoo Answers. They're very fun. [: Okay, it's definitely not a welt. Those are bubbles. I decided to finally do something about the piano in the corner of my room (or keyboard? is there really a difference?) and I'm going to teach myself to play it! I am starting on March 25th, 2008. That's today. :] I hope to learn "Falling Slowly" from Once!!! I'd love to.. wow! I hope this works out! Hey you with the pretty face! Welcome to the HUMAN RACE! ._. Contemplating, contemplating all the time. I have really been in the mood for a lamb [pet]. They're pottytrain-able. xD I bet it'd take a load of work, but it'd be worth it? A lambie & I in bed ..awwie! :o) I wonder what my children's names will be... I still need to name my 3 new Bratz dolls. They're actually not new now. It's been over a year. >.< I just walked over to my TV to unplug it, then I remembered I had to bend, so I came back. I can be really lazy! (: Supposedly NY is much higher paced than other states.. I'D LIKE TO KNOW! I have had this hang nail for a good week now. I keep biting it and it will not tear! Grrr. My eyebrows itch often! Chinese yo-yo's are seriously the best O_O! And it feels like I have been hit by a motorbike. Sure, it's lonely, but it's sane? I'm going to start hiding random lyrics in here! :) Tehe. I would toadally dig just about ANYONE whom took the time to read this whole thing! {: I really need to get this t-shirt off Trophy Scar's ebay store! I need to figure out paypal. I made marble cake today, it was REALLY good. Licking the batter was better, though. xD Alright. ALRIGHT. What is wrong with people? People are so heartless and I am just in o_o shock. People. Are. Terrible. WOW. WOW. WOW. I need someone to talk to! Now. Sooo.. I'm probably going to pick up another loser from Stickam.. who is in their mid-20s and is attracted to underage girls (moi). I need a new cam, badly. I miss e-attention. I honestly do not like attention much.. at all. xD Heh. Animals aren't 'its' ..neither are people, hehe. I am so scared to ask my Mum where the funnel is to my cremation necklace.. I want to wear the necklace already! It's been over a half of a year. How is that possible? I sometime still say 'cats' and even see my kitty. I am a freak. I miss my baby. I love you. :) I finally looked at his ashes when no one was around.. it wasn't as emotional as I thought it'd be. I have zero clue as to when this is all going to stick in. x_x Or perhaps.. it will never! He'll always be with me regardless:} I always considered Smokey as my hubbie. :) I am not crying. Why? Why? What is wrong with you, Megan? That animal was your life. v_v My nose keeps running. Woop! Sadly, I am more concerned with e-stuff. I honestly look beautiful today. There is something about the lighting in my room & I have my hair up. My skin looks perfect:) Hehee! I wish I was more photogenic. *cringe* I can't believe you, mister e-man. You're an ASSWIPE. Today has been one of those days where if anything could go wrong - it will go wrong. On top of that, Smokey died a half of a year to this very date. How is that possible? I want to do my necklace TONIGHT on the anniversary? badly. I am so frightened to ask & I hate having to ask this kind of shit and I break down in the mist of asking. I feel like such a loser. >.< Ilooksosickrightnow. I want my Mum to come in my room. Ask me what is wrong. I want to ask you for the funnel.. {thissrslyisn'tthathard} I'm dumb. NO, I am smart. Just this lame-o social awkward moments that I am notorious for. Ye. "Gay" ..anyway, I have been as cruel to everyone today. Why? I cannot blame my cat. I cannot.. I definitely cannot. There really isn't a reason. But, I am sorry. I am a hypocrite. We all are. x___x When did agnostics and atheists take over the world? I hate you all. My baby is in heaven. NO doubt about it! I just re-read all of this and I made some embarrassing errors with correct words - disregard them! :D So I am running down fifth avenue heading FAST? No, I'm going to get you that ring I have been thinking about. I know that you'll like it, I hope that you like it. {: It's probably been months since I have written in this. Who cares. I wish there was someone out there that understood my sensitivity. :( Why do you leave me like this? I hate being screwed up.