Drifting Off


26 May 2008, 13:01

Last Friday something happened that I suspect has happened to me more than a couple of times, and this is what I will call Drifting Off. I was in the car on my way back from school. I had just made a pretty difficult test and of course to relax a bit I connected my Ipod to the car and put on a playlist that I liked. Good song started to sound and I started to sing (I always sing the songs that I like and the ones I know even if its in a low voice). The song Slide from Goo Goo Dolls started to play and I stared to sing (I know that song very well). There was a phrase in the song that made me remember a question in the test and suddenly I started to think about the test. After a couple of minutes I came back to reality and I discovereed myself still singing but not the track I was singing I was now singing If You're Gone from Matchbox Twenty!!! I askked the person who was driving if I had been singing all the time and he said yes. Aparenty I sang both the end of Slide and the begining of If You're Gone without even realizing it. That is what I have now given the name if Dritfting Off. If anyone reads this let me know what he/she thinks and if it is just me or this happens to other people, thanks.
-MN- Mexico


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