• awesomesaucer12

    Well, one of MY favorite albums is Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins, some people say it's a lot of filler and few good tracks, I think it's all amazing, except for Cupid De Locke, that one kinda sucks, but it's an ok track.

    21 May 2012, 21:27
  • anarchyO

    What about ....And Out Come The Wolves by Rancid for punk? Umm and maybe Fear Of A Black Planet by Public Enemy or some Beastie Boys? Just some suggestions haha. Also will you be making an R&B list?

    24 May 2012, 14:14
  • mattdabest

    Im adding R&B although I'm not that experienced in that area, yep Im adding rancid and Public Enemy and Beastie Boys, sorta compiling hiphop as its so vast.

    24 May 2012, 15:23
  • Nellybfreshz

    Not bad some great albums listed here, soundtrack albums needs more:)

    25 May 2012, 7:02
  • or0gaz0man

    Jeff Buckley - Grace

    25 May 2012, 12:53
  • masodikgalamb

    Richard D. James album? Selected Ambient Works?

    26 May 2012, 22:55
  • mattdabest

    Notice it says Folk slash country lol Still compiling some soundtrack albums

    2 Jun 2012, 19:16
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