The Sadies @ The Echo


15 Jun 2010, 0:05

So this was my second venture to the Echo. I must say I enjoyed it loads more then last time. Not as crowded, better crowd to.

So When we got there we had a n extra ticket and I was thinking I would get my money back. I walked up to the first people I saw out front. Would.nt you know it was Travis Good. Only I didn't recognize him. So pretty much I tried to scalp a ticket to one of my heroes. Fucking moron I am......I ended up giving it away to someone I actually met on here.

Th first band was alright. Two guys doing a folksy thing. Nice playing by the guit player. He even had a Banzookie.

The second were the Loons. TERRIBLE. Sound was of, couldn't hear the singer which was for the best I think. Too loud also

As for the main event THEY ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow man they played everything I wanted to hear, all the good songs on the new one. Dallas is the nicest guy I have ever seen on stage. Thank you after every song. Travis and Sean both broke strings. They played for like an hour and a half. Freaking awesome.Got two CDs and a shirt for 30 bucks. Great show.............


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