• ll2k1985


    20 Sep 2009, 20:05
  • ll2k1985

    but great music stay metal and rock on \m/

    20 Sep 2009, 20:06
  • ll2k1985

    wow alice in chains have a comeback album we can only hope for the same from nirvana that'd be sweet as

    20 Sep 2009, 20:08
  • maplejet

    ll2k1985: Um...comeback album by Nirvana...that's only possible if people had the powers to raise the undead.... BroadwayJr: Yes, I did, though Alter Bridge's Blackbird is one of the best rock albums this decade

    21 Sep 2009, 0:45
  • Bambi2803

    You think I ain't worth a dollar... isn't sung by homme on the album. it's sung by nick olivieri, the former bassist of QOTSA. Correct me if I'm wrong

    21 Sep 2009, 20:26
  • maplejet

    Bambi2803: Yes, just confirmed that on wiki. The original version comes of a Deserts Sessions track but with vocals from Mario Lalli instead.

    22 Sep 2009, 4:55
  • little_raven

    lol wide range of genres

    22 Sep 2009, 5:20
  • waaampir

    Lol... Wher's Nirvana - Nevermind in 1991?!?!

    25 Oct 2009, 10:18
  • maplejet

    waampir: Nevermind was quite over-rated IMO. In fact, I see In Utero as a better album compared to Nevermind.

    26 Oct 2009, 4:24
  • Danielcarmoo

    Where's QOTSA???

    14 Dic 2009, 15:31
  • maplejet

    "Where's QOTSA???" Gee, I wonder where QOTSA is. If you read Bambi's post, then you know where QOTSA is!

    15 Dic 2009, 3:28
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