The Sexy Playlist 1.0


6 Mar 2008, 14:40

Here is a list of tracks that comprise my sexy playlist. This playlist was designed to be seductive and sensual and was intended to set a mood for some sexy fun ;) Seeing as how it has been so popular with my friends and co-workers and the like I figured I would share with all of you.
#1 Crush
You Look So Fine
She Makes Me Wanna Die
Glory Box
It Could Be Sweet
A Stroke Of Luck
Love Show
The Borderline (this track is from the OST for Macross Plus)
Mad About You
This Strange Effect

She makes me wanna die and This strange effect both have a few different versions. Pick the one that works best for you. The borderline is on the OST for an anime called Macross Plus. My player credits the singer as Sharon Apple, but she was a character in the series so thats not quite right.


  • CovinS

    Sensual Portishead and Garbage ftw. :D

    7 Mar 2008, 16:59
  • miss_tremond

    Great. Garbage made a lot of sexy picked definetly the most hot ones! I'm a huge fan of Hooverphonic also.. the Sit Down and Listen To version of Jackie Cane was also amazing and I think it would have fit greatly in here :) great job, man..

    18 Mar 2008, 11:49
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