Showing off the New Monitor


22 Abr 2012, 2:09

Hey all,

I thought it was about time I showed off the new monitor I got, so here it is:

Pretty darn good, eh? I saved $60 instantly when I purchased it last Thursday (not yesterday but last week Thursday), so instead of paying $170, I paid just $110 plus fees and taxes. Spent sixty dollars as well on a 8-port switch that day, so now all I need to buy for now is a 25 foot Ethernet cable to connect the printer to the switch. I'm really looking forward to September when I'll get digital phone service (as well as cable TV and cable internet), as I'll be able to use the fax aspect of my all-in-one at last. :D

If anyone can point out where I can find the software that I posted about earlier this week (that will allow me to use my computer like a phone), I'll be really grateful, as I really don't want to run to the other room to answer the phone all the time. I could move the phone here, but then I'd need to get two Ethernet cables as I would need a longer one for the digital phone adapter, and that just is not acceptable for me. I'd rather use longer phone cords, as they are smaller than Ethernet cables!


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