• Clones

    10 Mar 2013, 18:07

    I know I make decisions rather hastily. I think with my heart first (my head absolutely last). This generally gets me in trouble.


    Sometimes it works well. Even if it is just for a brief time.

    No regrets.

    .. it sounds like this:

    Remember when you were a kid and you wanted an item so badly that you could taste it? When Christmas (or your birthday) rolled around and you received this said item you were truly (even if it was just for a few days) over the moon?

    That is how I feel right now.

    I know, I am being foolish. The last time I found myself here I was face-to-face with a meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac. I can draw no similarities between the two. It is refreshing.

    Still... it is another Impossible Situation (for different reasons).

    I will not dwell, I will just stay over the moon for awhile longer.


  • I've seen it all

    4 Mar 2013, 8:31

    I have had all of my usual haunts taken over by a bloody nutter. It appears this is the only place he ignores.

    No-one deserves to be treated the way this person has treated me. I want to be the bigger person and forgive and forget and make dandelion-chains, but the lies he tells about me make me VERY unhappy.

    I know in the long run he will 'get his' (we all will). Perhaps his biggest fears of being seen for who he really is & then left alone will come true? I know he picks girls so much younger than him (10+ years) so that will be less likely to happen, but it will.

    In a strange way that makes me sad. I mean, he is not a good person. He tries, I think, but it never works for long. Still, it is hard to think someone you once cared for would succumb to something unpleasant. Even if they were cruel to you.

    He is a lot less clever than I gave him credit for. His friends see through his lies (one of them contacted me to let me know what he was saying about me and recommended that I cut contact off with him completely. I thanked him and did so) and he is found to be untrustworthy (they feel bad for him though. He plays the victim well).

    Now, I just want my life to go back to 'normal'. Music, family, friends, blogging, bad photo-taking... some I cannot until he goes away.

    In the meantime, I am living my life outside the internet. It was a bit scary at first (I kept picking up my phone looking for something to do). Now it is exciting and new.

    I will avoid e-relationships at all costs. They can only bring pain, fear, disappointment and unhappiness.

    And I prefer happiness. And love.

    And hope.

    Anyone that takes those from you should be avoided.
  • People, Places and Things

    11 Feb 2013, 9:03

    Machines of Loving Grace said it best when they said, "Don't place faith in human beings, human beings are unreliable beings".

    That being said, love them anyway. People are full of holes, faults and serious hang ups. The more bruised they are, hold them tighter.

    Sharing space with People in certain Places will create memories. You have little control over this, but be aware when you want to invite your beloved to your secret little hovel - one day this Place might cause you pain because of your decision (alternately, this place might then become ELECTRIC).

    People enjoy Things more than Places. The act of gift giving makes some People feel JOY. Things can be stolen, given to someone else, thrown in the ocean or set on fire. Cherish Things if you must but understand they are not substitutes for People.
  • Soul-Sucking Monsters

    30 Ene 2013, 14:18

    ...are high in protein and many essential amino acids. Add 2 cups homemade vegetable broth, 3 TBS cayenne & three quarter cup fresh lemon juice. Simmer for several hours until fragrant. Serve over quinoa or brown jasmine rice. A real crowd pleaser!

    Is It Me