My track chart Sep 25 - Oct 2


5 Oct 2005, 19:52

Well, this week i've been busy with homework so I haven't listened to much. However, here is my track list for this week:

1 Breaking Benjamin - Medicate 6
What can I say? This song is great, from a great band, one of my favourites, as you can tell by the amount of times I have listened to them. I don't think they've written a song I don't like.
2 Breaking Benjamin - Believe 3
Good ol' Breaking Benjamin Another great song, with a catchy tune.
3 Breaking Benjamin - Away 2
Love this song, again, catchy.
3 Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage 2
I wasn't sure I'd like Electric Six , although a good mate of mine sent me this and i actually like it. its funky.
3 Breaking Benjamin - Break My Fall 2
Them again, good song this.
3 Our Lady Peace - Whatever 2
Ahh. Our Lady Peace . my favourite group. I'm surprised i didn't listen to em more, but i got another of their albums, so expect them to be higher soon.
3 Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away 2
This is awesome. Part of Halo 2, a game i'd like to get, if i had an xbox.
3 The Killers - Mr. Brightside 2
Good song, not my fave, but i havent listened to it before.
3 Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama Out 2
I thought this was good at live 8 when they played it ,so my mate sent it to me. a fun song.
3 Breaking Benjamin - Simple Design 2
3 Breaking Benjamin - Forget It 2
3 Breaking Benjamin - Forever 2
these guys again. right, these 3 songs are great and forget it shows how varied they can be at times. if u dont have their album, buy it.
3 Alter Bridge - Burn It Down 2
I like Alter Bridge , and this song is quite soothing. one of their quieter ones.
3 Sigur Rós - Svefn-g-englar 2
Very odd, but i like it and want to hear more of their stuff
3 The Polyphonic Spree - Section 9 2
Good song, i thought they were good on scrubs
3 Jimmy Eat World - Just Tonight 2
quite good, a mate sent it to me.
3 Breaking Benjamin - Wish I May 2
3 Breaking Benjamin - Home 2
Ahh, them again. yes, well, they're good, alright? i like em.

feel free to comment and recommend any other good songs/artists
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  • Y2Ken

    Very nice. You didn't really write a lot did you. Oh well, it's a start - keep up the journaling!

    5 Oct 2005, 20:08
  • shifto112

    What Ken said. A bit difficult to read, though, just a suggestion, try spacing it out a bit more. :)

    5 Oct 2005, 22:12
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