To Love...

* Para TODOS: Let Me In (by Benny Sings) > * Para Fernando Pando: Your Ex-Lover is Dead (by Stars) > * Para Mayra: Her Morning Elegance (by Oren Lavie) > * Para Arni:...

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Greg's Birthdat Present

I've been all afternoon selecting 20 songs for your 20th birthday =) The selection finally ended and i think is nice so here you go and hope you enjoy =) Some other playlist's will be coming...

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Songs About Robots

"The robotic uprising" deserves a playlist too. There are many songs that talk about living machines, the analogy between tecnology and humanity, the science being center of life and people trying...

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Slow Like Honey

The following playlist was made because it's been a while since some of you don't recive a theme playlist, exept for the work out playlist i did for Fernando and got extended to Mayra, and i never...

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The Best Of 2009: As Manu Once Said

I Promised that the last day of the year you would all be recieving my playlist of my pick of the 50 best songs of 2009, but first things first, If you want to download it, you must have any...

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