best film scores/songs written for movies

these are songs i like from movie scores/soundtracks - songs written for movies... they're mostly instrumental scores but i put a few at the end that have singing... i think "psycho" by bernard...

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no speak english...

songs i know and like that are sung in a language other than english... most of them are either french and i know them from movies or are brazilian and i know from the radio station i listen to...

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classical music

my favorite classical songs... i'm by no means an expert on classical music but i like it and know some songs. i only know a few songs by name, the others i know because i made note of them....

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i only really know a few punk bands: the ramones, the clash, the sex pistols, wipers, buzzcocks and minutemen... the ramones' first album is their best... they stayed pretty much the same...

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i'm not a big fan of reggae (it's a little too mellow for me and i find some of it annoying) but i like some songs... i like jimmy cliff, he's pretty good... bob marley i thought was overrated but...

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early rock and roll

rock and roll pretty much started in the 50s.. it evolved from what used to be known as "race music", which is what they called the music black people played and listened to, and "rhythm and...

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i'm not a big fan of country but i like some of the older stuff like johnny cash, and also some newer stuff like neko case, which i guess is considered "alt-country"...

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i like jazz but i only really know a few songs, which i have here.

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some blues (and some folk...) songs i like. i like acoustic blues a lot better than electric but some electric's good too. skip james is my favorite blues guy. i don't know how anyone can like...

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then there's ragtime, which is pretty much scott joplin. most people nowadays probably wouldn't like this kind of music, but i do. everyone knows "the entertainer", but it's probably the song i...

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"minimalism", or "minimalist music", is a type of modern classical/experimental music that uses repetition, drones, and/or processes such as "phase shifting" ("allowing two identical phrases or...

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psychedelic rock, garage rock and protopunk

at first, i was just gonna make a psychedelic rock playlist but then i decided to also include garage rock and protopunk which are related... i put the bands in order of how many songs i was...

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outsider music

"outsider music" is music made by - that's right - outsiders - people who work outside of the mainstream music industry. they often have no musical training and their music usually seems weird or...

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surf rock

i like surf rock... the first 5 of these tracks, except the second, are from the pulp fiction soundtrack... then link wray's "rumble", which i'm not sure if is technically surf rock but i'd say...

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i grew up on "grunge" and "alternative"... i don't really consider them to be genres though... grunge is just used to refer to a certain group of bands who were in a certain place at a certain...

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in high school i mostly listened to hard rock and metal. after high school, my taste expanded to include a lot of other stuff and i started getting away from metal. i still like a little metal,...

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i think i first heard post-rock when i saw "the life aquatic" a few years back and they had "staralfur" by sigur ros in it... i liked it and tried to find out what it was and then looked into sigur...

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"krautrock" is german experimental rock from the 60s and 70s... i know three of the main bands - can, neu! and faust... after listening to them i became a fan of krautrock... krautrock was...

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