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  • Kirito_imamura

    Hi, How are you? :) I have a question =P when we can exchange our music =P? See you in Twitter. ^^

    28 Ago 20:53 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Hahahaha you're right =P! we'll be in touch then :) If you want some songs of ANGELO or PIERROT even Kirito's solo carrer, just say me =P!

    25 Ago 21:55 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Yeah, If you want we could to exchange our music, maybe we have songs or albums hard to find in the internet =P! I leave you my Twitter account ( @almostbassist ) i can upload torrents with my music and give you the links :)!

    25 Ago 1:28 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Oh amazing! Every day i learn something new talking with you about japanese bands haha. Yes, it's so sad when good bands disband, when SIAM SHADE disband it was a deep shame for me, i thought would never see them playing again, but they come back again, same PIERROT, they will play in next October :D! PS: i'll keep listening SINCREA i downloaded their albums haha :)

    22 Ago 23:05 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Hi :)! I'm so glad that you have liked angelo's songs, they're amazing! *-* hahaha! I listened two songs of SINCREA, i liked so much their voice style and songs obviously :)! They reminded me bands like Vidoll, and old The Gazette. Amazing band :)!!

    21 Ago 16:08 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Oh! sorry It's a 7pm here -.-! Good night then! I'll give my opinion about SINCREA And FEST VAINQUEUR tomorrow too! Have nice dreams!

    20 Ago 23:06 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    I recommend you "Usubeni no Kakera" and "Hikari no Kioku" By Angelo! :)

    20 Ago 22:55 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Hahaha right! Well, sorry for fill your storyline XD! But i learned about a new japanese band for me :D! Thanks for the recomendation ^^ and so much regards for the other part of the world! haha! :)!

    20 Ago 22:42 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    In fact, my username is old too. Although i love japanese music and some animes actually i don't use this user haha. In any case we can't change usernames in haha XD!

    20 Ago 22:34 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Haha I'll do it :D! Oh yeah my nickname is for PIERROT's vocal hahaha! And "Imamura" is for HIDEKI :P! I guess vk in your user is for "visual kei" haha :)

    20 Ago 22:23 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    hahaha the japanese bands always are changing their members or disbanding haha but their musical quality remains. I'll listen SINCREA and FEST VAINQUEUR but surely they have a good songs :D!

    20 Ago 22:15 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Nice! I Love 20 Century boys of ABC, Aishitenai too haha! It's hard to choose just one song =P! I love Haruka haha and i don't know SINCREA O:! It's a good moment for listen their music haha!

    20 Ago 21:59 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    haha thanks :)! Yep, i like so much Janne da arc is a amazing band! ABC is so good too! My favourite songs of Janne da arc are two: Dolls and Sakura. I love these songs with my soul haha! I'm a very fan of Pierrot, Kirito solo carrer and Angelo too! =P

    20 Ago 21:41 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    haha it's normal, i live in the end of the world xD! i feel happy for talk with people of another part of the world only by their musical tastes :D!! PS: Sorry for my bad english haha my native language is Spanish :P!

    20 Ago 21:24 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    haha yes, we're a bit far xD! I only know some football players from your country like adrian mutu, you must not know nothing of Chile haha =P

    20 Ago 21:09 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Same here!!! Where are you from? :P

    20 Ago 21:03 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Oh yeah! I hope to go to Japan someday to see them!

    19 Ago 21:41 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Yeah! I love Siam Shade!! Great taste too!

    19 Ago 16:02 Responder
  • Kirito_imamura

    Great bands!! I added you for our compability :)!! Greetings from Chile!

    17 Ago 12:52 Responder
  • milk-tune

    Ohayo xD I added you, because you are listening to SIAM SHADE, DETROX and 栄喜 solo career ^^

    25 Jun 18:58 Responder
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forever SINIST(:

遥か夢は 僕達を待っている

大丈夫さ ほら僕らがここにいる



もっと もっと 風を蹴って 雲よりも高く
ずっと ずっと 諦めない この熱い想い

So you can try again And you will fly again
この雨もやがて上がるだろう Smile again
So you can try again And you will fly again

涙に濡れた日々だけ輝く Smile again

SIAM SHADE ― 「Dreams」

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