• Give me a "Cold One"

    15 May 2011, 22:10

    Fri 13 May – Rock Fest
    It was a cold, cloudy, windy day. No one seemed to care. Even the bands. Tough for some to ask for an ice cold beer on this day, but we all managed!!! The bands were surprised how "tough" we all were to be hanging out just for them on this day. It was a kick-ass show by all for sure. And one of those concerts a person remembers 4-ever, perhaps because of the weather, but mostly for the music!!!

    My Darkest Days were great. I've been listening to the new album so I was ready for them. No disappointments. Also some "flashing" going on by the gals during "Porn Star Dancing" if ya know what I mean. Nothing wrong with that!

    Escape The Fate were just plain fired up! They got the blood pumping on this chilly day for sure. They threw it down like pros. even played "Issues" which made me happy. Impressive, don't miss this band!!!

    10 Years was amazing! I was very excited to see Ten Years for my first time. They played for quite a while and they sounded great. They also got the crowd fired up and since I am a huge fan, I loved every song they played which included their hits and several from the new album. "Fix Me" and "Shoot It Out" were my favs. Jesse's voice is awesome as he can really hit the highs & lows.

    Hollywood Undead. Hmmmm, what can I say? These guys have sooo much energy. I just saw them 3 months ago too, and they grow on ya! Played all their top tunes and I've never seen so much "body surfing" in the pit in my life during their show! What energy! Plus, they luv the crowd!!!

    Seether was totally great! I could tell they cranked up the volume as the bass was shaking my shirt. They still have it. Can't wait for the new album. They played some old and some new stuff. But Shaun's voice is strong as it ever was and Seether was into the crowd. Full speed ahead in your face!!! I luved it!!!

    Stone Sour. Waited all day to see them. That's who I really came to see the most. But all the bands were great. Leading us up to one hellova show from Corey & the boys. Corey was happy to be back in Iowa and gave us all a treat! He sang "Bother" solo and it was unbelievable! They put on a great show and played several new songs from Audio Secrecy. I was right up front for it and they never missed a beat. An amazing band. If you have a chance to see them live, don't make the mistake of missing them. You will regret it!!!

    All in all a great day. 8 hours of pure, in your face, ROCK!!! Congrats to 89.7 "The River" for this memorable time. I don't think anyone could believe how many people showed up. I will be back next year for sure. Only thing that sucked (other than the long lines at the pisser) was getting to the show and leaving. Plan on waiting a long time in a long line of cars. Westfair Amphitheatre (Council Bluffs, Iowa) needs a better system to get people parked for this event. Otherwise they handled things pretty damn great I thought. ROCK-ON!!!Stone SourSeetherEscape the FateHollywood UndeadMy Darkest Days10 Years