March 07 Playlist


29 Abr 2007, 21:42

What a month, being burgled really messed up the music listening habits, of course the loss of some files on my laptop been a major blow, but things are looking up now, March is back on track.

Very strange playlist, but main influence problem from Robbers & Cowards and of course Carnavas.

The playlist over all starts nice'n upbeat/summery, slips into jazz and relaxed and ends with well music that i would generally not listen to a whole lot, very dancy... hmmm.

1. Hang Me Up to Dry
2. Well Thought Out Twinkles
3. English Beefcake
4. Talking Drum, The
5. Dory Previn
6. Eye of the Tiger
7. Bonebomb
8. Hold Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Thrill Me
9. Freddie Freeloader
10. California Dreamin'
11. Flight Of The Owl
12. High Fidelity
13. Don't Let the Man Get You Down

On second thoughts, not my fav monthly playlist, but then its a representation of what i listened to and liked in March, so there it is!



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